THE APUSH EXAM EXPLAINED for 2017-18 Mr. Lipman Nine Time Periods Focused On 1491 to Present & Overall %s 2 AP U.S. History Exam Design for the New Exam Section I Part A: Multiple-choice questions (55 questions, organized in sets of 25) 55 minutes (40%) Each set is focused on one or more learning objectives. Each set is organized around primary or secondary sources. Only 4 choices per question not 5 as were in old exam

Part B: Short-answer questions (3 questions) 40 minutes (20%) Section II 3 Part A: Document-based question (1 question) 65 minutes (25%) Part B: Long-essay question (1 question selected from 2) 35 minutes (15%) The Multiple Choice Portion A total of 55 Questions to be Answered in 55 minutes and immediately followed by Short Answer

Questions. (only 49 questions will count) All m/c questions have only 4 choices All or most m/c questions will have a stimulus or picture prompt and a series of 3 or 4 questions based on the stimulus or prompt Questions will normally NOT ask for specific informational fact or person or year. The Short Answer Section There will be 3 questions, each with its own stimulus and a total of 40 minutes. Label answers (A,B,C) Use WHW (What, How, Why) Stay within the 23 lines Be Specific / No Thesis Statements Each Question worth 3 points plus multiplier The DBQ Essay

Will have total of 7 document Will only involve units 3-8 (the core units) Use at least 6 (Best to use all) Must have a Thesis Statement (I require it in 1st paragraph) 7 Point Rubric 2 Points Use of Document (Describe vs. Explain) HIPP Factors (to get the 2nd point on document use) Historical Content Intended Audience Purpose Point of View The Long Essay

Will have a choice of three questions Units 1-3 or Units 4-6 or Units 7-9 This is a 6 point Rubric Need a Thesis Statement in first paragraph Each of the 3 questions will involve the same specific skill Use of knowledge (outside info) is key to higher score U.S. History FRQ Design P1 P2 P3 P4 P5

P6 Required SAQ 1 SAQ 1: Secondary Source Secondary stimulus Required SAQ 2 SAQ 2: Comparison or Causation Primary or visual stimulus Students select one SAQ 3

Required DBQ Students select one LEQ 2 LEQ 3 LEQ 4 P8 P9 SAQ 3: Causation or Comparison [same skill as SAQ 4, but different from SAQ 2] No stimulus

SAQ 4 8 P7 SAQ 4: Causation or Comparison [same skill as SAQ 3, but different from SAQ 2] No stimulus DBQ LEQ 2 LEQ 3 LEQ 4

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