The Community Health Model:

The Community Health Model:

+ The Communit y Health Model: A Level II Students Perspective + Greenhouse Ministries 501(c)3 faith-based, non-profit organization Assists underprivileged individuals and families in Rutherford County through the provision of food, clothing, job skill training,

adult education classes and counseling. Greenhouse Ministries purpose is two-fold: To offer a community-based place for volunteers to share their gifts for the glory of God To serve the underserved through planting, watering, and growing up Christians and not-yet Christians by the power of Gods love, nurturing them in a safe place (based on Luke 2:52). (Greenhouse Ministries, n. d.) + Greenhouse Ministries

programs OT Wellspring/Cottage Program Veterans for Volunteers reCYCLE The Bicycle Learning Center Warehouse

Volunteers Legal Clinic + Why is OT needed in the community? Top reported needs: income, safe and affordable housing, suitable employment, job training and placement, adequate nutrition, education, and general life skills (Babcock, 2014; Finlayson et al., 2002; Petrenchik, 2006). Barriers:

inefficient policies and procedures, inadequate services, difficulties accessing resources, public perceptions and stigma, insensitive service providers, and a generally discouraging social services system (Babcock, 2014; + Why is OT needed in the community? Stress from living in poverty affects executive functioning (Babcock, 2014). Poverty creates powerful stress that impacts cognitive functioning; decreasing quality of decision-making Stress associated with poverty alters the way the

brain develops in children experiencing the stress (Babcock, 2014; Evans & Fuller-Rowell, 2013; Thompson et al., 2013). Evans and Fuller-Rowell (2013) found that chronic physiological stress caused by childhood poverty has been linked to deficits in adult working memory and self-regulatory skills. Thompson et al. (2013) found that substance abuse disorders are associated with considerable impairment in + Community Health Model Defines recovery as the process by which people living with mental illness and/or addictions learn how to minimize the disabilities associated with those conditions while pursuing a safe, dignified, meaningful, and constructive life in the community.

(Yale School of Medicine, 2006) Guided by the principle that recovery is not achieved in an artificial setting. Treating the client as a human being instead of a patient. OTs also assist clients in successfully identifying and engaging with community supports which, in turn, reduces stigma, promotes efficacy in the workplace and increases the clients success in the community.

+ What does this look like at Greenhouse Ministries? + manager administrator consultant researcher coordinator presenter advocator educator leader therapist

LEVEL II STUDENT + Connections in the community Doors of Hope St. Louise Clinic Goodwill Career Solutions Community Helpers Guidance Center Hope Clinic Dispensary of Hope Barnabas Vision Journey Home

Salvation Army Trustpoint/Clear Path Domestic Violence Tennessee Career Center Special Kids R-Connection +In the future Sensory Modulation Room for ADULTS-why? Misdiagnosis (Abernethy, 2010) Lower levels of community participation and less perceived potential recovery (Pfeiffer, Brusilovskiy, Bauer and Salzer, 2014) Treatable (Abernethy, 2010; Champagne, 2011; Pfeiffer and Kinnealey , 2003)

Wilbarger Protocol Therapeutic use of self Sensorimotor activities Sensory modulation modalities Physical environment modifications + A level II students perspective of the role-emerging fieldwork experience What will I +take with me?

Advocacy Importance of building relationships Patience Flexibility Supervision Greater respect for our profession + References

Abernethy, H. (2010). The assessment and treatment of sensory defensiveness in adult mental health: A literature review. British Journal of Occupational Therapy, 73(5), 210-218. Babcock, E.D. (2014, Fall). Rethinking poverty. Stanford Social Innovation Review. 12(4). Retrieved from Champagne, T. (2011). The influence of posttraumatic stress disorder, depression, and sensory processing patterns on occupational engagement: A case study. Work, 38, 67-75. http:// Evans, G. W. & Fuller-Rowell, T. E. (2013). Childhood poverty, chronic stress, and young adult working memory: the protective role of self-regulatory capacity. Developmental Science, 16(5), 688-696. +

References Finlayson, M., Baker, M., Rodman, L., & Herzberg, G. (2002). The process and outcomes of a multimethod needs assessment at a homeless shelter. American Journal of Occupational Therapy, 56, 313-321. Geddie, M.D. (N.D.). Head injury: Executive function deficits. Lubbock, Texas: Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center. Greenhouse Ministries (n. d.). Welcome to Greenhouse Ministries. Retrieved from Lipskaya-Velikovsky, L., Bar-Shalita, T., & Bart, O. (2014). Sensory modulation and daily-life participation in people with schizophrenia. Comprehensive Psychiatry, 58, 130137. + References

Petrenchik, T. (2006). Homelessness: Perspectives, misconceptions, and considerations for occupational therapy. Occupational Therapy in Health Care, 20(3/4), 9-30. Pfeiffer, B., Brusilovskiy, E., Bauer, J., & Salzer, M. (2014). Sensory processing, participation, and recovery in adults with serious mental illness. Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal, 37(4), 289-296. Pfeiffer, B., Brusilovskiy, E., Bauer, J., & Salzer, M. (2014). Sensory processing, participation, and recovery in adults with serious mental illness. Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal, 37(4), 289-296. Szabo, L. (2014). Cost of not caring: Nowhere to go. Retrieved from mental-health-system-crisis/7746535/. + References Thompson, R. G., Wall, M. M., Greenstein, E., Grant, B. F., & Hasin, D.S. (2013). Substance-use disorders and

poverty as prospective predictors of first-time homelessness in the United States. American Journal of Public Health. 103(S2), S282-S288. Yale School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry (2006). Yale program for recovery and community health. Retrieved from

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