This is Rotary

This is Rotary

Copyright 2001 by The ROTI Institute Permission Statement This material may be changed or reproduced and used for Rotary International educational/training activities by Rotary clubs, members and staff, provided credit is acknowledged to the ROTI Institute. Produced by DGE6400 Bob Gallagher and D7080 Douglas W. Vincent, ROTI International Chairman. This is Rotary In the beginning Rotary Founder Paul Harris

First Rotary Club organized in Chicago in 1905, by Paul P. Harris. The original four member club met for fellowship, in rotation at members offices . . . thus the name Rotary. There are currently over 30,000 clubs with about 1.2 million members.

Motto: Service Above Self Rotary was not long realizing fellowship alone would not keep a group together . . . There needed to be a purpose! First project was creation of public washrooms in downtown Chicago. Rotary became worlds 1st service club

1910 - RC Winnipeg, Manitoba chartered and made Rotary International. What does the Rotary Wheel mean? Original was a wagon wheel with dust to symbolize work and action. Gear teeth added to ensure work would be done. What does the

Rotary Wheel mean? Spokes represent classifications: - direct community & vocational information into the club. - return the ideals of Rotary back into community and business. Four blue bands represent the four avenues of service.

What does the Rotary Wheel mean? Key-way in center of hub has great significance, to engage the gear with the shaft. Must ensure the key is good quality with proper

strength, temper and ability to do job. You are the Key! Members are Key . . . . . to ensure the gear turns and works, when the shaft rotates.

Rotary is an International Organization Divided into 35 Zones and 530 Districts, throughout 163 countries, worldwide. RC of Woodstock-Oxford in Z22, D7080, which has 47 clubs and 2,035 members. D7080 covers central Ontario from

Woodstock to Mississauga and north to Shelbourne. Rotary International is governed by a President and a Board of Directors, elected from around the world. Headquarters in Evanston IL. Rick King

California Paul Truex Guelph Each District selects a District Governor annually But each Rotary Club is an autonomous group.

Rotary Club of Woodstock-Oxford Rotary Club of Woodstock-Oxford Local Service Projects Long term history of Hospital

and Medical Aid support. Make-a-Wish program for youth with terminal or life threatening illness. Support to community organizations in need, eg: Womens Emergency Centre, Ingamo Homes, Southgate Centre, etc. Rotary Club of Woodstock-Oxford Local Service Projects Financial support to youth groups/projects.

Rotary Medal Awards presented annually to top boy and girl at area high schools. Rotary Club of Woodstock-Oxford International Service Projects World Community Service - Matching Grants to support the poor, in third world countries.

Nutrition/feeding programs. Educational assistance. Avoidable blindness. Medical Missions. Water wells. Rotary Club of Woodstock-Oxford

Youth Exchange Program Each year, we send a local 16-18 year old student abroad and in exchange, host a foreign student for the year. Members host these young people in their homes for 3-4 months each. Students become part of the family and many

lasting relationships are developed. Rotary Club of Woodstock-Oxford Fund Raising Projects Fish Fry & Dance Held annually the last Saturday in April. Proceeds for community projects. All members expected to participate through ticket sales and attendance.

Rotary Club of Woodstock-Oxford Fund Raising Projects Ontario Toy Show & Auction - Held each August the weekend before Labour Day weekend. - Proceeds to community needs and World Community Service projects. - All members are expected to participate by helping.

Rotary Club of Woodstock-Oxford Fund Raising Projects Bingo Club divided into two work teams. Annual calendar, about 4 times per year. All members expected to participate or arrange for their replacement if absent. Revenue goes to local community needs. Rotary Club of Woodstock-Oxford

Fund Raising Projects Community Challenge Major community event each May. Big fundraising opportunity! All members expected to participate and help with their area of interest. Revenue is pro-rated to local community groups who help. Rotary Club of Woodstock-Oxford

Administration Committees formed for club administration, fundraising activities and service projects. Executive prioritizes finances and projects, then proposes in the annual budget to club. Larger or controversial items may be

referred to membership for discussion. All projects and needs are considered by appropriate committees who make decisions within their budget. The Rotary Foundation World Peace through Understanding Making the world a better place, one friendship at a time. The Rotary Foundation

Rotary Foundation Volunteers in Action Many Rotarians volunteer their time and expertise, helping in foreign countries. All vocations are needed: - Businessmen - Technicians - Contractors - Agriculture - Engineers - Teachers - Dentists - Doctors

