The Seeds of Innovation - SBCTC

The Seeds of Innovation - SBCTC

WIOA One-Stop Infrastructure Funding UPDATE Cindy Wilson Policy Associate [email protected] Two Parts of the MOU Body or content Infrastructure Funding Agreement (IFA)

2 Intent WIOA makes improvements to the public workforce system including a requirement that partners dedicate funding for allowable infrastructure and other shared costs that are allocable to the partner and in proportion to the partners use and the relative benefit received by the partner program.

3 Memorandum of Understanding In short, MOUs must, at a minimum, describe: Methods of referring individuals between the One-Stop operators and partners for appropriate services and activities. Strategies to meet the needs of individuals with barriers to employment. MOU duration and procedures for amendment, and Assurances that each MOU will be reviewed, and if substantial changes have occurred, renewed, not less than once every 3year period. Agreement of funding the cost of services and the operating

costs of the system. WIOA Sec. 121(c)(2) 20 CFR 678.500(b) 4 Infrastructure Costs Additional Costs 5

Types of Infrastructure Funding Per 20 CFR 678.720 (c), infrastructure costs can be provided as: Cash; Non-cash contributions; or Third party in-kind contributions. 6 Infrastructure Funding Agreement IFAs (formerly referred to as Resource Sharing

Agreements or RSA) are a mandatory component of the local MOU described in section 121(c) of WIOA. The IFA is part of the MOU; it is not considered a separate agreement. Changes in the One-Stop partners or an appeal of a One-Stop partners infrastructure cost contributions will require a modification to the MOU. 7 All partner contributions to the costs of operating and

providing services within the One-Stop center system must: Be proportionate to the relative benefits received, Adhere to the partner programs federal authorizing statute, and Adhere to the Federal cost principles requiring that costs are reasonable, necessary and allocable. 8 Infrastructure Costs Non-personnel costs necessary for the general

operation of the One-Stop center, including but not limited to: Applicable facility costs (such as rent) Costs of utilities and maintenance Equipment (including physical modifications to the center for access, assessment-related products, and assistive technology for individuals with disabilities) Technology to facilitate access to the One-Stop center, including technology used for the centers planning and outreach activities Local Workforce Development Boards (WDB) may consider common identifier costs as costs of One-Stop infrastructure

9 How can partners pay for infrastructure costs? 10 Additional Costs Applicable Career Services Shall include the costs of the provision of career services in section 134(c)(2), as applicable to each program Other Costs

Shared services that are authorized for and may be commonly provided through One-Stop partner programs, such as: Initial intake Assessment of needs Appraisal of basic skills WIOA Sec. 121(i)(1) & (2) Identification of appropriate services Referrals to other One-Stop partners Business services

20 CFR 678.760 (a) & (b) 11 Who has to participate and contribute funds? 12 Required One-Stop Partners Section 121(b)(1)(B) and 20 CFR 678.400 Department of Labor

Department of Education Adult Education and Family Literacy Act (AEFLA) Programs Vocational Rehabilitation Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act (Perkins) Programs at the Postsecondary Level State Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Programs Department of Justice

Department of Health and Human Services Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) is in for WA State Department of Housing and Urban Development 13 Partner Roles Section 121(b)(1)(A)

Provide access to program services and activities through the One-Stop delivery system. Participate in the operation of the One-Stop system. Enter into a local memorandum of understanding with the local WDB relating to the operation of the One-Stop system, which includes the IFA. Provide representation on the State board in accordance with the specific programmatic requirements of WIOA. 14

Funding Mechanisms Local Funding Mechanism State Funding Mechanism Consensus regarding the IFA is reached. Consensus regarding the IFA is not reached. Partner contributions may be limited by program statue or

regulations. Beginning in PY17, the Governor, in consultation with CEOs, local WDBs, and the State WDB, determines partner contributions. Specified caps are in place for Partner contributions. 15 Implementation Timeline

Local WDBs must satisfy the requirements of section 121(h) of WIOA for purposes of funding the One-Stop system in PY 2017. All IFAs must meet the requirements of WIOA by July 1, 2017. TBD by Governor. The State Funding Mechanism is triggered for any local WDB that does not reach consensus on the IFA. 16 STATE OF

WASHINGTON Governor is to determine if IFA will be extended WorkForce Board TAP implementation committees MOU Committee 17 18

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