Teledyne Analytical Instruments - AAQMS

Teledyne Analytical Instruments - AAQMS

Teledyne Analytical Instruments TELEDYNE AAQMS Systems Analytical Instruments for AQMS CO GFC7001E NO2 9110E SO2 6400E VOC 4060 Ozone 400E Particulate Matter (2.5 & 10) Beta Ray Attenuation Zero Air Generator 701 Mass Flow Calibrator 702E WMS Weather Monitoring Sensors

DAS Win collect 2 PM 2.5 / PM10 3 PM 2.5 / PM10 The Model 602 Beta PLUS Particle Measurement System is an advanced-design, automatic, dual-channel, ambient particulate matter (PM) analyzer/sampler utilizing a measurement principle based on attenuation of beta radiation by PM collected on pairs of matched sample filters. The two channels have separate and independent sample inlets, filter holders, and flow control, but share a single beta attenuation mass measurement system. Each channel can be separately configured to measure

various particle size ranges by use of the appropriate inlet and particle size separator, and a wide range of sample flow rates and collection periods can be programmed. Beta Ray Attenuation At the beginning of the sampling period, beta ray transmission is measured 1 across a clean section of the filter. After the particulate matter is drawn into the sample inlet and deposited on the filter, the beta ray transmission is re-measured. The difference between the two measurements is used to determine, with exceptional accuracy, the particulate concentration. 1- attenuation technique. This technique has been implemented on the basis of a theoretical analysis of the interaction between beta rays and matter that led to the formulation of a generalized parametric equation. This equation describes the relationship between the attenuation of the beta-particle flux passing through the thin film and the mass thickness of this matter 4 film.

PM 2.5 / PM10 5 PM 2.5 / PM10 6 PM 2.5 / PM10 Features US EPA Federal Equivalent Method (FEM) Certifications for PM 10, PM2.5 and PM10-2.5 Two independent sampling lines with a single beta attenuation-based mass sensor Collect samples onto 47mm filters for preservation and subsequent chemical analysis

>95% active sampling per measurement cycle Accurate hourly results using direct beta attenuation mass measurement Automatic flow and mass sensor verifications Uses spy filter to counteract humidity interference Digital and analog communications Remote monitoring, data retrieval, and control Two-year warranty 7 PM 2.5 / PM10 Ionizing Radiation Hazards The Model 602 BetaPLUS Particle Measurement System contains a 14C beta source, with 3.7 MBq (100 BCi) nominal activity. The source is contained in an inaccessible mechanical block integrated within the instrument. Only radiation dose-rates can be

detected outside of the instrument. Consequently, under normal operating conditions there is no contamination risk. In the event of a serious accident, such as a fire, there is a risk that radioactive material may be dispersed into the environment. However, an analytic evaluation of various improbable and worst-case scenarios concluded that estimated dose values for individuals and the general population are within safe limits. (270BCi, CA shipping laws) CAUTION: The source is not user serviceable and can only be accessed through use of a specialized tool exclusively available to Teledyne API personnel trained in its use. CAUTION: Use this Instrument Only as Intended and Prescribed. The instrument must be used only for the operations and in the environmental conditions explicitly described in this manual. Any other use is considered improper and 8 prohibited.

Analytical Instruments for AQMS CO GFC7001E NO2 9110E SO2 6400E VOC 4060 Ozone 400E Particulate Matter (2.5 & 10) Beta Ray Attenuation Zero Air Generator 701 Mass Flow Calibrator 702E WMS Weather Monitoring Sensors DAS Win collect 9

Zero Air Generator 701 10 ZAG - Model 701 The Model 701 is an excellent source of clean, dry air for dilution calibrators. It also may be used as a source of purge air for permeation tube ovens or burner air for FID analyzers. The basic Model 701 includes an oil-less, diaphragm-less pump plus scrubbers to remove SO2, NO, NO2, O3 and H2S. Optional scrubbers are available to remove CO and Hydrocarbons. Inlet air is pulled into the pump and route through a pre-cooler and water trap that removes water. The air then passes through the regenerative scrubber, where the final drying occurs, and then to the storage tank. Tank pressure is monitored and maintained at a preset level by cycling the pump automatically as needed, extending pump and scrubber life. The outlet air from the tank is cleaned and goes through a filter to produce a clean and dry zero air supply. A

microcontroller cycles the regenerative dryer and the water trap valves, ensuring that the pump does not start against full head pressure. The Model 701 is an ideal accessory to the Model 700E Mass Flow Calibrator. Output: 10 SLPM @ 30 psig , 20 SLPM @ 30 psig (optional) Dew point: -20C up to 15 LPM; -10C above 15 LPM Dryer: Regenerative heatless dryer with lifetime of greater than 5 years 11 Zero Air Generator - Model 701 12 Zero Air Generator - Model 701 The M701 dries and scrubs ambient air to produce zero air.

