The Executive Branch

The Executive Branch

THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH WARM UP : 11/3/14 : WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO BE A GREAT PRESIDENT? DEMOGRAPHIC CHARACTERISTICS OF U.S. PRESIDENTS Male100% Protestant97% British ancestry82% College education77% Politicians69% Lawyers62%

Top 3% wealth and social classat least 50% Elected from large states69% HOW MUCH DO YOU KNOW? Who was the youngest person ever to be President of the United States? J.F.K. Who was the oldest person ever to be President of the United States? Ronald Reagan

Who held the presidency for the longest time? Franklin D. Roosevelt Who held the presidency for the shortest period of time? William Henry Harrison (9) died 32 days after Inauguration. Can a person born abroad become President? No. To be President, you must be natural born. THE PRESIDENCY THROUGH A PRESIDENTS EYES

THE PRESIDENCY THROUGH A PRESIDENTS EYES WARM UP: 11/5 PRESIDENTS SCHEDULE -Why do you think the president has so many responsibilities? -Based on the diary, what are some of the roles and responsibilities of the president? EXECUTIVE BRANCH AT A GLANCE

EXECUTIVE BRANCH AT A GLANCE Salary and Benefits $400,000 salary (tax free) $50,000/year expense account $100,000/year travel expenses A nice house (White House) Secret Service protection (up to 10 years after leaving office) Country home (Camp David)

Personal airplane (Air Force One) Staff of 400-500 full-time employees THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH A. President 1. Qualifications a. Natural-born citizen b. Must have lived in the U.S. for 14 years c. Must be at least 35 years old 2. Term a. Four year term; eligible for re-election b. President Washington set precedent for

serving only two terms; 22nd Amendment made it law THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH B. Presidential Powers 1. National Security Powers a. Serves as Commander-in-Chief of armed forces 1) Can authorize the use of troops overseas

without declaring war 2) Needs approval of Congress to declare war officially b. Makes treaties with other nations c. Nominates ambassadors d. Receives ambassadors of other nations, and thus recognizes those lands as official countries THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH

B. Presidential Powers (continued) 2. Legislative Powers a. Presents information on the state of the union to Congress b. Recommends legislation to Congress c. Calls Congress to special sessions d. Approves laws passed by Congress a.

Veto (Checks and Balances) 3. Administrative Powers e. Take care that the laws be faithfully executed Article II, Section 3 THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH B. Presidential Powers (continued) 4. Judicial Powers a. Grants reprieves and pardons for federal

crimes b. Appoints Federal judges, with agreement of majority of Senate Warm Up 11/6/14 How can the president check the legislative branch? How can the president check the judicial branch? How can the president enforce the laws? What are the roles of the United States President? THE MANY ROLES OF THE

PRESIDENT USING PAGE 250 PRESIDENTIAL ROLES Chief of State Ceremonial head of government Other countries have similar positions (Kings/Queens, Emperor) Chief Executive Head of the executive

branch/bureaucracy President Truman issued executive order to abolish segregation in military PRESIDENTIAL ROLES Chief Manager of Economy Works with Congress to write

federal budget Set tax policy Works to control money supply and keep economy growing Chief Diplomat Main architect of American foreign policy Chief spokesperson to the rest of the world Foreign Policy: What is this political cartoon

implying? What are some of the foreign policy challenges President Obama is faced with? Challe ng e # 6 China : Risin 3 # e g n

e l d g Pow Chal srael an :I t s a E e

l Midd ns a i n i t s e l a the P

#4 Challenge uclear N r e h t o n A a:

North Kore Threat? Challenge # 2 t? a re h T r a le

c u N A : n a Ir er Challenge #1

Iraq: Windin g Down the War Challen ge # 5 Sudan /D Stopping arfur:

a Genoc ide PRESIDENTIAL ROLES Commander in Chief In charge of the armed forces Controls military and has ultimate responsibility for military decisions 2.7 million men and women in the armed

forces and the nations entire military arsenal are subject to the Presidents direct and immediate control PRESIDENTIAL ROLES Chief Legislator/Policy Maker Main architect of

domestic policy (public policy) Initiates, suggests, requests, insists and demands that Congress enact legislation Sets over all shape of Congressional agenda PRESIDENTIAL ROLES Chief of Party Leader of the political party that controls the executive

branch Works to make sure their party does good in congressional elections.why? Chief Citizen The representative of all the people Roles of President Quiz- Scatter Should the president be sponsible for all of these roles

