The Demand driven workforce system - Indiana

The Demand driven workforce system - Indiana

SKILL UP INDIANA! ROUND 3 Michael Barnes & Ryan Withem Indiana Department of Workforce Development AGENDA What is Skill UP Indiana!? Round 1 & 2 Achievements The Challenge, Vision and Opportunity Innovation Networks

Skill UP Indiana! Round 3 Guidelines and Budget Questions? WHAT IS SKILL UP INDIANA!? Skill UP INDIANA! is an innovative grant meant to supply sector based partnerships with the funds needed to promote and develop a stronger skilled workforce in Indiana. ROUND 1 & 2

ACHIEVEMENTS Grant Recipients: 25 Awarded Funding: Round 1: $11,169,000 Round 2: $7,690,071 Industries Served THE CHALLENGE More than 1 million

Indiana jobs will be available over the next decade, and more than a third will be new jobs that do not exist today. It is estimated that 30,000 job openings per year require an industryrecognized certificate/certification in addition to a high school diploma.

THE VISION To create a series of Innovation Networks around the State of Indiana driven by employer needs Focused on the Integration of education and training providers THE OPPORTUNITY DWD is offering Skill UP grant funding during the next biennium to support Innovation Networks.

Innovation Networks are centered around employers, educators, economic and workforce development partners, as well as other critical community partners in order to skill up students, adults, and incumbent workers within a regional labor market. INNOVATION NETWORKS Innovation Networks Are industry-led with a focus on aligning education and training Align to strategies that benefit an entire geographic area or sector

Demonstrates partners commitment in working toward shared outcomes and continuous improvement INNOVATION NETWORKS PHASE I July 14th Planning Phase Application deadline Applicants only need to define potential geography, partners and industries No letters of commitment need to be submitted at this time

INNOVATION NETWORKS PHASE II July August Network Partnership Development Applicants formalize partnerships with community leaders and industry partners Applicants form employer groups organized around industry/sector INNOVATION NETWORKS PHASE III August September Employer Demand Planning

DWD teams will work with your industry groups to validate data Applicants must organize industry groups DWD will provide the data and lead initial industry meetings INNOVATION NETWORKS PHASE III Continued October November - Develop Solutions Outcomes can be targeted to multiple areas along the talent development pipeline

Outcomes leading to direct employment, increased retention, or increased skills and wages for incumbent workers will be given preference INNOVATION NETWORKS Intended outcomes SKILL UP ROUND 3 November 15th Final Proposals Due Grant application must include: Regional Overview

Vision for systems change Innovation network members Strategies eligible for funding Technical assistance required Specifics for each strategy Links to simultaneous initiatives ROUND 3 GUIDELINES Activities and Strategies Eligible for Funding Curriculum development

Sector-focused career pathway systems that includes stackable and portable, standardsbased, industry recognized credentials Strategies that increase talent pipeline supply by sourcing candidates from underutilized populations such as Awareness activities ROUND 3 GUIDELINES Activities and Strategies Eligible for Funding Creating work-and-learn opportunities for

youth and adult learners Creating regional training trust funds for business and industry to draw funds from for training purposes Developing innovative solutions that uses prior learning assessments and competency-based education models BUDGET The funding categories in Skill UP Indiana! Round 3 include

Personnel Fringe Benefits Curriculum Certifications Training Equipment Marketing Expenses Other Please specify ROUND 3 GUIDELINES Points will be automatically deducted and/or

submissions voided for the following reasons Failure to submit a budget in the template provided Exceeding the 15 page limit Not including an executive summary Not addressing each of the categories and how the proposed plan will impact the 1 million jobs goal SKILL UP ROUND 3 IMPORTANT DATES July 5th, 2017

Release of Full Guidelines July 7th, 2017 Informational Webinar July 14th, 2017 Letter of Intent Submission Deadline July 2017 August 2017

Network Partnership Development August 2017 September 2017 Employer Demand Planning October 2017 November 2017 Develop Outcome Driven Solutions to address Employer Needs

November 15, 2017 Final Proposals Due January 2018 Award Announcements QUESTIONS? Mike Barnes, Associate Chief Operating Officer of

Employer Engagement [email protected] Ryan Withem, Director of Business Alignment [email protected] Charles Ricky Reeves. Program Director [email protected]

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