The Community College of Baltimore County

The Community College of Baltimore County

The Community College of Baltimore County Workforce and Organizational Development Trends and Solutions Kent Smedley Director of Business & Management CEED Workforce Development Program Areas Leadership & Management Health/Allied Health Justice & Homeland Security Transportation (CDL) Assessment & Facilitation

Project Management Information Technology Applied Technology Command Spanish Workplace Literacy Customizable.On-site or On-CampusDays/Evenings Typical CCBC Corporate Trainers Subject matter experts Skilled platform trainers Develop own material (in many areas) Extensive workforce experience

Adjunct Faculty members Hired on a project basis based on performance and subject matter expertise Ancillary Products/Services Online Training Customizable (Leadership area only) 6 core leadership competencies Asynchronous, 12 course hours (over 3 weeks) Non-customizable Wide range of subject areas Asynchronous, 20 course hours (over 6 weeks) Assessments DiSC Dimensions of Behavior (Leadership, Customer Service, Sales) MBTI and Insight Personality Profiles Appreciative Inquiry Facilitation Strategic Planning applications A sample of our client

partners. H&S Bakery NE Foods KCI Technologies PDP Group, Inc. Pall Corporation Grafco Industries MTA MAA ADP Inc. Berry Plastics Corp.

Mercy Hospital Johns Hopkins Oncology Center University System (T&D) MPCTC Federal Hwy Administration BGE Union Memorial Hospital Advanced Care P.T. MTAP Managing Quality in Contract Training Projects Initial Meeting &

Needs Discussion Formal Needs Assessment if needed Participant Evaluations Training Delivery (PM monitors) Client Close-Out Mtg Customer Satisfaction Survey Training Objectives Agreed Upon Schedules/Instructors Content Developed Meeting to Review

Emerging Needs Balanced Scorecard: Metrics-based Quality Management Tool I -Financial II Process Revenue Scheduling, Billing Net Operating Margin & Content/material (how are we doing? Can we sustain?) (how efficient are we?) III Customer Survey: evals, customer satisfaction surveys Evidence: re-orders,

trade-ups, multiples III- Learning, Growth & Innovation KSAs (internal T&D) (how do clients see us?) Train the Trainer trg Technology ROI in Training Generally tricky to determine Easier in applied technology training Baseline: produce 100 units Post: produce 110 units Trickier for soft-skills training Isolating impact on productivity improvements

Critical elements Establish metrics that can be evaluated Identify total costs Content/material development Delivery Lost Labor Cost (during training) Lost Productivity (during training) Dont measure ROI too quickly (6 months minimum, 1 year desirable) Calculating ROI Sales Training Example (total benefit total costs) = _____ x 100 = ROI total costs Total Benefits (Sales Training 10 people over 2 days): Average Order Size: +13% (net of inflation; measured against on-going business only) In 12 months: $185K incremental net profit Total Costs: $20.4K Development: $7.5K

Delivery/Materials: $5K Facility Rental/FS: $1.5K Lost Labor: $6.4K ROI: ($185K - $20.4K) = 8.07 x 100 = 807% $20.4K Some Examples.. Initial Meeting to Discuss Baking Training Strategic PL Marketing MDP 1 1 day 20 senior 12 days leadership dev. Sales Managers 7 groups of 18 Sales Mgt Series MDP 2 5 courses for 3 groups 10 days advanced leadership

of 20 Sales Managers 3 groups of 20 Sales Negotiating Skills MDP 3 1 day 20 senior 6 days strategic leadership Sales Managers 1 group of 10 Train the Trainer 2 groups of 18 (support Lock out/ Tag out procedures) Another Case Study Initial Discussion Result: 8 Crse PM Follow-up Discussion 5 Course 4 Course Strategic

Communication Skills Leadership Skills Leadership Trg 1 day course (15 owners/directors/ (8 owners/directors) 2 groups of 20 managers) Developed VMS Hot Topics in Business/Management Training Project Management (PMI Baltimore) Federal government driving force PMP Certification CCBC PM 8 Course Series (>35 clock hours) PMP Exam Prep Series (5 courses) Leadership Development

Strategic Leadership Strategic Business Planning, and Strategic Marketing Succession Planning Business Ethics Balanced Scorecard Crisis Communications More Hot Topics Communication Business Writing Fighting the effects of E-mail Leadership Approach to Communication Focus on leading change Group Presentation Skills (planning and delivery) Information Technology Applications

MS Word: Brochures, Flyers and More for Business MS Project CONTACT INFORMATION CCBC Workforce Development Leadership/Business/Project Management/CDL Kent Smedley 410-771-8973 [email protected] Allied Health/Criminal Justice Barbara Weidman 410-780-6804 [email protected] Information and Applied Technology Steve Ricketts 410-780-6685 [email protected] Hint: E-mail is the best bet!

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