Team Victors - Weebly

Team Victors - Weebly

Welcome to Open House! Team Titans: Contact Robin Reinhart English Information Email: [email protected] Phone: 844-7251 ext. 6785 Craig Dragash - Wellness Email: [email protected] Phone: 844-7251 ext. 6813 Mary Walstrom Math Email: [email protected] Phone: 844-7251 ext. 6881 Kristi Myers Social Studies Email: [email protected]

Phone: 844-7251 ext. 6865 Steve Strugis Science Email: [email protected] Phone: 844-7251 ext. 6860 **Email is the quickest and most efficient way to get in contact with any of your childs teachers WHY TEAMS? Supports students emotional learning by providing a structure that aligns a group of students with a group of adult advocates Smaller communities within a school promotes indepth learning and enhances students social wellbeing Opportunities for interdisciplinary learning are greater within a teaming structure

Common planning time, block scheduling are conditions that contribute to improved achievement for middle school students Web Page/Homework Visit the Clay Middle School website. Check online for information on Team Titans and daily homework. The most up to date homework information is available on the board in class. Absences:

If your child is going to be absent please contact Mrs. Reinhart via VM or email and she will gather their work from all of their core teachers. It is not necessary to email each CORE teacher individually. Please contact her if possible by 10:00 am. You may pick up their work after 1:30pm in the main office Check myCCS for grades. Schedule Quarter 1 Schedule: RED (A) Day White (B) Day Block 1

(7:45-9:27) 1-2A 1-2B 3-4 A 3-4B Lunch 10:38-11:06 Lunch 10:38-11:06 11:44-12:28 11:44-12:28 5 5 12:33-1:18 12:33-1:18

6 6 7-8A Core + Block 2 (9:23-11:39) Lunch 10:38-11:06 Block 3 Block 4 (1:23-3:05) Any questions? Feel free to contact a team teacher and we will do our best to clarify.

Red and White Days will remain as scheduled all year unless there are some unforeseen circumstances. There will be no deliveries to students in their classes this year. It will be the students responsibility to stop in the office if they are expecting an item. Report cards will be emailed home, no paper copy. ASSH take place on Tuesday- Thursday, activity bus provided Robin Reinhart English 6, Honors English Curriculum

Literature (novel based) Shared Core reading, independent reading, read aloud fiction / non-fiction & Lit Circles Writing Analysis) (Personal Narrative, Informational, Lit Independent Reading Time Grammar / Magic Lens mini lessons and context of writing

Vocabulary Word Within a Word Honors and English 6 New lists every other week Quizzes every other week List length depends on which course HONORS ENGLISH 6 READING WRITING QUARTER 1

The Wednesday Wars Personal Narrative QUARTER 2 Call of the Wild / Treasure Island Literary Analysis looking at theme QUARTER 3 The Bomb: The Race to Steal and Build the Worlds Most Dangerous Weapon Informational Text QUARTER 4

Lizzie Bright and the Buckmeister Boys Literary Analysis comparing two themes **Other supplemental fiction and non-fiction texts will be used MISC. Word Within A Word Magic Lens English 6 READING WRITING QUARTER 1 Wonder

Personal Narrative QUARTER 2 The Boy on the Wooden Box Literary Analysis looking at theme QUARTER 3 The Giver Informational Text QUARTER 4 When you Reach Me Literary Analysis comparing two

themes **Other supplemental fiction and non-fiction texts will be used MISC. Word Within A Word Grammar , Usage, Mechanic s Practice Mary Walstrom Math Teacher Website Google Classroom Grades Online Textbook Steve Sturgis Science

Quarters 1 & 2: Scientific Method, Ecology, Matter Quarters 3 & 4: Astronomy, Energy Grades: non-waited. Ex: Timmy earned 243 out of 300 points. Timmys grade in science is 243/300= 0.81 81% Online Textbook More info soon Craig Dragash Wellness Grades Curriculum 6th P.E. Units Indoor Outdoor

QUARTER 1 Heart rate monitor/rec game activities Track (heptathlon) Ultimate Frisbee QUARTER 2 Pickleball Badminton Lacrosse Soccer QUARTER 3 Volleyball Floor Hockey QUARTER 4

Basketball Softball Tennis Flag Football 6th Health Units Unit QUARTER 1 Health triangle/bullying QUARTER 2 Substance Abuse/Tobacco QUARTER 3 Fitness and Nutrition

QUARTER 4 Safety Kristi Myers Social Studies 1st semester Geography North America Central American & the Caribbean South America 2nd semester Europe (Ancient & today) Russia Online Social Studies textbook

Remind 101 Every quarter we will use technology to enhance the curriculum. The projects will also incorporate writing and reading skills. Study Stacks, great website which we help students review for assessments. You can locate them on my homework page. Assessments & tests = 70% Homework & quizzes = 30% Team Spirit Team T-shirts $9.00 -ORDERS DUE FRIDAY, ST AUGUST 21 Code for Free shipping: shipfree -Link also on Mr. Dragashs class website **t-shirts are not mandatory**

Auctions Parents, we would appreciate donations. Students love spending their Clay CASH! Donations can be anything - gum -candy -stickers -sports items -holiday trinkets -gift cards (please keep them around $5) anytime. *Please turn these in to Mr. Sturgis, THANK YOU in advance! THREE AUCTIONS PER YEAR (Fall break, Valentines Day, End of the Year) Want to meet? If you would like to meet with the team teachers either in person or via a phone conference we are available from 11:44-12:28

Contact Mrs. Reinhart to set up an appointment Important Dates August 14th Otis Spunkmeyer Cookie Kickoff PTOs Only fundraiser. September 3rd Clay Challenge during Core + Sept. 12th Trojan Trot 5K to benefit the Athletic office October 9th end of the first grading period

October 12th First team auction October 24th Ghost & Goblins 5K/2K to benefit Carmel Foundation Team Titans is on Twitter! @6_1Titans Thank you for coming to open house!! We are looking forward to a great year!

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