Third Grade Open House Powerpoint

Third Grade Open House Powerpoint

Welcome to Franklin Elementary School Open House September 12, 2018 6:30 pm Principal: Dr. Latee Walton-McCleod Township of Union Board of Education Board Members Vito Nufrio, President Nancy Minneci, Vice President David Arminio Guy Francis Sherry Higgins Jeff Monge Nellis Regis-Darby Linda Richardson Mary Lynn Williams Central Office

Administration Superintendent: Mr. Gregory A. Tatum Assistant Superintendent: Mr. Gerald Benaquista Assistant Superintendent: Ms. Annie Moses Franklin School PTA Executive Board Members Denise Hodges, President Tammi Hussey, Treasurer Christina Devlin, Secretary Franklin Elementary School students are: P. Proud R. Ready I. Intelligent

Mission Our mission at Franklin School is for all students to succeed academically, socially, emotionally and maintain an active healthy lifestyle. To achieve our mission we will provide a safe and clean learning environment, a challenging academic curriculum and a strong sense of community. We are confident that by creating a partnership with families and community we will achieve our mission. The combination of an outstanding instructional staff, quality programs and services for our students, and an active PTA contribute to making Franklin School a great place to learn and grow. D. Determined E. Educated School Schedule

Grade Pre-K 8:45AM-11:15AM Grades K-4 8:45AM-3:05PM Before & Aftercare by 'YMCA' of Unio n County (908) 688-9622 General Information ARRIVAL TIMES Children in grades K-4 are not permitted to enter the playground or school until 8:25 a.m., unless they are going to

breakfast or before care sponsored by the YMCA. Pre-K students only arrive at side entrance door EXIT 2 only. Late arrival enter thru FRONT DOOR. NO PARENTS ARE ALLOWED ON THE PLAYGROUND ABSENCES & TARDINESS: Always report your childs absence daily. Call the nurse at 851-6455 between 7:05 and 9:45 a.m. Only parents/guardians may call the nurse's answering machine to report attendance. Any child not in the classroom by the late bell is considered tardy.

The late bell for grades K-4 is 8:50 a.m. Students who arrive late must report to the FRONT DESK for a late slip. Dismissal Procedures Early Dismissal- If it is necessary for you to pick up your child prior to regular dismissal time, no later that 2:45 pm, send a note to your child's teacher stating the time and reason for early dismissal (i. e. doctor's appointment, dentist, etc.) Half-Day early dismissal pick up no later than 12:30pm Parents are to report to the main office to pick up their child on such occasions.

Bus Students --- Any time a bus student is not going home on the bus, the parent/guardian must provide the nurse, main office or teacher with written notification. If no written notification is received, the child will be sent home on the bus. Adults are not permitted to remove children from the bus line. Dismissal Procedures, continued Regular Dismissal: The classroom teacher dismisses the children at a designated exit door or location; ask the teacher if you are not sure. Students must be dismissed to a parent/guardian or other authorized adult. Please plan

to meet your children at their exit doors. Due to the congestion at dismissal, parents must wait outside for their children. Parents must be here to pick up children no later than 3:05 pm SHARP! Late Pickup Arrival after 3:05 pm will result in a phone call home and a late notice. Two notices will result in a meeting with the building Principal. Continued late pickup will result in referral to DCP&P, for support services. DRESS CODE

No open-back shoes; no showing of midriff; tops must have straps of three-finger width. Hats are not permitted unless they are part of a school function or for a documented medical reason. Armbands, headbands, or bandanas are prohibited. Shirts that display offensive or profane language are prohibited. All students are expected to attend school dressed in a neat, clean and decent manner. The interpretation of this rule is at the discretion of the building principal. Visitors and Building Security All visitors must stop at the front desk

and show valid picture identification in order to move beyond the front desk. Visitors and Building Security Parents/guardians are certainly welcome at Franklin Elementary School but to ensure the children's safety, building security, and uninterrupted instruction, certain rules must be followed. We rely on your voluntary compliance and cooperation. When you arrive, enter through the main door on 1550 Lindy Terrace and report directly to the main office to sign in and check in with the secretary/building monitors. All visitors, including parents and other adults, must sign the visitor form, communicate the reason for

the visit, and obtain a visitor pass. The building monitor or secretarial staff will call the person you wish to see and confirm your visit. Adults cannot visit staff members unannounced or without permission. Visits are by appointment only and are managed by the office staff. All informal/formal discussions or conferences should be planned with the teacher in advance so as not to conflict with or distract staff from other teacher duties, student supervision or instructional activities. Office staff will advise the Principal or school nurse of any emergency situation requiring the need for a nonscheduled appointment with any Franklin Elementary School staff member.

Please sign-out at the end of your visit and exit through the Main Entrance door. Cafeteria Procedures Grade Grade Grade Grade Grade 4 11:25- 12:05 3 11:50-12:30 2 12:15- 12:55 1 12:40-1:20 K 1:05- 1:45 Cost Regular Lunch $2.65 Reduced Lunch $0.40 Breakfast runs from 8:05 am to 8:40 am sharp. Breakfast $2.10

Reduced $0.30 Leader in Me The Leader in Me by Franklin Covey teaches 21st century leadership and life skills to students and creates a culture of student empowerment based on the idea that every child can be a leader. We are in year three of the transformation process. Students will be learning about the 7 habits of highly effective people: Be Proactive Begin with the End in Mind Put First Things First Think Win/Win Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood

Synergize Sharpen the Saw Thank you for coming to Franklin Schools Open House! At this time, parents can move on to their childs classroom. All special area teachers with the exception of Art and Computers will be located in the Gymnasium. Any parent that needs to set up a lunch account for your child, please go to Room 6.

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