Themes in Literature

Themes in Literature

What is a theme? Themes can be found throughout literature and movies. Its a generalization about life or nature Its not the story or topic, but the opinion of the author! Can you think of any themes? Universal Themes Authors come from all different cultures and places.

A Universal Theme is something that everyone shares. Good and Evil, Love and Loss, Life and Death These are the stories that help guide us through life. Universal Themes Quick Check Stories The Little Red Hen

Match these familiar stories to the appropriate universal theme. Beauty and the Beast The Three Little Pigs The Ugly Duckling The Frog Prince A It pays to work hard and plan

ahead. B Appearances can be deceiving. How to Find: Theme and subject are not the same thing. A Subject can usually be described in one word like, loyalty.

A Theme makes an opinion or statement about that subject in a sentence like, Loyalty and friendship creates the only wealth you ever need. Expressing Theme Theme is not the story at the end, or something a character says directly. A theme can be found by a characters actions, or the lesson a character learns at the end of a story. Ask yourself:

How has the character changed? What have they learned? You do not have to trust a theme. Themes are not always right: Love only ends in betrayal

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