Title 1 Annual Parent Meeting - cowetaschools.net

Title 1 Annual Parent Meeting - cowetaschools.net

Title 1 Annual Parent Meeting Thursday, August 25, 2016 5:30 pm What is a Title 1 school? School-wide programs serve all children in a school. All staff, resources, and classes are part of the overall school-wide program. The purpose is to generate high levels of academic achievement in core subject areas for all students, especially those students most in need. This purpose is achieved through: High quality instruction Comprehensive reform strategies and methods that are based on the use of scientifically based research Strategies and methods to improve teacher quality and professional development

Consolidated use of funds How does our school spend Title 1 money? Instructional Coach-Kim Taylor Computer Lab Paraprofessional-Tammy Kirkland Technology-tablets, document cameras, Chromebase computers Orton-Gillingham training for Kindergarten and 1st grade teachers Rigby reading program for struggling readers Novels and other reading resources for classrooms How does our school participate in the Title 1 Program? Title I provides federal funding to schools to help students who are low achieving or at

most risk of falling behind Title I funds are allocated to schools based on the percentage of students receiving free/reduced lunch Schools with a percentage of at least 40% are eligible for a schoolwide program. All Title I schools have to attend training before each school year. We have to develop a Title I plan of how we plan to improve student achievement in all content

areas. Our plan has to be linked to our school improvement plan and also district initiatives. What are our schools Title 1 requirements? A Title 1 Plan Needs Assessment Reform Strategies Parent Input Budget Tied to School

Improvement Plan Parent Involvement Compact Meetings and Workshops Parent Involvement Policy Professional Development/

Community Provide researchbased professional learning for staff Invite all stakeholders to participate in student learning What is our schools designation status? White Oak is a full title I school as opposed to a targeted Title I. What does this status mean? That we can serve all students versus a targeted

population. White Oaks Schoolwide Program Past and Present What are our schoolwide goals? What programs/supports are in place to help my child? closing the achievement gap EIP- Early Intervention Program decreasing attendance and tardies

Title I coach and teaching assistant reading and math fluency Chromebooks for grades 3-5 comprehension in all subjects schoolwide use of technology in classrooms Title Computer lab teacher What curriculum does our school use?

Georgia Standards of Excellence The performance standards provide clear expectations for instruction, assessment, and student work. The performance standards isolate and identify the skills needed to use the knowledge and skills to problem-solve, reason, communicate, and make connections with other information. They also tell the teacher how to assess the extent to which the student knows the material or can manipulate and apply the information. What tests will my child be taking? SGAs (Student Growth Assessments-K through 3rd grade)-at the beginning and end of the year; students must show a proficient level of student growth from the pre-test to post-test

Grasp Oral Reading Fluency and Maze-given 3x per year Grasp Math Fluency-given 3x per year STAR reading test-given 4x per year Georgia Milestones (grades 3-5) What is required by law for parental involvement? As outlined in the Parent Involvement Policy (on the county and school website):

convene an annual meeting to inform parents of the schools Title 1 program offer a flexible number of parent meetings (minimum of 4) involve parents in an organized, ongoing way provide parents with the information they need to help their child/children succeed in school What is a school parent compact? A written, binding document that parents, students, and teachers sign Explains how each stakeholder is involved with improving student achievement

Must be signed and returned to school Parents may keep the compact, just return the signature sheet Compacts will come home with the first nine week progress reports on September 16th Must have a signature from every student and parent within our school Is my childs teacher highly qualified? Yes, every certified teacher at White Oak is highly qualified. Each White Oak teachers holds a current, clear, renewable

certificate 75% of our teachers have advanced degrees or have completed additional coursework/endorsements Parents Right to Know: Elementary and Secondary Education Act requires all LEAs to notify parents of all children in all Title I schools that they have the right to request and receive timely information on the professional qualifications of their childrens classroom teacher(s). This notice must be sent at the start of each school year. Parent involvement funds can be used on things such as: How is Title 1 parent

involvement money spent? Parent resources/ parent resource center Parent workshops Guest speakers Refreshments at meetings Child care for after school events, such as meetings and workshops What opportunities does the school provide for parental involvement? Parent meetings, conferences, school events and workshops Communication through email, Remind, newsletters, website

Sharing educational resources such as websites and strategies to reinforce skills at home PTO and classroom/school-wide volunteering Parental input-School Council, Title 1 meetings, surveys Collaborating with the community-business partnerships How responsive will the school be to my questions when staff is contacted? Immediately, or within 24 hours. You can call the school, email, or view website for information. Complaint Procedure:

https://docs.google.com/a/cowetaschools.net/document/d /1WXodVqs1SI19AmFc-iIcns9lBcheQQY1sH3Y4ZFjo7s/edit ?usp=sharing Fraud, Waste, Abuse, and Corruption: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1WnyPmiFdTtRTaN3bK EwYckeJNH4BUYsjxxLLHOxDeqI We welcome parent questions/input. We want to make sure you leave this meeting informed about the Title 1 program as well as the opportunities the school provides to get involved.

Contact: Kim Taylor [email protected]

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