The Renaissance Outcome: Renaissance Painters/Sculptors

The Renaissance Outcome: Renaissance Painters/Sculptors

WARM UP October 17 Grab the handouts and answer the following questions on a post it use your notes from Friday: 1. What does the term Renaissance mean?

2. What two ancient civilizations influenced the artists of the Renaissance? 3. Describe three reasons that the Renaissance began in Italy (what advantages did Italy have?) 4. Who are the four most famous artists of the

Renaissance? QUIZ REVIEW 1. Feudalism was there a lot of trade or very little trade? 2. Manor System Kings, Lords/Nobles, Knights, Peasants/Serfs

3. Renaissance What does it mean? Four major artists? 4. Crusades who fought in it and why?

5. Impact of Hundred Years War who won? What happened to the leadership in France and England? QUIZ REVIEW 6. The major invention in weapons used by the English during the Hundred Years War 7. Peasant girl that led the French in the

Hundred Years War 8. What is term to describe the style of art during the Renaissance that focuses on human potential and achievement 9. Two civilizations that influenced the Renaissance

QUIZ REVIEW 10. Whose power did the nobles want to decrease when they created the Magna Carta? 11. Impact of the Crusades --- trade increased or decreased?

12. Impact of the Crusades who controlled the Holy land of Jerusalem Muslims or Christians? 13. Why did the Roman Empire fall? QUIZ REVIEW

14. What did the Manor System rely on in regards to obtaining the things needed to survive such as food, clothing, etc.? 15. Feudalism and the Manor System were ended by which two events? The Renaissance 1. Renaissance Art a. Artists were supported by patrons like Isabella dEste and the

Medici b. Medieval artists used religious subjects to convey a spiritual ideal c. Renaissance artists will portray religious subjects but will use realistic styles copied from classical models & Greece and Rome d. Renaissance painters used perspective which showed three dimensions on a flat surface with a vanishing point in the middle e. Often times fresco was used: painting on wet plaster

Michelangelo Famous Artists a. Michelangelo i. Renaissance man: sculptor, painter, architect, and poet ii. Famous for way he portrayed the human body iii. Famous works: a. Statue of David, b. Ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, c. Dome of St. Peters

Donatello Famous Artists b. Donatello i. Made sculpture more realistic by carving natural postures and expression that revealed personality. ii. Equestrian Statue of Gattamelata iii. Also sculpted a David- favorite subject of Renaissance sculptors

Leonardo da Vinci Famous Artists c. Leonardo da Vinci i. ii. Painter, sculptor, inventor, and scientist Interested in how things work (veins in a leaf and muscle work) iii. Famous works: 1.

The Mona Lisa 2. The Last Supper 3. Virgin on the Rocks iv. The Da Vinci Code featured many of his paintings

The Mona Lisa Raphael Famous Artists d. Raphael i. Learned from studying Leonardo and Michelangelo ii. One of favorite subjects was Madonna and Child (Virgin mary) iii. Famous works:

i. School of Athens ii. Marriage of the Virgin

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