The Four Regions of NC

The Four Regions of NC

The Four Regions of NC All Classes Warm-up: 9/4 and 9/5 On your desks, . Answer the following questions in a 4 sentence paragraph: Why is water so important to our state? What might happen in the state if water was not so plentiful? After you answer your warm-up, write down your homework. The Mountain Region

The most western region of the state. NC/maps.html? map=Mountains_Region Mountains The Appalachian Mts.- This range runs from NY to AL, but spread out the most and has its

highest peak in NC. Highest peak is Mt. Mitchell in the Black Mts. (part of this range). The Black Mts, Smokey Mts, Blue Ridge Mts. and Balsam Mts. Make up the Appalachian Mts. The Blue Ridge Mts.- eastern boundary of the Appalachian Mts. The Blue Ridge gets its name from the

evaporating mist that shimmers aqua blue. The Blue Ridge runs from NJ till the edges of SC. Mountains Streams and Rocks Water Formations Rock Formations New River- begins in Black Blowing Rock- cliff thats Mts. Flows north out of the so high above nearby hills

state. that drafty winds hitting French Broad River- starts the rock can reverse the in Balsams to the broad course of wind and snow. valley in Asheville. Also Chimney Rockflows north. Grandfather Mountain Tributaries of the TN River form a river system that eventually connects to the MS River. Lakes: Lake Lure (built in 1920s), and Fontana Lake

Mountains Economy In the past, settlers sold cattle and other livestock that they let graze on the mountain grass. Other families sold plants with medical properties. In recent times: Tourism is the largest part of the economy. The Cherokee Reservation boasts of running camp sites, casinos, and other activities. Large amount of retirement and vacation homes are in this area. Golf common retiree sport. There is also a very large Christmas tree industry. Many places will let you pick and cut your own tree.

The Piedmont Region: Our Home :D Characteristics Red clay: hidden by a thin layer of black soil. Rich in iron. The Fall Line: extends from around the Roanoke Rapids past Raleigh and Fayetteville. An invisible line that divides the Piedmont from the Coastal Plain. Two Main Rivers: Yadkin-Pee Dee and Catawba (these rivers do not cross the fall line. Most of the piedmont is covered by forestsprimarily with pine, oak, and hickory tree

Economy Livestock farming- chicken, cattle, pigs. Factories are responsible for processing and manufacturing raw materials Textile mills are popular from Kannapolis to Gastonia Durham, Winston-Salem, and Reidsville-home to cigarette makers

High Point, Lenoir, and Hickoryhome to furniture factories. Banking NASCAR- Charlotte Research Triangle Park= home to technology industries Home of Colleges and Universities UNC- Charlotte, Greensboro, and Chapel-hill Shaw College Duke

Wake Forest NC State University And more The Coastal Plains Characteristics Flat lands Soil rich for farming Carolina Bays Sandhills Two Types of Communities Crossroad Hamlets: These community

centers are often named for local residents They often contain a store or two, a school ,or church. Examples: Ballards Crossroads and Hills Crossroads Tobacco Towns: Been here since the colonial days People in these towns focused their activities

around the raising of tobacco. These towns had/have more than half a dozen tobacco warehouses Everyone from bankers to farm equipment dealers scheduled their businesses around the tobacco harvest Examples: Rocky Mount, and Greenville Carolina Bays Definition: Hundreds of elongated depressions

in the ground. Some are filled with water like White Lake. Others are mucky and muddy half the yr, but dry the other half. More have been drained and plowed for farm land. The Sandhills Located northwest of the Carolina bays. Large

concentrations of rolling sand dunes leftover by the ancient change of the Atlantic coastline. Today this area is used for Fort Bragg and golf courses. Tidewater Region Characteristics Water, Water, Everywhere!!!

Spans from 30-50 miles in width along NC coast Land is influenced by the oceans tides Sounds: inland bodies of mixed water (mix of fresh and salt water). Barrier islands- Graveyard of the Atlantic Swamps, Lakes, Estuaries, Rivers, and Wetlands Barrier Islands Definition: a very long

ridge of sand which spread along the ocean floor, forever shifting with the tides and storms that happen along the coast. Where sand has low places in between the islands, form inlets which allow for the tides to flow in and out. Lighthouses were placed on these islands to warn ships of the dangers ahead. The biggest danger is

Cape Hatteras which has been known for centuries as the Graveyard of the Atlantic. Sounds Sounds are connected to wetlands and estuaries which support an abundance of life. Including fish, shrimp, and shellfish , which serve as a vital source of

income for the families in those areas. NC has 5 major sounds: Currituck, Albemarle, Pamlico, Core, and Bogue. Pamlico is the largest and deepest sound (20ft) near Washington, NC. Sedimentation has prevented small river towns like Washington, or Edenton to become large

ports like Norfolk, VA, or Savannah, GA. North Carolina in TV and in the Movies Mayberry, NC from the 1960s comedy show The Andy Griffith Show. Mayberry was actually Andy Griffiths hometown, Mt. Airy, NC. NC in TV Shows: Homeland, Sleepy Hollow, and more. NC in the movies: Hannibal, Patch Adams, The Odd Life of

Timothy Green, Shallow Hal, The Last of the Mohicans, and more. Warm-up 9/6 A-Day 1. Turn in your homework to the orange bin. 2. Answer the following on your Warm-up sheet: 1. Using the map below, identify what region, each city belongs to. Use your own map that we created in

class to help you. 3. Write down your homework. Today we will. Identify and label the regions of NC Locate the counties of NC Classify areas in the state of NC in their proper region Review study habits to improve our test taking strategies Study for the NC Geography test that is on Tuesday

Partner Work: When working with a partner or in groups we should Speak quietly using 5 inch voices. The niose level should not be above a whisper. We work with our partner, we do not just copy the work that they do. If they find something that you need, they should assist you in finding the location of the information you need using oral skills (speaking). We do not hit, or kick each other, nor will we call our partner stupid. Treat your partner in the same way you want to be treated.

Study Time!!!!! On your own (individually) go to one, or both of the websites below and practice for your test. Or Create flashcards for yourself Review where your thinking may have gone wrong on your pretest.

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