Sport as a tool - Rawlins A-level Geography

Sport as a tool - Rawlins A-level Geography

Cultural Rebranding Rebranding Places 1 http:// What was taking place? Is this a rebranding strategy?

Watch this video 2 Liverpool 3 I would like you to create a mind map of everything you know about Liverpool (you dont have to just include geography)

LIVERPOOL 4 In 2008 Liverpool was given the title Capital of Culture. As with other large cities, Liverpool is an important cultural centre within the United Kingdom, incorporating music, performing arts, museums and art galleries, literature and nightlife amongst others. In 2008, the cultural heritage of the city was celebrated

with the city holding the title of European Capital of Culture, during which time a wide range of cultural celebrations took place in the city. LIVERPOOL 5 Why do we think Liverpool wanted to rebrand itself as the a City of Culture?

Why Liverpool? 6 Toxteth Riots 1981 Why Liverpool? 7 Yosser Hughes had the catchphrases,

"gissa' job!" and "I can do that!" which became part of the popular consciousness of the eighties, summing up the mood of many who sought desperately for work during the era. This Painted a negative image of Liverpool Boys from The Blackstuff followed the stories of five unemployed tarmac layers (hence 'the black stuff') after they have lost their jobs.

Boys from the Black Stuff 8 A City that had lost its way Low confidence and a lack of aspiration Highest Council Tax

Liverpool had suffered years of terminal decline due to manufacturing deindustrialisation. The confidence of the city was dented, and this was exasperated by a failing local authority. Poor Inefficient Services and poor VFM Failing Local Education Authority Poor Entrepreneurial Climate Stagnant development market Low rental & property values Declining retail offer

Derek Hatton the former Militant Labour Leader of Liverpool City Council Failing Liverpool 9 Using the hand out on the history of Liverpool I would like you to discuss why Liverpool had to rebrand

Why Liverpool? 10 By 1900, only 7% of ships using Liverpool were sailing ships, and the dock's days were numbered - it was too small to accommodate the larger iron and steel steamships. There was virtually no commercial shipping activity in the Albert Dock after 1920 - although its warehouses continued to be used for some years - and, after decades of disuse, it

finally closed in 1972. Nevertheless, the historical and architectural importance of the Albert Dock had long been recognised. By 1981, the entire complex was a scene of utter abandonment and dereliction. The turning point came in September 1983, with the signing of an agreement between the Merseyside Development Corporation and the specially created Albert Dock Company, which enabled the dramatic redevelopment of the dock to take place.

Albert Docks 11 The Duck Marine Maritime and Slavery Museum Albert Docks mA

12 Compare in your own words these two photographs of the Kings Dock. So what did they do? 13

The Echo Arena Kings Dockto the left the new Jurys Inn and Staybridge Suites So what did they do? 14 Liverpool One Drawing in the

shoppers the only high street to have seen sales increase in Autumn 08 So what did they do? 15 Everything You Love

in Liverpool 1 Liverpool One has attracted new stores to the city including the department store Debenhams So what did they do?

16 Grosvenor's 1billion million rebuilding of the Paradise Street area has been underway since October 2004. The largest retail scheme in Europe, it has 1.6 million square feet of new shopping space. It has improved access to the Albert Dock, creating a much-needed link between the waterfront and the city centre. The 42.5 acre scheme will contain over 30 individually designed buildings. The largest of these

is a brand new 240,000 sq ft John Lewis department store, the chain's largest in the North West. This has been joined by Debenhams, two hotels, a gallery, new bus station, new public park, cinema and parking for 3,000 vehicles. So what did they do? 17

To deliver the best ever European Capital of Culture and to leave an enduring legacy for the people of Liverpool Liverpool Culture Company Vision Super Lamb Bananas Part of the events in the Capital of culture year...decorated by

local artists and 208 of them spread out across the city.. La Princesse marches through the streets of Liverpool for 3 days in September 08 Simon Rattle and Sir Paul

McCartney came home for 2008. The Drawing Power Paradise St Development 900m World heritage Status for Waterfront Cruise Liner Terminal Kings Dock 18m

200m National Museums St Georges Hall 40m 18m New schools 300m

Science Park 12m How has Liverpool Re-branded? CREATE A CASE STUDY ON LIVERPOOL

Over to you Has Liverpools regeneration and re-branding benefited the whole city? Write a short essay on

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