Sustainability at KUMC

Sustainability at KUMC

Sustainability at KUMC What are some sustainability actions youve seen on campus? KUMC Wins State Recycling Challenge Award Recycling Organization on campus was both student/staff and consisted of six bins

200 0 2004 Pilot program proposal by students submitted to the KUMC EVC office Program approved KUMC Student Recycling Organization (SRO) was officially formed and supported by Student Governing Council (SGC)

Lawrence campus donates bins to Kansas City campus 2nd program proposal submitted to the KUMC EVC office EVC office approves with $3,500 grant Partnership with Deffenbaugh to initiate program

2006 2005 SRO wins Student Organization of the Year award KUMC donates bins to Wichita campus for their recycling program SRO meets with

Edwards campus administrators to help start their program Bin locations increased to 60 Allowed collection of plastic, tin and aluminum in one bin Fonda Briles wins Advisor of the Year Award for recycling

2008/ 09 201 4 SRO, SGC Facilities Committee and KUMC Facilities Management (FM) coordinate the hand-off of recycling collection and financial obligation exclusively to FM Cross-functional Recycling Committee established

Recycling program overhauled Purchased cardboard compactor Paper recycling agreement with Batliner Beta rollout in the Spring (4 buildings) February 2017 20 buildings, 98 of floors, 186 green stations 2016/1 7 Sustainability @ KUMC

Sustainability Mission To engage students, staff, faculty, and patients at the University of Kansas Health System to strive for a green, clean, and sustainable medical center. Recycling We strive for a green, clean and sustainable medical center through waste diversion and practicing the 3Rs Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Objectives Create a cleaner and greener campus by diverting waste from landfill and encouraging the KUMC community to Reduce, Re-use and Recycle Create a financially self-sustaining recycling program Streamline recycling vendors across the University of Kansas Health System Strategy: Green Stations

Paper Plastic/Mixed Cardboard Glass Landfill Energy & Water Conservation We implement conservation measures and use renewable sources of energy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve the health of local water systems Strategy:

HVAC upgrades Lighting retrofits Low-flow water fixtures Building automation Solar panels (Coming soon!) Diversity & Inclusion We believe diversity and inclusion are integral values that guide the way we envision our future We work with and include our communities in our sustainability programs Strategies: Sustainability Fair

Healthy Lifestyles events Free, healthy produce from on-campus gardens Volunteer Green Teams with local sports organizations Community Conversations! Botanic Gardens & Landscaping We create vibrant, medically-based, finely manicured gardens and edible urban gardens while protecting natural habitats and conserving our environmental resources Mission: to enrich the lives of students, faculty, staff, patients, and the surrounding community through purposeful plant collections. The gardens help explore the critical role plants and nature play in our lives including: The food we eat The medicines we make Our mental and emotional well-being Transportation We provide facilities that support alternative modes of

transportation and promote healthy lifestyles and preserve our environment Strategy: RideKC Bus Streetcar B-Cycle (Bikeshare), E-Bikes & Scooters RideShareKC Carpool Vanpool Electric Car Charging in P5 Green Commute Challenge A Healthy U We create opportunities for our workforce to make healthy choices the easy choices We believe that sustainability is a matter of public health and a

form of preventative medicine Strategy: Partner with Healthy U Programs Free weekly yoga Healthy eating events On-campus farmers market Green Commute Challenge Emphasizes active modes of transport Looking forward Continue to expand recycling efforts Furniture exchange on Yammer group Metal recycling Solar Panels Continued energy & water efficiency upgrades as buildings get renovated Have these conversations about sustainability in the community Green Teams with the Kansas Speedway

Campus education programs Sustainability week 2020 Celebrating 50 years of Earth Day Discussion Questions What does sustainability on campus look like to you? How important is campus sustainability, right now and in the future? Are we doing enough here at KUMC? What else would you like to see done on campus about sustainability? Feel free to give suggestions now, or on our sustainability website!

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