REVIEW What are the roles of the President? Which do you think is the most important? What are the powers of the president? Which two do you think are the most important? EXECUTIVE BRANCH AT A GLANCE Line of Succession

The order successors to the presidency if the president is unable to serve as specified in the Constitution Vice President Speaker of the House President pro tempore of the Senate Secretary of State Line continues by each of the 14 heads of the Cabinet departments, in the order in which their offices were created by Congress Essential Question WHAT IS THE FEDERAL BUREAUCRACY

AND WHAT PURPOSE DOES IT SERVE? FEDERAL BUREAUCRACY Bureaucracy Large, complex administrative structure that handles the everyday business of the federal government Federal government is the largest organization in the country Consists of four main groups: The White House staff The Executive Office of the President

Executive departments Independent agencies FEDERAL BUREAUCRACY Brief History Government at all levels grew enormously during the 20th century Society has become increasingly complex Recent years = trying to cut down size Deregulation big during Reagan, also possible cause of current economic crisis

Obama largest unfunded expansion of government in history FEDERAL BUREAUCRACIES Bureaucrats paper pushers Employees of government units Most that work for the federal government are hired under the requirements of the civil service Appointments to the federal bureaucracy filled on the

basis of merit Employees are not fired for political reasons (known as patronage) CREATES A PROFESSIONAL NON PARTISIAN WORKFORCE! Federal Bureaucrac y

President Vice President White House Staff Executive Office of the President Cabinet Independent Agencies Executive Branch is more than just the presid THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH C. Executive Office of the President

1. Agencies and individuals who directly help the president; Presidents right arm -perform specialized tasks for President - About 1800 members 2. Members a. White House Office

b. Office of Management and Budget (OMB) c. National Security Council (NSC) d. National Economic Council (NEC)

THE EXECUTIVE DEPARTMENTS D. The Cabinet Not mentioned in Constitution, but maybe best known organization in executive branch 2. Group of advisors to the President; appointed by President with agreement of Congress 3. 15 departments today Heads of these departments make up the Cabinet 1.

-Departments: -Education -Defense -Homeland Security -State The Federal government is th nations largest employer! TWITTER STATUS Create a twitter status (140 characters or less) describing

the most important idea from todays class Include at least one hashtag ROAD TO THE PRESIDENCY Step #1 Person announces their candidacy and works toward public awareness, fundraising, and developing a platform Step which #2 candidates for president will Primaries/Caucusesdetermines be supported by that state at the national convention of each political

party Step #3 National Conventionheld for both parties; when parties determine who will receive their nomination ROAD TO THE PRESIDENCY ELECTORAL COLLEGE TED Talks Electoral College Watch the video and focus on

the items listed below. You will work with your group to identify the significance of each of them. Protects smaller states Safe state

Swing State Do you live in either a safe or swing state? The Electoral College

538, 435, 100, 3 Each states electoral votes 270

Popular vote How is the # of electors per state determined? How often? Electoral Vote

Magic number Popular Vote Electoral Vote

Unfair advantage to larger states ELECTORAL COLLEGE THE BASICS Electoral College Group of persons chosen in each State and Washington every four years who make a formal selection of the President The candidate that receives the majority of

votes in a State, receives all of the States Electoral College votes ELECTORAL COLLEGE NOT A PERFECT SYSTEM Flaws of Electoral College Possible for the winner of the popular vote not to win presidency Nothing forces a States electors to vote for the candidate who wins the States popular vote (uncommon)

A strong 3rd party candidate could win enough votes to prevent any candidate from winning WHY DO WE HAVE AN ELECTORAL COLLEGE SYSTEM? WHATS THE POINT? -Number of reasons - The framers of the Constitution created it as a compromise after considering elections of the president by. -Congress -State legislatures -Election by the people (popular vote).

They feared a tyrant could manipulate public opinion and come to power Lack of trust in the people? WHO ARE THE ELECTORS? -The electors are often loyal party activists and may be state officials, party leaders, or those connected in some way to the Presidential candidates. - Peoples vote instructs the electors from your state to cast their votes for the same candidate


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