The compressor draws air in from the rear panel inlet filter. At the compressor outlet, the air is under pressure and hot from the compression. The relative humidity is high as a result of the high pressure. The air is conducted through the cooling coil , the pressure still high but the temperature is reduced to ambient, the wet air passes through a coalescing filter where the excess water is separated and settles in the bottom of the filter. The partially dried air passes a pressure relief valve,(set to open at 90 psig.)and enters the Regenerative Dryer which removes essentially all the remaining water and a portion of the other 13 contaminants. Zero Air Generator - Model 701

The Hydrocarbon scrubber where Hydrocarbons and CO are catalytically converted to CO2 and water. Then, the NO scrubber where NO is oxidized to NO2, then, the activated charcoal scrubber where the NO2 is absorbed. Then the optional CO scrubber, where CO is catalytically oxidized to CO2, Finally, the clean dry air passes through a fine particulate filter and leaves the M701 through the rear panel bulkhead union (Zero Air Out). 14 Zero Air Generator - Model 701 15

ZAG - Model 701 Output STD 20 SLPM @ 30 psig Max delivery pressure 35 psig Dewpoint < 15 SLPM < -20 C > 15 SLPM < -10 C SO2 <0.5 ppb NO <0.5 ppb

NO2 <0.5 ppb O2 <0.5 ppb HC/CO Options < 0.02 ppm HC / < 0.025 ppm CO Dimensions 8.75 H x 17W x 23.5D (22.2 cm x 43.2 cm x 60 cm) Weight

55 lbs. (25 Kg) Operating Temp 5-40C Power 115V, 60Hz, 3.5A 230V, 50Hz, 2.0A 220V, 60 Hz, 2.2A 16 ZAG - Model 701

17 Analytical Instruments for AQMS CO GFC7001E NO2 9110E SO2 6400E VOC 4060 Ozone 400E Particulate Matter (2.5 & 10) Beta Ray Attenuation Zero Air Generator 701 Mass Flow Calibrator 702E WMS Weather Monitoring Sensors DAS Win collect

18 MFC Model 700E The Model 700E is a microprocessor based calibrator for precision gas analyzers. Using a combination of highly accurate mass flow controllers and compressed sources of standard gases, calibration standards are provided for multipoint span and zero checks. Up to 4 gas sources may be used. As many as 50 independent calibration sequences may be programmed into the M700E, covering time periods of up to one year. The setup of sequences is simple and intuitive. These sequences may be actuated manually, automatically, or by a remote signal. The sequences may be uploaded remotely, including remote editing! All programs are maintained in non-volatile memory. The M700E design emphasizes fast response, repeatability, overall accuracy and ease of operation. It may be combined with the Model 701 Zero Air Generator to provide the ultimate in easy to use, precise calibration for your gas analyzers.

Dilution System:1. Flow Measurement Accuracy: 1% full scale 2. Flow Range of Dilution Air: 0 to 10 SLPM (Standard Liter per Minute) 3. Zero Air requirements: 10 SLPM @ 30 psi 4. Calibration Gas Input Ports: 4 (configurable) 5. Diluents Gas Input Ports: 1 & Response Time: 60 seconds 19 MFC Model 700E 20 MFC Model 700E 21

MFC Model 700E OPTIONAL HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE INTERNAL OZONE GENERATOR (OPT 01A) Because ozone (O3) quickly breaks down into molecular oxygen (O2), this calibration gas cannot be supplied in precisely calibrated bottles like other gases such as SO2, CO, CO2 NO, H2S, etc. The optional O3 generator extends the capabilities of the M700E Dynamic Dilution Calibrator dynamically generate calibration gas mixtures containing O3. UV PHOTOMETER MODULE (OPT 02A) The photometer option increases the accuracy of the M700E calibrators optional O3 generator by directly measuring O3 content of the gas output by the generator. The photometers operation is based on the principle that ozone molecules absorb UV light of a certain wavelength (Beer-Lambert law) 22

MFC Model 700E 23 MFC Model 700E RS232 MODEM CABLES (OPT 60A & OPT 60B) RS-232 MULTI-DROP (OPT 62) ETHERNET CABLE (OPT 60C) ETHERNET (OPT 63A) ETHERNET + MULTI-DROP (OPT 63C) PERMEATION TUBE OVEN OPTION (OPT 05) The permeation tube gas generator is an alternative method for producing known concentrations of stable gas such as SO2, NO2, etc. The generator consists of a temperature regulated permeation tube oven, a flow restrictor, an optional output

desorber, and a user-supplied permeation tube. The optional desorber can improve the response time of the calibrator especially when operating with NO2 tubes. 24 MFC Model 700E 25 Analytical Instruments for AQMS CO GFC7001E NO2 9110E SO2 6400E VOC 4060 Ozone 400E Particulate Matter (2.5 & 10) Beta Ray Attenuation

