The Airplane Game -

The Airplane Game -

The Airplane Game Ms. Maharaj Equity Education Citation : You are ready to board a flight The flight attendant tells you that you may

sit anywhere and choose the passenger that you are seated next to. Your choices are Professional basketball player Someone suffering from a mental health disorder

A ex convict A rape victim A bi-sexual A teen mom What do you consider when making your choice? Basketball Player is

Elaine Allard (Canadian Wheelchair National Team) In 2003, she reached the peak of Kala Patthar, at the mouth of Mt. Everest in Nepal Speaks Portuguese Has her scuba license Awards/Highlights: Recipient of Queen Elizabeth II

Diamond Jubilee Medal, 2013 Named to the 2011 CWBL Women's National Championships tournament all-star team Mental Health Disorder Cameron Diaz

Ex-convict Nelson Mandel a Rape Victim Oprah Winfrey Bi sexual

Megan Fox Teen Mom Sophia Vergara Whats the point?!

We pack our biases and opinions whenever we enter a situation It is a life long lesson learning to separate the two notions of bias and stereotype We all have bias, learning to identify them and taking them out of the equation when making a decision leads to a decision based on facts and logic rather than emotion. This

course in a nutshell is ABOUT unpacking those biases and tackling the institutions that teach us the ISMs in life

Ageism Sexism Racism Classism Homophobia (ism)

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