The Metamorphosis - Neshaminy School District

The Metamorphosis - Neshaminy School District

Part 3 The Metamorphosis Metamorphosis Metamorphosis refers to a stage in insect and amphibian development during which an immature form of the animal undergoes a physical transformation to become an adult. Gregor

Gregor changes physically & mentally His life before the transformation was insect-like in quality (redundant, unfulfilled, without inspiration) Grete Grete changes from a child into an adult.

Significance of the ending And it was like a confirmation of their new dreams and good intentions when at the end of the ride their daughter got up first and stretched her young body (55). Stretchingemerging after a long period of confinement, as if from a Grete Shows most sympathy in the beginning, least at the end.

I wont pronounce the name of my brother in front of this monster, and so all I say is: we have to try to get rid of it. Weve done everything humanly possibly to take care of it and to put up with it; I dont think anyone can blame us in the least (48). Family The family is emotionally transformed--change from hopeless

to hopeful. In the beginning, they are overcome by financial problems, and they depend on Gregor for money. At the end, they have jobs, income, promise for future. Now that Gregor serves no purpose, they have no affection for him. Gregor Samsa = I am alone. Gregor loses his will to live shortly after his

family announces their intent to dispose of him. He remained in this state of empty and peacful reflection until the tower clock struck three in the morning. He still saw that outside the window everything was beginning to grow light. Then, without his consent, his head sank to the floor, and from his nostrils streamed his last weak breath (51). Symbols-Bug

If it were Gregor, he would have realized long ago that it isn't possible for human beings to live with such a creature, and he would have gone away of his own free will. Then we wouldn't have a brother, but we'd be able to go on living and honor his memory. But as things are, this animal persecutes us, drives the roomers away, obviously wants to occupy the whole apartment and for us to sleep in the gutter (49) monstrous vermin evil vermin as Kafka

vermin as other Symbols-Door & Windows Window = Freedom he would crawl up to the window sill and, propped up in the chair, lean against the window, evidently in some sort of remembrance of the feeling of freedom he used to have from looking out the window (28). Hospital out window

Symbols-Door & Windows Doors = Gregor is prisoner of his family. locked in (differences in part 1, 2, and 3) Gregors room in sandwiched between his parents and sister. 3 doors (1 to each bedroom, 1 to family room) for this deterioration of his situation he was granted compensationevery day around dusk the living-room doorwas opened, so that, lying

in the darkness of his room, invisible from the living room, he could see the whole familyand could listen to their conversationas it were with general permission (38). Symbols=Food Food shows how members of the family feel toward Gregor. Grete offers milk, bread, and other choices to determine what he likes best. She cares less and less about this job. She hurriedly shoved any old food into

Gregors room with her foot (41) Once they stop feeding him, they have lost their sympathy for him. Gregor feels resentment as boarders eat dinner. Wound from apple leads to his death. Symbols-Picture Picture= Gregors former humanity. He put picture on wall when he was still human. He clings to it when his mom and sister try to clean out his room.

Symbols-Music/Violin Music/Violin=Gregors former humanity Before transformation, what Gregor wanted most was to send his sister to the conservatorium to study violin When he crawls out of his room to listen, he wants to appreciate the music and support his sister. He is viewed as a threat and destroys evening and income supplied by lodgers. Violin scene shows Gregors inability to communicate. He is trapped in the body of a bug, unable to share the moment of beauty; he

realizes his life is not worth living. Symbols-Uniform Uniform=Fathers dignity & Gregors shifting feelings of pity and respect When father first puts in on, his selfrespect is restored and so is Gregors respect for him. Hes no longer lethargic, but dignified. Father refuses to take uniform off; he sleeps in it; it becomes dirty. Pity? tired, overworked Picture of Gregor in uniform is

Symbols-3 3 3 parts to text parts of metamorphosis (egg, nymph, adult) 3 parts of Gregors metamorphosis (realization, coping, surrender) 3 family members 3 lodgers 3 a.m. Gregor dies 3 times he leaves his room

Any other 3s in story? 3s in Gregor as Jesus Gregor Samsa as savior of his family. He assumes all the burdens to make their lives easier. He becomes a lowly, broken man, who dies after his family condemns him. His death brings his family the opportunity to become self-sufficient and fulfilled. As a result of his death, they have a chance at a better life.

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