STUDY OF ECCLESIASTES part 9 DISCOVERING THE MEANING TO YOUR LIFE - ECCLESIASTES 4:9-12 Study of Ecclesiastes We Need God and Each Other 4:9-12 Our previous time together: Ecclesiastes 4:1-8 We saw and discussed how empty Power becomes without God. The Oppressed have no Comforter and the Oppressors have no Comforter. v. 1

We saw and discussed how vain our life becomes without God and others. vv. 2, 3 Accomplishment or success at any cost, especially when the success or the accomplishment devalues or destroys other people will always end in loneliness and futility. vv. 4 Study of Ecclesiastes ANOTHER WARNING FROM SOLOMON: Accomplishment or success without anyone to share it with or without a God to thank becomes meaningless. - vv. 5-8

Bottom Line, WE NEED GOD AND EACH OTHER. TO BEGIN TO DISCOVER MEANING IN OUR LIVES! Study of Ecclesiastes THE BASIC TRUTH: Two Really are better thank one! THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM: THE COMMON CRIES OF THE LONELY IN THE MIDST OF PEOPLE AND GOD! Why dont people love me and help me out of my problems?

If only everyone realized how difficult things are for me! In order to have companionship in time of need, there must be human relationships cultivated before crisis. This is the attention-getter that ruins relationships and friendships. No one really cares! I am all alone in this! This is our martyr complex we want to fall on our own grenade and blame those around us, who actually have no idea of what is going on with us! Study of Ecclesiastes

WE CAN NOT DO ANYTHING WITHOUT GOD OR EACH OTHER AND FIND MEANING! The truth of the matter v. 9 Existence or survival in this life can be wearisome, frustrating, grievous, and sometimes treacherous. It is always good to have someone human, that you lean on. Study of Ecclesiastes REASONS TWO ARE BETTER THAN ONE!

One provides encouragement when the other is weak. v. 10a One give support when the other is vulnerable. v. 11 One supplies protection when the other is attacked. v. 12a We are stronger when we have support. V. 12b ELIJAH ELISHA; NAOMI RUTH; DAVID JONATHAN; LUCY ETHEL

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