The Internet

The Internet

The Internet Week 2 Cyberspace- Definitions People using the new technology to communicate with one another Person to person communication - that is manyto-many The use of computer

technology Everyday Uses in Cyberspace 1980s Word Processing, Document preparation Telecommuting, Teleworking Childrens games,

Recreation Everyday Uses of Cyberspace 1990s until Today

Childrens school work, Education Adult Remote Education at home Family/Friends Communications, Correspondence

Reading News events, casual reading Family Travel, Recreation Family Records Home Banking, Financial Management Facebook, etc. Everyday Uses of Cyberspace In-store and other purchases

ATM, Debit card Home Shopping TV, on-line services, Smartphones Food Preparation multimedia, TV, On-line services Everyday Uses of Cyberspace

Future (almost here) Household Automated Tasks Smart home Smart appliances Home robotics Home information systems The Internet Worldwide connection

60,000,000,000,000+ webpages 4.38B users TCP/IP Internet History 1960s - ARPA packet switching 1970s - Universities LAN

Email UNIX Newsgroups Internet History 1980s - MILnet, NSFnet DNS No longer only research oriented (business) TCP/IP

reliable, efficient?, robust Internet History 1990s until Today WWW born Commercialization Advertisements Ordinary people publish Smartphones Video Streaming

Reason for Success? No central authority Inexpensive Capabilities are popular

Easy to use Impacts of WWW Opening of access to information Reduction of delay for information Evolution of hypertext Metcalfes Law

The value of a network is proportional to the square of the number of its users Original Uses Remote Login File Transfer Research The Basic Uses of the Net

E-mail Discussion groups

File transfer Long distance computing Research Data/Image Transfer General Communications E-Mail - Uses Send messages Work Personal

MIME capabilities E-Mail - Advantages No busy signal Reader can view at any time Cost effective Fast Reliable

E-Mail - Advantages Facilitates teleworking Promotes communication that would normally not take place due to costs E-Mail - Disadvantages Have to be networked to use it Not 100% reliable

Who else is reading the mail? Discussion Groups - Uses Share ideas Education Spread beliefs to others Discussion Groups Disadvantages Anonymity - Who is really

there with you? Subject matter digresses Truth of information unconfirmed Other Uses Banking Shopping Telemedicine Education

General source of information Personal Connections Advantages

No need to get in a car Saves $ Exposure to things not available before Reach more people Disadvantages

Privacy Secure transfers of information Hackers Cant use everywhere Children and censorship Illegal activity - piracy,


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