Strengthening Earth Sciences Centres Pakistan

Strengthening Earth Sciences Centres Pakistan

Moving Pakistan into the Global Community via Networking Arshad Ali Nationaol University of Sciences & Technology (NUST) Pakistan 16 April 2007 With Slide Compliments from HEC Pakistan Arshad Ali (NUST) China China Pakistan-China silk trade route 2002 Afghanistan

Afghanistan Islamabad Kashmir Dr Abdus Salam Nobel Laureate, Founder of ICTP Trieste, Italy Iran Quetta Lahore Multan India

Iran Karachi India 2nd Highest peak K-2 Oldest Indus Civilization Arabian Sea Pakistan (little known facts) Capital Islamabad Languages :

English (official) Urdu (national) 167 million people Universities Over 120 Education budget being doubled since 2001

World highest telecom growth sector Over Twelve million internet users Living in a Changing World Science and Technology are the great dividers ---the rich are getting richer and the poor, poorer World is inflicted with poverty, hunger, disease, conflicts, violence, & economic uncertainty Solution ? EDUCATION, SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY

Why Science and Technology? Science can help feed the hungry, heal the sick, contribute to poverty alleviation, protect the environment, provide dignity of labour, and unleash the creative talents of our youth by fostering innovation and entrepreneurship, resulting in a satisfying and joyful life Challenges of a Changing World----- Innovation Determines Progress New biology is decoding the blue print of life, learning to manage the placement and expression of genes and mobilizing

microorganisms to do our work for the production of new products New innovations are altering and expanding the notions of development. the only constant is change !! VISION Socio-economic development is no longer dependent on natural resources (eg.Japan, European countries) KNOWLEDGE has now become the main driving force of world economies and hence

the basis of socio-economic development INDUSTRIALIZATION is the key to high GDP growth (through innovation / production of high value-added goods (engineering goods, pharmaceuticals, IT, Biotechnology, etc.) Overarching Approach in Pakistan Simultaneous Bi-Modal Approach Required Bottom-Up Basic Health, Primary Education, Water . Top-Down Higher

Education Emphasis on Science & Technology Industrial Linkages Impact of just one institution---MIT MIT graduates and faculty have founded 4000 companies Employ: 1.1 million people Annual Sales: $232 billion

Collectively these companies are the 24th largest economy in the World! Same is true for Cambridge, Stanford and others Typical UniversityDeveloping Countries Professional Student University Ethics ? Creativity ? Independent thinking ?

Ability to apply knowledge ? University Role in National Development Market Industry Knowledge base Policy Create knowledge base Improve education level Product and Services Improve productivity

Productive Sectors Universities Produce Knowledge Human resources Development and supply Collaboration Utilize Knowledge Market Innovations Demand Knowledge Base Economic

Policy Develop Social Infrastructure Labor Policy Education Policy Tax and Financial Policy Technology Policy Science and Government Society

Politics and economy Environment, culture, tradition, national character 16 April 2007 With Slide Compliments from HEC Pakistan Arshad Ali (NUST) Pakistan---A Promising Program 100 million below age 25 !! ( 66% population) Higher Education / S&T budget increased several thousand percent in 4 years

A 15 year Vision/ Strategy/ Action Plan prepared and programs launched Full support from Government in drive to develop a K Economy HEC Plan of Action ACCESS / QUALITY / RELEVANCE Faculty Development Infrastructure (Free Access to Literature Free Access to Sophisticated Instruments, Technology Assisted Learning)

Focused Quality Support in Key Areas Assurance Linkages to the Economy STRATEGY 1) BASIC SCIENCES Physics,Chemistry,Mathematics,Biology) 2) APPLIED SCIENCES (Engineering, Agricultural sciences, Biotechnology, Information Technology, Pharmaceuticals, New Materials, Communications, Renewable Energy)

3) SOCIAL SCIENCES 4) ECONOMICS, FINANCE, MANAGEMENT 5) LINKAGES WITH INDUSTRY 6) EMPHASIS ON K-ECONOMY---HIGH TECH INDUSTRY!! Attracting the Brightest! Change in Salary Structures---under Tenure Track system salaries of Professors raised to 3 times of Federal Ministers in government! Research Productivity Allowance----based on Cumulative Impact Factors during the preceding year

