The Competency Requirements for HR Practitioners in Domestic ...

The Competency Requirements for HR Practitioners in Domestic ...

The Competency Requirements for HR Practitioners in Domestic Firms and Multinational Enterprises Karen Lo, Keith Macky & Edwina Pio AUT University, New Zealand Research Aim To investigate HR competencies required for HR practitioners for their success in domestic firms and multinational enterprises (MNEs) Adopts a situationalist competency

perspective which focuses on the contextual nature of HR competencies by differentiating between generic HR competencies (i.e., universally applicable to HR practitioners) and context-specific HR competencies (i.e., relevant to a narrower range of settings) Situationalist Perspective Challenges the universalist perspective that focuses on identifying generic HR competencies (Ulrich et al., 2013; Long & Wan Ismail, 2009; Dainty, 2011)

Argues that there are context-specific HR competencies as well as generic ones (Caldwell, 2008; 2010; Graham & Tarbell, 2006; Roehling et al., 2005) The HR literature suggests that MNEs are likely to promote a more strategic HR role

(Bjrkman, Ehrnrooth, Smale & John, 2011; Sheehan & Scalfidi, 2005; Sumelius, Bjorkman, & Smale, 2008) practices and standardisation of HRM (Belizon, Gunnigle, & Morley, 2013; Farndale & Paauwe, 2005; Stiles & Trevor, 2006)

than domestic firms Methodology Research Question: What are the generic and context-specific HR competencies for domestic firms and MNEs? Mixed Method Research Design Phase 1: Content Analysis

HR Job Descriptions Phase 2: Concept Mapping Focus Groups Phase 3: Concept Mapping Online Survey

4 Concept Mapping Process Step 1: Brainstorming Focus Groups 3 focus groups of 8 focus group HR participants + 2 HR experts brainstormed a list of 44 HR competencies Step 2: Concept Mapping Online Survey 63 New Zealand HR practitioners sorted and rated the HR competencies

Step 3: Concept Mapping Analysis Concept System software was used to produce concept maps Step 4: Interpretation of Concept Maps Researcher reviewed groupings and names of the clusters HR Competency Concept Map Domestic Firms vs Overseas-based MNEs

Domestically based vs Overseas-based MNEs Domestic Firms vs Domestically based MNEs Theoretical Contributions Provides support for the situationalist approach Generic HR competencies: Leadership & Relationship Building and Self-Belief & Social Factors Context-specific HR competencies: HR Acumen

Functional HR competencies can be as important as the strategic HR competencies required for adding value in certain contexts (Antila ,2006; Brown et al., 2009; Truss et al., 2002) Practical Implications HR Acumen competencies are highly context- specific Domestic firms and domestically-based MNEs are still highly dependent on HR generalist knowledge System and Technology are not important

differentiators but MNEs make stronger use of knowledge in HR technology than domestic firms Importance of Leadership and Relationship Building and Self-Belief and Social Factors in the selection and development of HR practitioners Research Limitations Validate the research with a larger sample More international comparative studies of a more qualitative nature to get a more nuanced view of HR competency

requirements. Include the opinions of other stakeholders (e.g., line managers, employees and trade unions) THANK YOU Future research should move away from the one-size-fits-all universalist approach and adopt a situationalist approach to enable more nuanced understandings on what shapes HR competency expectations.

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