Squirtz Water animation - Storm Palace Hosting

Squirtz Water animation - Storm Palace Hosting

Sqirlz Water animation Tutorial and walk threw First thing to do, is find the picture you wish to use, then take it

into psp, and size it, normally to 800 by 600 which makes it easier to do the water animation. Next, save the picture as an easy name with no numbers after the

name. Numbers come later. This is the opening screen of Sqirlz water reflections, when you are ready to begin click continue.

Next go to file, open and to the folder where your picture is located, and then open your picture.

Now you should have your picture open and it should look like my screen below. Now click the red circle on the left side that is the start creating outline button. This will allow you to begin outlining the water.

Using the cross pointer go around the water, clicking and making the water completely enclosed with the selector circle. Now go to reflect options, and then customize, a box appears that

allows you to set your reflection parameters. As you see below you need to play around with the settings to get exactly what you want. Once you have selected your reflect options and closed out, you

need to click on animate and Reflect. Now you can see the finished product of your animation and what it will look like once you put it in your palace. Now you have to

save it. Now click on the avi button to stop the animation. Then click the avi button again to save your animation. The save as box will pop

up. Give your animation a name and save it as name and avi file. Here you want to let it compress as full frames uncompressed so just click ok. Leave it as is.

This is your status bar that shows you how your save progress is going.

This box simply tells you that your work has been saved. Now remember it is still in a video file. So now we have to take it into animation shop and save each frame of the animation. Which is what we will do next.

Now its time to open animation shop, open your psp, and go to file and jasc software products, then launch animation shop. Now that you are in animation shop, go to file and open to open

your video file. You are looking for the AVI video file that you saved from sqirlz that you made.

You will then see this screen, you want it set on all frames, then leave the settings as is and click ok.

You will have a total of 20 images appear. They will start out as large pictures. Use your scroll ball on your mouse to scroll out to view all the images until you can see all 20 of the images like I have here.

Now go to file, save frame as, and you will get this box pop up. You want to number each file 1 20. I told you numbers would come. Well here they are. Leave the pics as jpeg, then click save. Do this with all 20 pics.

Now upload all your pics to your server numbers 1 20 and your main pic that will be your background pic. Either using your ftp or your toolpage.

Now go into palace and make a dup of the room template. Go to operator and room info and give the room a name, then under picture click choose.

Now look for the main background picture for the room. This will be the one without any numbers. Then click open.

Now go to operator and new door. This is what the door looks like. Now double click the door, and go to picture and click add pictures, then start adding pictures starting with 1 01. keep adding

all your pictures until you get to 20 20. This is what it should look like when done all 20 pictures are added.

Now click ok. Then go to script and add script, the script is below. Then click ok. Then ok again.

Your finished product. Do and sr and you will see the animation. Congratulations. You just made a water animation.

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