The Standards and Accountability Reform Effort -

The Standards and Accountability Reform Effort -

The Standards and Accountability Reform Effort Key Efforts: Goals 2000, Pres. Clinton, 1997 No Child Left Behind, President Bush, 2000 Up for renewal, 2009; renamed: Race to the Top Announcements

Exams will be distributed at the end of class today 72-80:A; 64-71:B; 56-70:C; less: D/F Answer the question; 3 prompts! Missing: 3 practices fostering equality Objective tests; grades; GI Bill; 3-tier system of higher education

Midterm EVIDENCE for Claims Assess the two positions and their use of evidence Introduction repairs Add achievemeny gap and intl comparison slides Add cst info

Add website of aschool to show accountability Rationale US students do not compare favorably with students from other nations (ANAR)

Math & Science Achievement Netherlands 559 Sweden 555 Norway 536 Switzerland 531 Intl Avg

500 US 471 Lithuania 465 Cyprus 447 So. Africa 352

Rationalecont The "achievement gap"--Black and Latino kids do not achieve as well as white and Asian students CST Results, 8th Grade Algebra, SDUSD 2004 and 2007 Black-White Achievement Gap, CST English Language Arts Test

Rationalecont Lack of accountability--No one gets the blame if students don't do well (which is different than the business world) NOTE: the influence of business language in the standards movement: accountability, competition, privatizing Distinctive Features

High Standards: All students to be proficient in Math and English by 2014 Equality of Outcomes not Inputs Accountability: Annual testing; Information is made public Schools compared to like schools Calls for Quality Teachers in all classrooms

Behavioral Model of Reform Reward Schools for annual yearly progress (AYP): Publicity, plaques Punish schools for lack of AYP: School-paid tutoring School-paid enrollment in successful schools 5 years of failure: restructure (close) Accountability System

With a norm referenced test, there is always a bottom Sub-groups tested, IN ENGLISH, including Special Ed and ELL, must make gains

The Tail Wags the Dog What Gets Tested Gets Taught Neglected Subjects: Science (until 07), Art, Social Science/History, Languages Teachers Teach to the Test (McNeil) Recall of factual information Not interpretation, critical thinking Standards Devolve into Standardization

Local Adaptations & Calls for Modifications in Law, 2008-10 Teacher, Parent, District resistance-refuse to comply with testing Legal challenges-Virginia, Conn: NCLB is an unfunded mandate Redefining quality teachers Seeking multiple measures Seeking modification in testing mandate Perspectival Differences

Parents Reaction to publicity Low income: pressure on districts to change; unfair testing Middle/high income: pressure to do betteror parents leave; testing is unproductive Unfunded Mandate? Or: Lever of Change? Or: Slippery slope toward privatization?

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