STOMP Standing Together On Meth Prevention STOMP is a Jack County organization STOMP is 501(c)3 non profit STOMP is a board of fifteen (15) community members committed to making a difference EXECUTIVE DIRECTORS: Linda Bennett-President Joe Mitchell- Vice President Terri Stretcher- Secretary Sharon Robinson- Treasurer Matt Windham- School Resource Officer DIRECTORS: Suzanne Brooks Allie Elenburg Jeff Jackson Terry McDaniel Clint Myrick

April Richardson Tom Spurlock Shelley Swan Claudia Torres Wanda West STOMP barn mural Yearly Events Drug Education Programs FCCLA (Jacksboro and Bryson HS) Spring Into Action Campaign Annual fundraising Contest Middle School Poster

Community Cleanup project initiative Quarterly RX Pill Drop-off Paint the Town Project Senior Scholarships Drug Education Assemblies Below: Perrin-Whitt Middle School and High School Assembly Above: Linda Bennett shares about some of the dangerous chemicals used in the

manufacturing of methamphetamine Perrin-Whit Elementary Assembly Doug Hanson with SANE gives A balloon demonstration that Represents organ damage from drug use. The students were captivated by Dougs fun personality! J E S D R U G Board Secretary, Terri Stretcher, Board Member, Wanda West, SANE Presenter,

Doug Hanson, & Board Pres., Linda Bennett A W A R E N E S S A S S E M B L Y SANE Presenter, Doug Hanson shares some secrets of the balloon trick with the students

Bryson Drug Awareness Assembly Left: Bryson High School students Leo Pedraza and Sydney Davidson help to organize the table of T-shirts and coloring books for the elementary program Right: Bryson elementary students and teachers enjoy the t-shirts and coloring books from STOMP Shoot For STOMP court shot fundraiser Board members Linda Bennett, SRO Matt Windham, Joe Mitchell, Clint Myrick, and Chief Terry McDaniel man the STOMP table and hand out information STOMP board members have a good time With court shooter, Coach John Bennett

JHS FCCLA Spring 2016 Haley Laake, Esmeralda Banuelos, Caitlyn Autry and Linda Bennett Bryson FCCLA Spring 2016 The Bryson girls present a powerful message over the effects of Meth use while pregnant and how babies are born addicted JHS FCCLASpring 2017 Morgyn Green, Haley Milam and Carli Smith work hard on their FCCLA presentation Never the Same which is about how choices matter

STATE QUALIFIERS Chamber Banquet 2016 STOMP Treasurer Sharon Robinson and friend Linda Healthcoat A full table of JHS students and board members Haley, Esmeralda and Caitlyn represented STOMP well for the Chamber of Commerce Banquet Chamber Banquet 2017 The Chamber Banquet was really fun for these girls!!

STOM P SPRING INTO ACTION campaign March 1st through April 30th each year Stand ing To gether On M P.O. B eth Pr ox 42 event i 5 o Jacksb n

oro, T X 7 645 8 STOM P is a 501(c Jack C ) 3 no ounty n-pro an d c aware fit org reate ness a aniza a great nd pr tion w

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P will your c nty a orate be spo ns, paint pr better onside aroun o nsorin jects, d and sa ration Linda g thes signs, fer pla in this Benne e s t ud ce for

tt matte e n t s and r and gener wil ations lo to com ok forward l e. to Jack County and The City Of Jacksboro have imposed a resolution that deems April each year as Spring Into Action month for STOMP

Spring Into Action Middle School Poster Contest STOMP Treasurer, Sharon Robinson and School Resource Officer Matt Windham work hard to pick top winners. There were nearly 100 entrees. 2016 JMS Spring Into Action poster contest winners Below: winners from Jacksboro, Bryson, and Perrin are displayed at the Jack County Courthouse Paint The Town project

Left: JHS FCCLA and Student Council students take part in decorating the JHS campus for the Paint the Town project Below: Jacksboro newspaper writer, Cherry Rushing interviews FCCLA student, Haley Laake and FCCLA teacher, Mrs. Tiffany Estrada about their roll with STOMP Jacksboro Elementary students have fun painting their campus with ribbon and STOMP yard signs STOMP YARD SIGNS, BANNERS, AND TV DISPLAYS With A generous sponsorship from AVANGRID, a Jack county wind farm, STOMP had a mural painted at the

North entrance of Jacksboro on Hwy 281N. This is also a part of our Paint The Town project. Signs similar to this wall mural will go up in Bryson and PerrinWhit sometime in April. The FFA organization at both Schools are working on these Projects for STOMP COMMUNITY EVENTS Pill drop-off initiative Over 55 pounds of unused and out of date pills were taken In by Jacksboro PD and Jack County SO School Resource Officer Matt Windham waits as a community member gathers her unused pills for drop off Chief Terry McDaniel takes a box

full of unused or outdated medicines from a community member and Terri Stretcher helps prepare STOMP flyers to hand out Members of the Jacksboro PD along with Sheriff Tom Spurlock take in 55 pounds of unused and outdated pills were taken in from Jack County residences STOMP board member Claudia Torres hands out flyers as Chief Terry McDaniel and School Resource Officer Matt Windham work with drop-offs Town Hall Meeting An informative town meeting was held in the Middle School auditorium on the evening of February 20th. This was a community and parent awareness program put together by School Resource Officer Matt Windham

UPCOMING EVENT Saturday April 8th Call City Hall to schedule your pick up today! (940)567-6321 VOLUNTEER TODAY (940)-216-2281 Or email at [email protected] FALL FUNDRAISER RAFFLE ITEM VISIT STOMP @ Or Like us on Facebook

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