The Solar System - Electricity

The Solar System - Electricity

The Solar System What is the Solar System? The Solar System is made up of the sun, the planets, their moons, asteroids, and comets. Order of Planets

Order of Planets Solar System Vocabulary

Solar System: The sun together with the eight planets and all other celestial bodies that orbit the sun. Outer Planets: Any of the four planets, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, with orbits outside that of Mars. Inner Planets: Any of the four planets, Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars, whose orbits are closest to the sun. Telescope: An arrangement of lenses or mirrors or both that allows the observation of distant objects

Axis A straight line about which a body or geometric object rotates or may be conceived to rotate. Planet A celestial body larger than an asteroid or comet, illuminated by light from a star, such as the sun, around which it revolves Solar System Vocabulary

Orbit: The path of a celestial body or an artificial satellite as it revolves around another body. Rotation: The act or process of turning around a center or an axis: the axial rotation of the earth. Star: A self-luminous celestial body consisting of a mass of gas held together by its own gravity. Constellation A formation of stars perceived as a figure or design.

Planet Scale science/space/solar-system How big is outerspace? YouTube - Bill Nye The Science Guy on Outerspace (Full Clip)

The Sun The sun is a star. It is at the center of our Solar System. The eight planets orbit around the sun. It is made up of swirling gases and nuclear reactions.

The sun provides the Earth with heat and light. The sun is very, very hot. Stars in the night sky Constellations How is the Solar System made

Up? The Solar System is made up of: the inner planets Mercury, Venus, Earth, & Mars The asteroid belt Thousands of asteroids are in this belt. Asteroids are rocks that orbit around the sun.

The outer planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune Comets are also part of the Solar System.

The Solar System is made up of: the inner planets Mercury, Venus, Earth, & Mars There are four inner planets They are small They are solid They have no more than two moons

The closer the planets are to the sun the faster they revolve Outer Planets

Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune No surface, because they are made of gasses There are four outer planets The biggest outer planet is Jupiter All of the outer planets have rings What is a planet? A planet is a body which revolves around a sun. It

has no light of its own, but reflects the light of the sun. It is in orbit around the sun. Our Solar System contains 8 planets. Mercury Saturn Venus

Uranus Earth Neptune Mars Jupiter

Bill Nye Gravity How far are the planets of our solar system apart? Technology

How can we see the planets and the stars? Space Ships Telescopes Satellites Which one is the smallest? Which one is the largest? Can you put these in

size order? Place the following in order from largest to smallest. Moon Sun Earth Answer: Sun, Earth, then

moon The sun is the largest Next in size is the Earth. The moon is smaller than the Earth. The Earth: -is the third planet from the Sun, -rotates on its imaginary axis

counterclockwise every 24 hours or 1 day, -appears blue in space because it is 70% water, -revolves around the sun every 365 days or 1 year. The seasons and the tilt of the Earth Moon Phases Which of these is the next phase of the moon? New Moon --- Waxing Crescent --- ?

F Full Moon G Waning Crescent H First Quarter J Waxing Gibbous

The next major phase of the moon would be First quarter. The moon revolves around F G H J

itself the Earth the sun the solar system The Moon The moon is a satellite that revolves around the Earth

The moon revolves or orbits the Earth once every 29 days. We all ways see the same side of the moon because the moon rotates and revolves at about the

same speed. Moon Phases Bill Nye Rotation causes day & night. Rotation is the turning or spinning of the Earth in one place on

its imaginary axis. Rotation of the earth on its axis causes day & night. (answer A). Which of these is caused by the turning of the Earth? F G

H J Summer and winter Stars Day and night Moon phases The revolution of the Earth

around the Sun takesA B C D a day & night or 12 hours a week or 7 days a month or 29-31 days a year or 365 days

The revolution of the Earth around the sun Takes 365 days or one year. The Earth is a satellite of the Sun NOTE: Due to the tilt of the

Earths axis during revolution, the Earth experiences seasons.

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