Rotary Foundation Group Study Exchange - GSE Teams of 4 to 6 non-Rotarian business or professional people, plus a Rotarian leader,

visit a foreign district for 4 to 6 weeks. Rotary Foundation pays foreign travel cost. Host Rotarians handle accommodation, local travel, vocational matching & other activities. Woodstock-Oxford helps host visiting teams and sponsors outbound team members. Rotary Foundation WCS & Matching Grants

World Community Service (WCS) Rotarians provide humanitarian aid to those in need around the world. Matching Grants Through a global fund and partnering with other clubs, worthy projects can receive matching grants to help finance various projects in darker corners of the globe. Rotary Foundation Your Charity of Choice?

We depend on fundraising and member donations to fund our programs & projects. Many Rotarians and spouses are Benefactors of the Permanent Fund. Several are Paul Harris Fellows with a contribution of US$1,000. (or PHSM $100/yr) Our RF goal is to contribute US$100. per member each year.

Object of Rotary To encourage and foster the ideal of service as a basis of worthy enterprise. In particular, to encourage and foster four things: Object of Rotary (1) The development of acquaintance as an opportunity for service;

(2) High ethical standards in business and professions; recognition of the worthiness of all useful occupations; and the dignifying by each Rotarian his or her occupation as an opportunity to serve society; of Object of Rotary

(3) The application of the ideal of service by every Rotarian to their personal, business and community life; (4) The advancement of international understanding, good will, and peace through a world fellowship of business and professional people, united in the ideal of service. We implement the Object of Rotary through the Four Avenues of Service

Club Service P Bradford & J Pugh Those things a Rotarian does to help make the club operate more successfully. Vocational Service Steve Halyk Promoting the Ideal of Service to youth and throughout the business and professional world.

Community Service Pieter Stam Urges every Rotarian to participate in activities to make the community a better place to live. Steve Halyk International Service

Encourage and foster the advancement of understanding, good will and world peace among all people of the world. RC Woodstock-Oxford Board of Directors . . are the four Directors: Paul Bradford - Jackie Pugh, Pieter Stam - Steve Halyk and President:

President-Elect: Secretary: Treasurer: Allan Shipp Rama Murthi ?? John Garton All Rotary positions are one year terms that change July 1. THE FOUR-WAY TEST of the things we think, say or do 1. Is it the TRUTH?

2. Is it FAIR to all concerned? 3. Will it build GOOD WILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS? 4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned? You will receive a certificate with this four way test, suitable for display in your home or office. The Privileges in Rotary The Privilege of . . . FRIENDSHIP WITH LEADERS: in your community in neighbouring cities and towns

throughout North America around the world The Privileges in Rotary The privilege of . . . - GIVING SERVICE to your community. - DEVELOPING INTERNATIONAL GOODWILL and UNDERSTANDING. - Helping BUILD HIGHER ETHICAL STANDARDS within your vocation. . . through the common bond of Rotary

Your Obligations in Rotary Participation To be a Rotarian you must give of your time and talents: in community work in social functions in Club and District activities. Plan To Attend DISTRICT SEMINARS & ASSEMBLY DISTRICT CONFERENCE - Fall 2002 RI CONFERENCE - Barcelona, Spain 6/02

Your Obligations in Rotary Attendance Attendance at the weekly meetings is a benefit and reward of Rotary. Goal 100% - Minimum 60% expected. Maintain attendance by making up at other clubs, or by attending a District event or RI Convention.

Your Financial Obligations Initiation Fee Annual Dues 180.00/year

Meals week Fines (Sergeant-at-Arms/Fun Tax) 1.00/week Social Events (Estimate) 200.00/year $25.00 12.00/ Woodstock-Oxford RC is Fun

A service club should be fun . . . . . . even when the work is tiresome. Woodstock-Oxford Rotary strives to be a fun, young-at-heart club. Social events are offered regularly with fellowship and laughter as the language of Woodstock-Oxford Rotarians. We live by PRIP Hugh Archers theme:

Enjoy Rotary. YOU . . are Rotary Participate for: - Friendship - Service - Fellowship - Knowledge - Personal Development - Improved world understanding,

goodwill and global peace Remember. . .YOU are Rotary! Welcome to the WoodstockOxford Rotary Club

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