Reversing the Brain Drain----under Foreign Faculty Hiring Program 470 eminent expatriate/ other scientists attracted to return to Pakistan Attracting the Brightest! Research Funding (upto US$ 600,000 per international linkage program) Guaranteed Jobs to fresh Ph.Ds with higher salary structures under tenure track system 75%

Reduction of Income Tax for all academics Training the Brightest! Massive Foreign scholarship programs initiated---500-1000 students being sent abroad annually to top universities in Europe, USA, China with guaranteed high salary jobs and research grants of US $ 100,000 Indigenous Ph.D. programs---expansion of the existing Ph.D. output to 1500 per year Huge

Local Scholarship Programs for Undergraduate level studies initiated---Rs.1 Billion to be spent! Training the Brightest! Local PhDs being offered opportunities for postdoctoral training in top foreign institutions (hundreds being sent) Linkages being established with top Western Institutions---50 with British Universities alone, many others US$

150 million Fulbright program for MS/Ph.D. level training in top universities with USA Using Technology to Leap-Frog! Pakistan Digital Educational Research Network Library Program PAKSAT 1 (Pakistans Educational Satellite) Pakistans

International Videoconferencing Network The IT Strategy Service to the Citizens High capacity, reliable and accessible communications IT Education And an environment that stimulates creativity and welcomes advances in the use of Information Technology Laws and enabling environment From 40 to 2000

Cities on Optical Fibre (2000-2007) 2002 China Afghanistan Iran India SDH/PDH (525/622 Mb/s) backbone being upgraded to DWDM 10 Gb/s 822 cities on the Internet

Internet user growth June 2000: 130,000 Oct 2006: >12 million Internet users 1,000,000 800,000 600,000 400,000 200,000 - Actual users more than 12 Million! Dial up Internet users

Start point Today Plummeting costs. June 2000: US$ 87,000/E1 August 2001: US$ 6,000 October 2004 : US$ 3,800 Now US$ 950 per month/2 Mb/s ! Cost /E1 Start point 100,000 Today 60,000

Cost /E1 40,000 20,000 Jun-01 May-01 Apr-01 Mar-01 Feb-01 Jan-01 Dec-00

Nov-00 Oct-00 Sep-00 Aug-00 Jul-00 Jun-00 May-00 Apr-00 Mar-00 US $

80,000 PERN Pakistan Education & Research Network Core Network Nodes Total Universities 03 56 (16 OFS, 22 DXX, 17 DRS, 1 VSAT) Abbottabad Topi E3

Ba ck bo ne D.I.Khan Khuzdar Nawab Shah ne o Tandojam b Khairpur ck a Jamshoro B E3

Pakistan Education and Research Network Information highway exclusively for universities Promote collaborative research and the sharing of domain knowledge Platform for launching aggressive distance education programs Platform for Digital Library service for all universities Digital Library 22,000 full text journalsnation-wide, free-ofcharge to universities!!! HEC Pays

Over 12 million articles downloaded in 2006 !! Almost One Web 300,000 end users trained nationwide Window Search Engine of Science, Scifinder Scholar, EMBASE, IEEE, Chem/Biol.Abstracts etc. Virtual University 4

Digital Satellite (PAKSAT-1) TV Channels for content delivery (License for 2 granted) Satellite Earth Station 2 Recording Studios Potential for providing high quality training in remote areas of Pakistan International Video-lecturing Program High quality video-conferencing equipment installed in Universities Series of international lectures (nationwide) by Nobel Laureates and top professors from leading universities in USA, Europe, Japan etc. from November 2006 4000 Lectures arranged !!!