Zero Air Generator 701 Mass Flow Calibrator 702E WMS Weather Monitoring Sensors DAS Win collect 26 WMS Weather Monitoring Sensors Model 083D RH Moisture sensor The Model 083D sensor probe represents sensitivity, accuracy, linearity and stability not encountered with conventional relative humidity sensors. It is extremely well suited for meteorological, industrial, laboratory and other demanding applications. The Model 083D RH sensor can also be supplied with a temperature

sensor mounted in it and used with various radiation shields for reliable, accurate measurements Operation: The Model 083D Relative Humidity Sensor is based upon the capacitance change of a polymer thin film capacitor. A one-micron thick dielectric polymer layer absorbs water molecules through a thin metal electrode and causes capacitance change proportional to relative humidity. The thin polymer layer reacts very fast, and therefore, the response time is very shortless than five seconds to 90% of the final value of relative humidity. Sensing Element: Thin film capacitor Range: 0 - 100% relative humidity Temperature Range: -20C to +60C Response Time: Less than 15 seconds at 20C of final (with filter) Accuracy: 0 - 10% 3% , 10 - 90% 2%, 90 - 100% 3% 27

WMS Weather Monitoring Sensors Solar Radiation Sensors Model 095 Pyranometer: The Pyranometer incorporates a multi-junction differential thermopile and a precision ground optical glass hemisphere which is transparent to wavelengths 0.285 to 2.80 microns. It is used for high precision, broad bandwidth measurements of incident solar radiation. Specifications: Spectral Response: Nanometers: 285 - 2800 Microns:0.28 - 2.8 Calibration: Integrating hemisphere approx. 1 cal cm-2 min-1, at 25C Sensitivity:** 11 mV/kwatt meter-2, approx. Impedance: 350 ohms, approx. Temperature Depend.: 1.5% constancy from -20C to +40C Linearity: 1% from 0 to 1400 watts meter-2 Response Time: 5 second (1/e signal)

Cosine Response: 2% from normalization 0-70 zenith angle; 5% 70-80 zenith angle Dimensions: 5.75 in (14.6 cm) diam. x 21 in (53.4 cm) h, including mount Weight: 4 lbs (1.8 kg), including mount Mounting: Leveling plate and mounting base include 28 WMS Weather Monitoring Sensors Technical Terms Pyranometer: A pyranometer is used to measure broadband solar irradiance on a planar surface and it is a sensor that measures the solar radiation flux density (in watts per metre square) from a field of view of 180 degrees. Thermopile (Thermistor)

A thermopile is an electronic device that converts thermal energy into electrical energy. 29 WMS Weather Monitoring Sensors Precipitation Gauges The accurate measurement of rain and snow precipitation remains one of the most basic elements of meteorology. Operation:A dual-chambered tipping bucket assembly is located below the collection funnel. When a precise amount of precipitation has been collected in one side of the bucket, gravity tips the assembly and activates a reed switch. A momentary electrical contact closure through the switch is provided for each increment of rainfall. The sample is discharged through the base of the gauge. Construction:The heavy machined aluminum base provides a stable platform for the tipping assembly. The bucket is made from stainless steel and is Teflon coated to prevent retention of the

sample. The bucket pivots are precision machined and fitted with jeweled bearings to reduce wear and friction. The funnel is powder coated aluminum and has two screens for preventing leaves and other debris from entering or clogging the gauge. A circular bubblelevel and adjustable feet facilitate proper mounting of the unit. Major components are finished in catalyzed polyurethane paint to withstand the environment. Model 370 Funnel Dia : 8 in (20.3 cm) , Standard Calibration: 0.01 in 30 WMS Weather Monitoring Sensors Wind Direction Sensor The Model 024A Wind Direction Sensor is an accurate, durable and economical sensor suitable for a wide range of wind study applications. It is designed for long term unattended operation in most meteorological environments. Operation The sensor incorporates a precision wire-wound potentiometer for accurate resolution of

wind direction. The potentiometer is directly coupled to the vane assembly. Variations in wind direction produce a corresponding varying voltage, which lends itself to both digital and analog measurement systems. 31 WMS Weather Monitoring Sensors Wind Direction Sensor Specification: Range: 0 - 360 Starting Threshold: 1.0 mph Accuracy: 5 Delay Distance: Less than 5 ft Damping Ratio(A parameter used to describe the response of a wind vane to a

