The Role of Women in the Revolution

The Role of Women in the Revolution

The Role of Women in the Revolution Saturday, February 1, 2020 Martha Washington Her first husband died and left her all his fortune. She married George

Washington already having two kids of her own. Martha Continued She maintained a private life, but followed her husband wherever he went. Her happy optimistic personality kept the soldiers uplifted and maintained the level of morale among the

officers. Abigail Adams remember the ladies, and be more generous and favorable to them than your ancestors. Do not put such unlimited power into the hands of the Husbands. Abigail Again

She taught herself how to read using her fathers large collection of books. She married John Adams and is remembered today for the collection of letters she sent to him during the Revolution regarding womens rights and government. Phillis Wheatley

She was sold into slavery at the age of seven. Her new household taught her how to read and write. At age 13, she wrote her first poem. At age 16, her poems were published in London and she became the first African American poet.

Mercy Otis Warren She was a very educated woman and dedicated to the Revolutionary cause, but because she was a girl, this kept her out of participating in politics. A way to express herself and her ideas was through writing patriotic poetry, and later,

political plays. Mercy Continued She became the first woman to officially publish books as a professional writer in America. She focused on educational reform (e.g., girls should be allowed to go to school, not just boys). Molly Pitcher

There were several women who fought along the battlefields during the Revolution; all of whom fall under the category of molly pitcher because some researchers regard her as a myth, while others say she was real. Women in Battle

Molly Hayes is one example of a woman who traveled with her husband and got her nickname by carrying pitchers of water to the soldiers. It is said that her husband got wounded and she took over. Deborah Sampson enlisted in the Army disguised as a man. She was discovered when she got wounded and had to be examined by a doctor. She was unfortunately discharged and later gave lectures about her experience, all while proudly wearing her uniform. Nancy Ward

Cherokee woman who warned soldiers of attacks. Became business oriented and introduced her tribe to cattle to help their economy. Sybil Ludington

Along with Deborah Champion, she is regarded as the Female Paul Revere. She carried messages past enemy lines to warn the colonists that the British were coming! She was only 16 years old. Betsy Ross

Believed to have designed the first American Flag in June 1776 because George Washington, George Ross, and Robert Morris (members of the Continental Congress) asked for her help. The flag had 13 stripes, and thirteen stars on a

blue background. Conclusion Women are an important part of US History. Some fought for female rights. Others became inspirational writers.

Many fought in battles disguised as men. All are significant and worth learning about. Resources n2.htm wheatley.html

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