Supporting Private Sector Education Matching grants for new institutions Major funds for development Land on long term lease Sharing faculty salaries Access

to Digital Library Access to Research Funding Innovation/Entrepreneurship Impregnating Innovation/ Entrepreneurship in University programs STED : Access to Venture Capital Technology Islamabad

Parks/Business Incubators Technology Estate Establishment of New Engineering, Science & Technology Universities (UESTP) 16 April 2007 With Slide Compliments from HEC Pakistan Arshad Ali (NUST) Partner Countries France Sweden Germany

Austria Italy Netherlands China South Korea Japan Demographic Changes in Europe A Major Opportunity ! Diminishing younger populations of scientists & engineers in Europe Companies looking for countries with high engineering skill base/lower manpower costs to outsource future high tech industries

A major opportunity for Europe, if they can have highly qualified science & engineering manpower trained to top standards UESTP Concept Consortium of leading European Universities with one as lead university---4,500 of our brightest students being sent for MS/PhD Rectors, Deans, Heads of Departments and 75%-25% faculty from partner country Examination /Quality assurance controlled by European universities Complete equivalence Degrees from top European Universities in Pakistan !!! Classes commence in 2007/2008 !!

Impact Case Study NUST Institute of Information Technology Established in late 1999 Commenced operations by conducting short courses in rented residential premises Now offer three UG, MS and PhD programs International Research Collaboration CERN

Geneva --- Associate Institute of CMS, 21 Students and five faculty visited CERN for joint research projects UWE UK --- 18 Students undergoing joint research supervision at NIIT and UWE under EU and other funding arrangements Caltech USA --- 12 Students and Faculty visited Caltech for collaborative research under Pak-US scientific collaboration Stanford (SLAC) USA --- 9 Students and faculty visited SLAC under Pak-US scientific collaboration

International Research Collaboration Comtec Japan --- 80% Research transferred at NIIT- NUST, Open Source software Jointly developed by COMTEC and NUST being taught in Five Japanese, Two US and one French Universities EPFL Switzerland, Brain Mind Institute 8 students carrying out research at EPFL under joint funding from EPFL and NUST VRVS (Version 3) Meeting in 8 Time Zones 78 Reflectors

Deployed Worldwide Users in 96 Countries Local Industry Projects SCADA System for Rastgar Pvt Limited Islamabad Loom Monitoring System for Gul Ahmed Textile Karachi Mil Standard 1553 databus controller for Nextek Islamabad RFID based Library inventory management system for Pakistani Universities Libraries INDUSTRY SPONSORED LABS AT NIIT NCR

established their Dataware housing and Datamining lab at NIIT IBM Open Source Resource Center --Hardware including E-server, Web Sphere Server, Lotus Exchange Server Donated INTEL established a state-of-the-art computer lab at NIIT CISCO local academy program partner for delivering CCNA/CCNP courseware Results

Many fold increase in ISI (Institute of Scientific Information) abstracted publications over last 3 years----rate of increase highest in Islamic world Young men and women have started opting to adopt careers in S&T subjects as first choice (about 30% female at NIIT) Landscape change of Universities has begun to

Pakistan Research Output 2001-2006 1800 1636 1600 1400 1257 1200 1048 1000 800 600

1532 890 788 636 460 576 1039 781 639 400 200 0 2001

2002 2003 2004 Pakistan Total University Output 2005 2006 Independent Review of HEC (World Bank) A Silent Revolution

Promising debut : HEC has launched its attack on the twin challenge of access and excellence The HEC launched an unprecedented number of systemic reforms. These positive reforms already have benefited the universities International Applause

Editorial in Nature ----29th January 2004: Rahman has convinced Musharraf and a deluge of money and new initiatives has poured out. Ministry of Science and Technologys annual budget has increased 60 fold compared with 1999; researchers have an opportunity to more than double their earnings if they publish more in peerreviewed journals; funds have been released for many more Ph.Ds. to be trained at home and abroad; plans are well under way for a free digital library for all educational institutions; there is a new scheme to attract researchers from overseas to work in Pakistan--------------------------------------------------------------------------- Real Wealth- Our Children----with a population of 167 million, about a 100 million below the age of 25, Pakistan is blessed with a huge pool of

talent and creativity Challenge is to empower them with quality education and skills----and provide them opportunities to contribute to the process of socio-economic development Education, Education Higher Education , Thanks

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