sudden change in wind direction. It is defined as the ratio of the actual damping to the critical damping) Standard: 0.25(Metal Vane), Fast Response: 0.4 (Foam Vane) Potentiometer: Sand, Dust, Fungus: MIL-E-5272 , Salt Spray: MIL-E-12934 Electrical Range: 0 - 360 , 0 - 540 Operating Range: -50C to +70C 32 Weight: 1 lb 2 oz WMS Weather Monitoring Sensors Wind Direction Speed The Model 014AWind Speed Sensor is an accurate, durable and economical anemometer suitable for a wide range of wind study applications. It is designed

for long term unattended operation in most meteorological environments. Range : 0 to 100 mph Operation : For maximum operational reliability, the sensor uses a sealed magnetic read switch. This switch produces a series of contact closures at a rate proportional to wind speed. With its pulsed output, the Model 014A lends itself to applications involving both digital and analog measurement systems Specifications:Range: 0-100 mph , Starting Threshold: 1.0 mph Accuracy: 0.25 mph or 1.5% FS Standard: Less than 15 ft (Metal Cup), Operating Range: -50C to +70C Weight: 11 oz (.31 kg) Contact Rating: 10 mA maximum 33 Analytical Instruments for AQMS

CO GFC7001E NO2 9110E SO2 6400E VOC 4060 Ozone 400E Particulate Matter (2.5 & 10) Beta Ray Attenuation Zero Air Generator 701 Mass Flow Calibrator 702E WMS Weather Monitoring Sensors DAS Win collect 34 AAQMS DAS

Requirements A Data Acquisition System utilized in air quality and/or emissions monitoring should do far more than simply collect data. It should provide a means for remotely checking the system and each individual analyzer. It should enable analyzers and calibration system to be configured remotely. It should reliably log data directly from the instruments in digital form. It should automatically warn the user of measurement exceedances or events such as calibration failures. It should be easy to use. 35 Teledyne Win AQMS DAS

WinAQMS is a Windows based system which provides full control over the entire system (remote and onsite) enabling automatic calibrations to be performed and system errors to be monitored. WinAQMS interfaces to analyzers via a RS232 multi-drop serial link, through a USB link or via TCP/IP network link. This allows it to collect data directly from the instruments in digital format thus eliminating digital to analog and analog to digital conversion errors. The bi-directional interface also allows a remote central computer, running Teledyne WinCollect software, to access full control and diagnostics of the analyzers used and data to be collected remotely. The Data Acquisition system has sufficient data storage to hold well over thirty years worth of historical data. 36 Main Features : Win AQMS (DAS)

Supports remote communication from anywhere in the world enabling full control over the pollution monitoring system and direct interfacing with supported analyzers Full control over calibration cycle periods Remote communication through dial-up, Ethernet, satellite telephone networks, 3G network as well as short haul modems

Solid state hard disk drive eliminates risk of mechanical failure due to shock, high temperatures, vibration and harsh environments. Data retrieval via USB Memory Stick or Mini SD card in the event communication networks are unavailable "Industry Standard" RS232 and USB Communication enables digital communication with a wide range of supported monitoring equipment

Captures minimum, maximum, average values and standard deviations Creates calculated channels that allows the user to apply calculations to data (logged automatically) Fifth Generation Data Acquisition & Control System based on 30 years of field experience Data storage space for over thirty years of 5 minute historical data

Lightning & surge protection facilities Windows XP PRO Compatible ( WINDOWS 7 by default) 37 Specifications : Win AQMS (DAS) CPU: ........ 1.6 Ghz+ RAM: 1 Gbytes Operating System: Windows XP Data Storage Format: Data Stored in Ascii format

Hard Drive Config.: Solid State 64 Gbytes Display Driver: Supporting up to 1929 x 1200 (allows dual screen Data Averaging Periods: Up to 4 independent data sets Selectable between 1 minute and 7 days Calibration control: Automatic Span and Zero control. Calibration data is stored separately Communication ports: 1 RS232 /RS485 serial ports, 6 x USB2.0 Ports Networking :1000 Base T Ethernet 802.11g WLAN Power: 12 volts < 7 Watt power supply.

Size: 10.1 x 11.5 x 2.7 cm 370 grams 38 AAQMS with DAS 39 Company Confidential TELEYNE Team Thank you All Company Headquarters: City of Industry, California USA Facility: 60,000 sq. ft. / ISO9001:2008 Founded: 1945

Core Capabilities: Manufacturer of high quality measurement and control instrumentation. Website:

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