SUNY Childcare -

SUNY Childcare -

SUNY CHILDCARE EDUCATE, ADVOCATE, ELEVATE Maureen Maillard Coordinator of Childcare Services Maureen Education background

30 + years in the Early Childhood field 9 years as a SUNY Childcare Director Child Care Coordinator 1 years My family

SUNY Campus Childcare Facts 48 Childcare Centers on SUNY Campuses 22 Childcare Centers on State Operated Campus Albany, University Binghamton University Brockport, State University College Buffalo State College

Buffalo, University at (North) Buffalo, University at (South) Cobleskill Cortland, State University College Delhi, College of Technology Downstate Farmingdale State College Fredonia, State University Morrisville State College New Paltz, State University Old Westbury, State University Oneonta, State

University Oswego, State University College Plattsburgh, State University Potsdam, State University Purchase, State University Upstate Stony Brook University 26 Centers on Community College Campuses Nassau Community College Cayuga Community College Columbia- Green Community

College Erie Community College (North) Erie Community College (City) Erie Community College (South) Dutchess Community College Finger Lakes Community College Fulton-Montgomery Community College Genesee Community College Herkimer County Community College Hudson Valley Community College

Jefferson Community College Niagara County Community College Onondaga Community College Orange County Community College (Middletown) Orange County Community College (Newburgh) Rockland Community College Schenectady County Community College Suffolk County Community College (Ammerman) Suffolk County Community College (Gran

SUNY Broome Community College Tompkins Cortland Community College Ulster County Community College Westchester Community College SUNY Campus Childcare Facts An average of 1400 SUNY Students served yearly Average of 5000 children served yearly SUNY Campus Childcare Facts 3061 students used SUNY childcare centers as learning sites in 2016/2017

Fields of study utilizing the centers include early childhood, nursing, psychology, business, and culinary The childcare centers employed 308 work study students in 2016/2017 SUNY Campus Childcare Facts 85% of SUNY childcare centers are Accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children or rated by Quality Stars NY Programs must meet stringent standards

Funding Sources Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS) Childcare and Development Block Grant-2.2 million State Allocated Operating Funds-3.5 million Child

and Adult Care Food Program Work Life services, Family Benefits Units Grants Funding Sources SUNY Child Development and Block Grant 2.2 Million Subsidizes childcare tuition for income eligible SUNY students children

Centers granted a yearly award based on the number of students served in previous years, capacity, childcare market rate and Accreditation status Centers may use up to 15% of the award on eligible health and safety and quality items An average of 600 SUNY student parents utilize Block Grant funds yearly $1100 is held back from each award to host an annual SUNY Early Education conference Funding Sources Operating Funds 3.5

million State allocated funds to assist the SUNY childcare centers with operating costs Centers are granted an annual award based on the number of students they serve, capacity, market rate and other factors

These funds are dispersed in one payment to be used in the operating budget of the center National Statistics National Statistics In 2015-2016 22% of all undergrads had dependent children Most student parents have children who are child care or pre-school age Source: Institute for Womens Policy Research analysis of data from the U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics,

2015-16 National Postsecondary Student Aid Study (NPSAS:16). Little Known Facts In 2016/2017 the average salary in SUNY childcare centers for a lead teacher with a four degree was $13.96 per hour Starting salaries are slowly moving up but work study pay is moving faster Students and state employees receive priority enrollment Childcare centers are a source of mental health support for parents Challenges

Flat funding Rising operational costs including minimum wage increase and increased regulations Increasing tuition further will reduce enrollment

Declining in-kind services Salary and benefit structures not competitive therefore finding and retaining quality staff is very difficult Siphoning of pre-school children by Universal Pre-K

50% of our centers said if funding was reduced they would consider closing HIGH QUALITY EARLY EDUCATION Our centers offer the highest quality early care and education for children in their most formative years This leads to better success in subsequent schooling, improved social skills, less need for special education programs and decreased drop out rates Our teaching staff are educated, many with degrees from SUNY schools Teaching and care in our centers is done

with intention, maximizing the development and curiosity inherent to young children Benefits to campus Recruitment of students Recruitment of faculty Retention of students Higher graduation rates of student parents Higher on time graduation rates of student parents Available high quality learning sites WHAT YOU CAN DO

Visit your campus childcare center for a tour (Educate) Encourage co-workers and students to be aware of the Center and its mission on campus Understand and communicate that our centers are providing Early Education to children (Elevate)

Understand the value of the centers as an academic partner Advocate for increased funding (Advocate) Questions My email: [email protected] u

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