The American Revolution - Highlands High School

The American Revolution - Highlands High School

The American Revolution Today we will be able to answer the following questions What caused the American Revolution? Who were the main players in the Revolution? What were the consequences of the Revolution? Causes of the Revolution

British neglect allowed a large degree of autonomy and self-government in the colonies 1760s Britain began to attempt to recover lost assets and funds by increasing taxes in the colonies Boston Massacre & The Sons of Liberty, Boston Tea Party Intolerable Acts Great Britains New Laws

Imposed on colonists to help pay for the war debts caused from the French and Indian War/Seven Years War (ended 1763) Stamp Act- (1765) Required colonists to pay a tax for an official stamp on all newspapers, legal documents, and other public papers Taxation without Representation Reply: boycott English goods

Parliament repeals the Stamp Act in 1766. Townshend Acts- (1767) New series of taxes on glass, paper, paints, and tea Boston merchants were furious call for another boycott! British send over troops to keep order in the city, most of which are harassed by the colonists leads to Boston Massacre (1770)

The Conflict Heats up Sons of Liberty- (1773) groups of organized Patriots (shopkeepers, artisans, etc.) Boston: group led by Samuel Adams and Paul Revere, carry out the Boston Tea Party British response: Intolerable Acts/Coercive Acts (1774) British close the port of Boston Massachusetts charter was revoked crown colony Protection of British officials removed from colonies for a trial

House British troops The War Begins April 19, 1775 (official 1st battles) Sons of Liberty had hidden weapons in the countryside British soldiers found out and started searching for them. Lexington, Massachusetts: First battle of American Revolution The Shot Heard Round the World Declaration of Independence written July 4th

1776 severing all ties with Great Britain Leaders Thomas Paine *note card* English-American wrote pamphlet Common Sense, which argued that the colonist should be free Helped sway public opinion in favor of

removing British rule Secretary of Committee of Foreign Affairs Ardently supported French Revolution Thomas Paine Second Continental Congress Committee formed to write a document declaring the colonies independence from Great Britain

John Adams- well-educated man who believed in the enlightenment ideas Thomas Jefferson- wrote the Declaration incorporating ideas the Enlightenment George Washingtoncommanding general of the army Benjamin Franklin- was in Paris, France at the time asking for in theforwar *Pickhelp

one person your note card Colonist Win! Pivotal assistance from France British surrendered to General Washington on October 19, 1781. Treaty of Paris (September 1783) British government formally recognized the independence of the United States Consequences

The colonist form a new government Articles of Confederation (1781) Constitution (1787) French Revolution (17871799) Haitian Revolution (17911803) First test of Enlightenment ideals towards government New government

Constitution-based Separation of powers Checks and balances Guarantee of individual liberties (sort-of) Popular sovereignty Federalist system power divided between nation & states Was is that radical?

Didnt touch slavery Voting rights established by state but usually only property-owning, free males could vote What caused the American Revolution? Who were the main players in the Revolution?

What were the consequences of the Revolution?

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