State Data Comparison - Amazon Web Services

State Data Comparison - Amazon Web Services

State Data Comparison Using electronic databases to create a data supported opinion and illustrate findings. Created by Sally K. Mays Plymouth Creek Elementary Wayzata Public Schools State Data Comparison Open your browser Find the Library Media Center

Web page Click on the spinning globe This will open CultureGrams login screen You remember dont you? If not ASK! Click on State Edition Look for the red

State Data Comparison Look left for: Create your own data table State Data Comparison

Find your report state Click on it Find Minnesota Click on it Slide over to the right Click on it

Enter the Union Population Total Area Sq. Mi State Data Comparison State Data Comparison Click on Create comparison table this is what it will look like Print this

Check your data Do you have the correct columns? Entered the Union Population Total area in square miles State Data Comparison Record your data on the hand out sheet Write a fact about the data

For example. . . Minnesota has been a state 99 years longer than Alaska Minnesota has almost nine times more people than Alaska Alaska is almost 8 times more land than Minnesota Do some math use real numbers! State Data Comparison

Flip your handout over. Now think about the factsWhere would you rather live? Support your OPINION with the facts you just wrote! State Data Comparison Create a chart to show Square area Open the excel

A1 add your first state A2 add your next state B1 add this states data B2 add this state Highlight the four cells Go to the top Insert Look for Column chart When your column chart appears- Print it Add this to your written Data comparison and add to your

state report

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