The Case of the Murdered Mayor - Ms. Zhang's Science Classes

The Case of the Murdered Mayor - Ms. Zhang's Science Classes

The Case of the Murdered Mayor Forensic Investigation Case Overview Victim: Robert Burlington, Mayor of Allenville Background: Born in Allenville and Elected to be mayor over Timothy Taylor by a narrow margin Supporting the industrial park on the site of Lake Larson

Park Having a heated and very public argument with wife: Nicole Bullied the town council in the council meeting to push industrial park plan Missing one day before the planned town council vote to a silly meeting What Weve Found Car near Lake Larson with key Blood on front seat of the car

A tire iron with blood in the woods near the car A second set of tire tracks nearby and led to a cabin In the cabin: shattered glass, scattered and broken furniture a struggle (fight) had taken place Also in the cabin: body of mayor Robert Burlington. A single bullet hole in the chest A large wound on the back of his head Evidence Collected

Blood Evidence: from the victim, the victims car, the cabin floor, the tire iron, and the six suspects Hair Evidence: from the victims clothing, the victims car, the cabin floor and the six suspects vehicles Fingerprint Evidence: from the victim, a piece of broken glass in the cabin, a bloodstained piece of wood in the cabin, the tire iron, and the six suspects

Evidence Cont. Impression Evidence: photo of the tire impression at the cabin crime scene and the photo of the tires of vehicles belonging to the six suspects Entomological Evidence: insect larvae (i.e., maggots) from the victims head and chest wound sites

The Suspects Chris Cunningham: a senior partner of Burlington and town council member Matthew Maloy: a local veterinarian and an animal-right activist Pam Preston: an environmental scientist Timothy Taylor: the former mayor Vic Velto: a businessman investing in the recreation sports in Lake Larson area Nicole Burlington: mayor Robert Burlingtons wife

Fingerprint Analysis Evidence we have: 10 fingerprint slides from crime scene, victim, and suspects Each group will be assigned at least one fingerprint to lift I need volunteers or will assign groups to lift the rest Follow the procedure to lift fingerprint Share the fingerprints to do the analysis Blood Analysis Blood Typing

ABO Blood Group Rh Factor Rh+: Rh antigen Rh-: no Rh antigen Blood Typing Cont.

Evidence we have: 10 blood samples from crime scene, victim and suspects Anti-A serum (blue), anti-B serum (yellow), and anti-Rh serum (clear) Follow the procedure in your packet to test the blood evidence Data analysis: Example: If a blood sample agglutinates after adding antiA serum A antigen presents the blood type is A Entomological Analysis

Identify and separate the largest maggot specimens from the container Measure the largest maggots Determine the average length Average length = (Length1 + Length2 + + LengthN) / N Refer to the table to estimate the time of death Hair Analysis Five hair evidence in petri dishes Prepare the samples

Observe and compare under microscope Impression Analysis Compare the tire impression evidence to the photos of each suspects vehicles tire treads. Report to the District Attorneys Office In form of PowerPoint, Poster, or a typed report (Word/Pages)

A summary of all of the evidence collected (In Tables) A detailed statement of the results of each analysis Your primary suspect(s) and why What do you think happened? What additional information is necessary to further this investigation? Group Assignment Group A: Faith, Diana, Laura Blood analysis Group B: Vicent, Cain, Erick, Breana Blood analysis

Group C: Russell, Louis, Devin P., Miles Entomological analysis Group D: Talizejah, Delmari, Devin H., Precious Hair analysis Group E: Maia, Dasia, Shaiqwon Fingerprint station Group Assignment Group A: Ashley, Cortez, Corey, Jada W. blood analysis Group B: Khyre, Latif, Alex, Chereace blood analysis Group C: Sierra, Terrez, Jalen, Jazzlyn hair analysis Group D: Jordan, Sanchez, Lorenzo, Jhamiel hair analysis Group E: Myles, Wyatt, Chris -- entomological

Group F: Esther, Kaija, Diamond, Micah -- entomological Group G: Roosevelt, Rhalon, Jada P., Kora -- fingerprinting

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