The Bible

The Bible

The Bible The great guide The Bible Slit into two parts old and new testaments Old = before Jesus, the story of the Jews New= Jesus life The Bible is a moral guide

The 4 Gospels Copy and fill in the gaps: The bible is divided into 2 parts, the old and the new. The Old Testament tells of a time before and it follows the story of the Jews. Contained within the old testament there are many stories which contain .. which are meant to give a people guidance in how God wants them to live. The New Testament is divided into .. Gospels which tell the life story of Jesus, they again guide people how to live a

moral live. The importance of the bible to Christians is that it tells them about Jesus life and it also acts as a .. for them to live a moral life. A Bible Reference Mark 4:35-41 Book Verses Chapter 2 Now look up these Bible references copy out the table below and complete it.

For the following references: Mark 4:35-41 Luke 23:34

John 20:24 -31 Revelation 21 :4 Luke 12 :22 -31 Problems Weak faith Afraid Facing death doubting attacked Referenc e Problem Reason for my choice My Ideas on the importance of the

Bible Now we have discussed the Bible answer the question; Do you think reading these parts of the bible would help you if you were feeling one of these feelings? Give a reasons to support your answer. Your answer should be a short paragraph in length. Homework Perceptions (= how people think of) of the Bible Ask 2 people at home the following questions and record their answers.

A. B. C. D. E. Would you read the Bible if you had a problem? Yes/No Do you think reading the bible can help you live a better life? Yes/No Name a story you can remember from the bible? Which age group do you think is most likely to read the Bible? If you have a problem where would you look to get advice?

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