Ted Bundy - Weebly

Ted Bundy - Weebly

Ted Bundy The BeginningTo The End In the Beginning 11/24/48- Born Theodore Robert Cowell in a home for unwed mothers 1951- 3 years old was caught putting knives in his aunts bed for fun 5/19/51 His mother marries Johnie Bundy and changes Theodores last name

1965 Ted Bundy graduates High School and enrolls in college 1966- starts to date Stephanie Brooks 1968- Stephanie ends the relationship 1969- learns he his an illegitimate child 1973- Graduates college The Killings Begin 1/5/74 Jeni Lenz attacked in apartment, survives 2/1/74-Abducts Lynda Ann Healy from her basement bedroom in

Seattle. 3/12/74-Abducts Donna Manson from the campus of Evergreen College. 4/17/74-Abducts Susan Rancourt from the Central Washignton St. campus. 5/6/74-Abducts Kathy Parks from the campus at Oregon St. 6/1/74-Abducts Brenda Ball from Burien, Washington.

6/11/74-Abducts Georgeann Hawkins from an alley near her University of Washington fraternity house. 6/17/74-Brenda Baker's body is found in Millersylvania St. Park. Abducted unknown. 7/14/74-In

separate incidents, Janice Ott and Denise Naslund are abducted from Lake Sammammish St. Park. 9/2/74-A Fall, Jane Doe is abducted from Boise, Idaho. 1974-Enters the University of Utah Law School. 9/7/74-Portions

of the bodies of Ott, Naslund, and Hawkins are recovered two miles from lake Sammammish St. Park. 10/2/74-Abducts Nancy Wilcox. 10/18/74-Abducts Melissa Smith from Midvale, Utah.

10/27/74-Smith's body is found in Summitt Park near Salt Lake City, Utah. 10/31/74-Abducts Laura Aimee from Lehi, Utah. 11/8/74-Botches the abduction attempt of Carol DeRonch but abducts Debby Kent later that day from her school parking lot in Bountiful, Utah. Thanksgiving, 1974-Aimee's body is found. 1/12/75-Abducts Caryn Campbell from a hotel in Aspen, Colorado.

2/18/75-Campbell's body is found near the motel she disappeared from. 3/3/75-The skulls of Healy, Ball, Parks, and Rancourt are found near Taylor Mountain, WA 3/15/75-Abducts Julie Cunningham from Vail, Colorado. 4/6/75-Abducts Melanie Cooley from her school in Nederland, Colorado. 4/23/75-Cooley is found dead twenty miles from Nederland. 5/6/75-Abducts Lynette Culver from her school playground in Pocatello, Idaho.

6/28/75-Abducts Susan Curtis from the campus of BYU while attending a youth conference. 7/1/75-Abducts Shelley Robertson from Golden, Colorado. 7/4/75-Abducts Nancy Baird from Layton, Utah. The arrests begin 1974- Police placed news adds speaking of the mysterious man named Ted with a description that perfectly matched Ted Bundy. A caller even turned Ted in to the investigators but the background checks showed his commendations

from the Seattle police. His Law major and his clean cut appearance forced police to take him off the list of suspects. 8/16/75-Is arrested for possession of burglary tools during a traffic stop in Salt Lake City. The incident eventually results in an arrest in the DeRonch attack. February 1976-Abducts Debbie Smith in Utah. 3/1/76-Is found guilty of aggravated kidnapping in the DeRonch attack. 4/1/76-Smith's body is found at Salt Lake International Airport. 6/30/76-Is sentenced to one-to-fifteen years in prison. 6/7/77-Escapes from the Pitkin County Law Library in Colorado while

preparing for his upcoming trial in the Campbell murder. 6/13/77-Is apprehended in Aspen, Colorado. 12/30/77-Escapes from Garfield County Jail in Colorado and flees to Tallahassee, Florida. 1/14/78-Attacks several women at the Chi Omega sorority house in Tallahassee, killing Lisa Levy and Magaret Bowman. Also attacks Cheryl Thomas in her house nearby, seriously injuring her. 2/9/78-Abducts Kimberly Ann Leach from her school in Lake City, Florida.

2/15/78-Arrested while driving a stolen VW in Pensacola, Florida. 4/12/79-Leach's body is found in Suwanee St. Park in Florida. Finally caught 7/27/78-Indicted for the murders of Levy and Bowman. 7/31/78-Indicted for the Leach murder. 7/7/79-Leach and Bowman murder trial begins. 7/23/79-Found guilty of the murders of Levy and Bowman. 7/31/79-Sentenced to death for the murders of Levy

and Bowman. 1/7/80-Trial begins for the Leach murder. 2/6/80-Found guilty of Leach murder. 2/9/80-Sentenced to death for Leach murder. 7/2/86-Obtains a stay of execution only fifteen minutes before he is scheduled to die. 11/18/86-Obtains a stay of execution only seven hours before he is

scheduled to die. 11/17/88-Final death warrant is issued. 1/24/89-Executed in the electric chair at 7:16 AM. Victimology A Ladies ManORThe Lady Killer A Typical Ted Bundy Killing All the women said they were approached by a man who called himself, Ted

Ted, usually wore a sling on his arm and asked for help with his books (if on/near a campus) or sailboat (if at the beach). would lead the women to his car, a VW Beetle parked in the woodswith no sailboat. Once the women were lead to the Beetle, Bundy would

strangle or bludgeon his victims with a hammer, a crowbar or his own fists. Bundy's favored method was to first gain control usually by bludgeoning with a crowbar he kept in his infamous Volkswagon Bug. After being hit over the head the victims were strangled as they were raped by Bundy. Bundy frequently returned to the woods, in the mountain area, WA, where he had buried many of his victims. He would put make-up on them and even change their

clothes as well as have sex with their dead bodies.

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