Supported Housing

Supported Housing GreenSquares mission is: to increase the opportunities for people to thrive by

building great homes and communities. Martin 1 Supported Housing

1000 units of 55+ housing 400 units of Supported Housing

Support contracts c.3m pa Self-funded TST 1 ECH Fernleigh 38 sale

10 shared owner 32 rented The Paddocks 11 shared owner 33 rented

Marketing strategy & progress What have we learned?

Strong demand for ECH Most buyers financially secure Most buyers would rather not move Families are key Access to show flat essential Internal communication & process Tenure-blind marketing


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  • Introduction to Bioinformatics

    Introduction to Bioinformatics

    The terms bioinformatics and computational biology are often used interchangeably. However bioinformatics more properly refers to the creation and advancement of algorithms, computational and statistical techniques, and theory to solve formal and practical problems posed by or inspired from the...
  • ATV Training -

    ATV Training -

    What is Amateur Television (ATV) ATV is the transmission of Video and Audio signals over any of the frequencies allocated to Amateurs. Various transmission standards are available, but here in the United States it's: NTSC/RS-170
  • Kelvin Temperature and Kinetic Energy - PC\|MAC

    Kelvin Temperature and Kinetic Energy - PC\|MAC

    Kinetic Energy and Kelvin Temperature BY: MELVIN G. FLORES East Gadsden High School What Will Be Covered Kinetic Energy Kelvin Temperature How the Two Are Related The Kelvin Scale Kinetic Energy Kinetic energy is the energy an object has because...


    This contains sebacious glands that make it "bumpy" and secrete sebum that prevents chapping and cracking. 58 Figure: 27.15; pg. 1047 * * * * * * 2 Reproductive system - Function: Reproduce the species Reproductive system stays dormant until...
  • Mills on Suburbanization - Wayne State University

    Mills on Suburbanization - Wayne State University

    Times New Roman Wingdings Symbol Arial Default Design Microsoft Excel Worksheet Mills on Suburbanization Explanations of Suburbanization Looking at Decentralization. What do we want? Functions We expect 1. Why? Regressions What does this mean?
  • Big Idea #2

    Big Idea #2

    Metallic Properties - Sea of Electrons. Source. LO 2.20: The student is able to explain how a bonding model involving delocalized electrons is consistent with macroscopic properties of metals (e.g., conductivity, malleability, ductility, and low volatility) and the shell model...
  • Title / divider screen title - IFRS

    Title / divider screen title - IFRS

    The fair value of the entity's own debt is affected by changes in the entity's own credit risk. This means that when an entity's credit quality declines, the fair value of its liabilities fall and, if those liabilities are measured...
  • MER331  Lab 1 An Introduction to Uncertainty Analysis

    MER331 Lab 1 An Introduction to Uncertainty Analysis

    Uncertainty analysis can be used to assist in the selection of equipment and procedures based on their relative performance and cost. Advanced-Stage and Single Measurement Uncertainty Analysis. Consider procedural and test control errors that affect the measurement