Technological subjects

Technological subjects

Teicneolaocht Crais Rialachin Feidhmeach 1 Crais Rialachin Feidhmeach Promh Topaic Rbcha Altanna Rbcha Cim Saoirse Frsa / mimint Riali Rbcha Riali le PLCs no PICs Feist Inchlraithe Loighic Sraitheach Oibri Feiste Rbcha

Feist Caighdanach Nimatach Nimataic Gnomhaitheoir Comhla Rialachin 2 Crais Rialachin Feidhmeach Furby an bragn cliste? Lironn iompar casta idirghnomhach Inchur Aschur Lascanna Br Mtar D.C.

L.D.R. Callaire Miocrafn LED fodhearg Lasc claonadh Brathadir fodhearg Proisas Micrearialaitheoir 3 Crais Rialachin Feidhmeach Micrearialaitheoir PIC (Peripheral Interface Controller) Is ciorcad iomlnaithe PIC gur fidir romhchlr le freagairt do inchur amhin n nos m agus aschur amhin n nos m a rial, i.e. romhaire ar slis

Ar bhord PIC t: ROM (Read Only Memory) RAM (Random Access Memory) I / O (Input / Output) CPU (Central Processing Unit) 4 Crais Rialachin Feidhmeach Cn chaoi a n-sidtear PICs? Ceannaithe folamh PICAXE-08 PICAXE-18X PIC 16F628 Curtha isteach i gciorcadlosaid T romhchlr rialchin forbartha agus tstilte ar an romhaire agus osldailte don PIC. PIC LOGICATOR

INCHUR PROISAS ASCHUR 5 Crais Rialachin Feidhmeach Feidhmeanna PIC: Glasra t - Innil nochin / Eidhinn micreathonn Crais Alram Trealamh Leighis Fochrais Feithicle - Bainisti Innealra / Cianglasil Soilse Trchta Geata Cirr An Tionscail Siamsaochta Measn Dolachin Aonaid Thaispentas

6 Crais Rialachin Feidhmeach Buntist an PIC : Is fidir PIC a romhchlr ars agus ars eile. Dshlnacht feabhasaithe de bharr laghd riachtanais chiorcad Is fidir athraithe tapaigh a dhanamh ar an tirgeadh le athr san romhchlr seachas san crua-earra leictreonach Solbthacht agus oirinacht nos fearr sa tirgeadh

Tugann an buncloch tacaochta do fhorbairt riteacha simpl go casta i.e. Card faoi m.. ? 7 Crais Rialachin Feidhmeach Crua-earra: Romhaire Port USB (Windows NT,ME,2000,XP) Ciorcaidlosaid PICAXE 18X Traenla Foinse Cumhachta - 9V, 550mA Cbla osldla - USB AXE027 Bogearra: PIC - Logicator Leagan 2 8 Crais Rialachin

Feidhmeach PICAXE 18X Losaid Traenla (5 inchur, 8 aschur) Inchur Aschur 3 Analg: - 8 Aschur LED LDR 1 Piezo Friotir Inathraithe 1 Seacht bposa Iogir teasa

4 Aschur seachtrach 2 Lasc digiteach 1 Mtar cimnoch 2 Lasc PTM 1 Mtar freastala 2 Mtar seachtrach 9

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