The Muscular System - Weebly

The Muscular System - Weebly


Objectives and Essential Question Students will identify and/or describe the general function of the muscular system Students will identify and/or describe how the muscular system of the human body interacts to maintain homeostasis

How does the muscular system help the body carry out life processes and maintain homeostasis? Vocab Homeostasis- The maintenance of a constant internal state in a changing

environment Muscle- The tissue that contracts and relaxes, making movement possible Muscular System- A collection of muscles whose primary function is movement and flexibility Function

The muscular systems main function is movement. Most muscles work in pairs. For example the triceps and biceps work together to move your arm by contracting and relaxing. They also help you breathe and make your heart pump blood. In the body there are voluntary muscles and involuntary muscles. You can control voluntary muscles like your triceps, and cant with involuntary muscles like your heart.

Three Types SmoothThe smooth muscles are found in internal organs and help move materials to the body. CardiacThe cardiac muscles make up the heart and never get tired. This muscle pushes blood out of the heart and pumps it through the body.

SkeletalThe skeletal muscles allow you to move. They are attached to the bones and contract and relax to move. Homeostasis Muscles maintain homeostasis by keeping it warm by twitching, or shivering. Also some of the

muscles help with the flowing of blood and nutrients through the heart. In addition when you are in danger the muscles will send hormones to help you decide fight or flight. Which can save your life. Smooth muscles also help your digestive system. If you are digesting something your smooth muscles help. They also help you breathe Disorders and Injuries

There are many ways the muscular system can malfunction. Some injures include: Strains- this happens when you pull your muscle to far. The muscle swell and causes extreme pain. You must rest it to heal it. But there are also disorders including but not limited to: Muscular Dystrophy- a hereditary disease that weaken the skeletal muscles over time, making it hard to balance or move.

Exercise Exercise helps keep your body healthy, but did you know that it helps your muscular system as well? Including: Flexibility- when you stretch it improves how well your muscles can move without hurting yourself.

Muscle Endurance- endurance exercise helps your muscles work for long periods of time without getting tired. These exercises can also be known as aerobic exercises. Muscle Strength- when you do resistant exercises it helps improve how strong your muscles are. Resistant exercises are where you do hard physical activity for shorts bursts of time. Video

Url: Assessment Question #1 1.What is the main function of the muscular system? The muscular system is made up of muscles that allow your

body to move and be flexible. Assessment Question #2 2.What is muscle tissue made of? Muscle cells

Assessment Question #3 3.What are the 3 types of muscles, and which ones can you control and which ones can you not? Smooth, Cardiac, and Skeletal; Controlled: Skeletal, Not Controlled: Cardiac and Smooth.

Assessment Question #4 4.What are the types of muscles that you can control and cannot control called? Voluntary muscle and involuntary muscle Assessment Question #5

5.What is the job of Smooth muscles? Moves materials through the body Assessment Question #6 6.What is the job of the Cardiac muscle? Push blood out of the heart and pump it around the body

Assessment Question #7 7.What is the job of Skeletal muscle? To help you move. Assessment Question #8

8.What happens when a muscle contracts or shortens? The attached bones are pulled closer together Assessment Question #9 9.What are the muscle pairs, and how do they work together

Flexor and Extensor ; when one muscle contracts, the other one relaxes Assessment Question #10 10.How can you improve muscle strength? Resistance exercise

Assessment Question #13 13. What are some injuries and disorders of the muscular system? Muscle strain and tears, Muscular dystrophy , Tendinitis

Assessment Question #12 12.How do muscles help the body maintain homeostasis? By pumping blood through your body ,enable you to breathe, hold you upright , and allow you to move

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