Text Features

Text Features

Understanding Fiction & Nonfiction Text Text Features Identify text features. Text Features Help Students Understand Nonfiction Text Support text info. Using text features. What are text

features? help reader better understand what was read. provide info that may not be in the text itself. can be found in textbooks, articles, literature, newspapers, reports, web pages, and other forms of fiction and nonfiction. The information about where animals live would be found on page 3 in Animal Habitats. 1.Table of Contents Table of Contents

Chapter 1: All About Animals Animal Adaptations ..Page 1 Animal Food...Page 2 Animal Habitats . ..Page 3 Animal Homes ...Page 4 Chapter 2: All About Plants Photosynthesis .Page 5 Types of Plants .Page 6 Where would a reader find information about where an animal lives? lists major parts of book

along with page #s The reader could find information about acid rain on pages 396 397. 2. Index A Abu Simbel, temple of, p73 Acadia, Canada, 212-213 Acid rain, 396, c396-c397, 396-397 Animal Adaptations p1 Animal Food p2 Animal Habitats p3 Animal Homes p5 Where would a reader find

information in the text about acid rain? alphabeti cal listing of key terms and page #s at the end of a text The reader would understand animal adaptations better because the glossary tells them what it means to adapt. 3. Glossary

A Acid rain (AS ihd rayn) rain that carries certain kind of pollution. Adapt (uh DAPT) to change in order to survive in new environments How would the glossary help the reader understand text about animal adaptations? list of key terms and definitions in alphabetical order at the end bolded

The titles all talk about space so the articles are all about space. 4. Headings show the main idea of the text What do the headings of the articles in these newspapers tell you? top of page Where would the reader look to find out about a fire ant?

A fire ant is a kind of ant so the reader would look in Types of Ants. 5.Subheadings Helpful Ants divide the text into Although ants are frustrating when sections they get in homes, ants do help the environment. They help control the population of damaging pests such as tell the main idea of each section of text termites. Types of Ants use large or bold

Types of ants include fire ants, which words cause a painful sting, and carpenter ants, which damage wood structures while nest building. Other types of ants include honey, pharaoh, house, Argentine, and the thief ant. Where would the reader look to find out about a fire ant? A fire ant is a kind of ant so the reader would look in Types of Ants. 6. Bullet Points / Numbers

point readers to important info. The textbox contains the mystery to help create interest for the reader. 7. Sidebar interesting facts or important info not already in One of the textboxes above asks

the text the reader to solve a mystery about a Tasmanian Devil. Why would he include this mystery? The table would help the reader understand where and how often volcanoes erupt. 8. Graphics / 9. Captions photos, designs, illustrations, diagrams, charts, graphs, etc. that support the text make data easier to

read and understand How would a table about volcano eruptions help the reader understand volcanoes? captions underneath explain the graphic This forward may lend more authority to the text 10. Foreword book intro. written by someone other than

the author before the main text Prologues and prefaces add interest to the text 11.Prologue / 12.Preface both written by author prologue tells of events occurring before the main story begins fiction preface gives

interesting facts or background info. before the main text nonfiction 13. Footnotes / 14. Endnotes provide further explanation footnotes bottom of page end notes end of document 15. Bibliography alphabetical list at the

end of books, articles, etc. used as references 16.Afterword / 17.Epilogue come at the end of main text to close afterword additional info. details: nonfiction Images may be subject to copyright. epilogue

tells what happened to characters after story fiction Find an article and find an example of each text feature. Explain how each example helps you to understand what you read. QUIZ TOMORROW!

Bellwork (2/7/13) Take out your 17 text feature terms. Text feature scavenger hunt activity must be completed and turned in by the end of the period today.

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