SLO's: Financial Aid:

SLO's: Financial Aid:

Identifying Student Learning Outcomes & Assessments Toni Pfister, MS, EdD Imperial Valley College Instructor, Exercise Science Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) Coordinator Spring 2011 The new ACCJC-WASC Accreditation Standards and the California Master Plan for Education both incorporated

expectations for student learning outcomes (SLOs) and assessment plans in every course and program in California community colleges ACCJC-WASC, 2002: California Master Plan for Education (2002). Rubric for Evaluating Institutional Effectiveness: Student Learning Outcomes

Level 1 Awareness Level 2 Development***** Level 3 Proficiency Level 4 Sustainable Continuous Quality Improvement WASC Rubric for SLOs: Proficiency Level

SLOs and Authentic Assessments in place for courses, programs, degrees Assessment results are being used for improvement campuswide Widespread dialogue about assessment results is occurring Decision-making includes dialogue on results of assessment & is purposely directed toward improving student learning Appropriate resources continue to be allocated & fine-tuned Comprehensive reports exist & are completed on a regular basis Course-level outcomes are aligned with degree-level outcomes Students demonstrate awareness of goals & purposes of courses & programs in which they are enrolled

Whats In It for Us? Better information for those of us working in education Evidence that what we do WORKS Improved campus-wide communication Evidence-based administrative decisions ($) Demonstrate program quality To ourselves To others--be accountable to the community/society and demonstrate quality and student success. Incremental program improvement!!

IVCs Institutional Learning Outcomes ILO1: ILO2: ILO3: ILO4: ILO5: Communication Skills Critical Thinking Skills Personal Responsibility Information Literacy

Global Awareness Student Learning Outcomes are knowledge skills abilities attitudes (?) that students should have at the completion of a course, program, or activity The presence and quality of which can

be measured and evaluated. Objectives are small steps that lead toward a goal, for instance the discrete course content that faculty cover within a discipline. Objectives are usually more numerous and create a framework for the overarching SLOs which address synthesizing, evaluating and analyzing many of the objectives. Student Learning Outcomes

are the specific observable or measurable results that are expected subsequent to a learning experience. These outcomes may involve knowledge, skills, or attitudes that provide evidence that learning has occurred as a result of a specific course, program activity, or process. An SLO refers to an overarching outcome and usually encompasses a gathering together of smaller discrete objectives. SLOs are Over-arching Outcomes What can students do by the end of the

semester? How can students demonstrate this? What can they produce to show they have learned to apply their new knowledge? Student Learning Outcomes: SLOs define what will be measured and dictate what assessment tool is appropriate. SLOs represent both the target for our service or teaching and the expectation for student achievement as a result of

our effort. Currently, informally completed need to be formally written down & assessed Develop or Modify Student Learning Outcomes & Assessments Develop, Modify, or Review a Curriculum, Course, Program, or Service.

Determine Refinements Based on Outcomes Data. Measure Student Learning as a Result of the Course or Program Collect, Discuss, & Analyze

Data. Scientific Method vs. SLO Assessment Model In the Student Learning Outcome Assessment Cycle we are doing SMALL SCALE tests Looking for trends that are applicable to our students and programs that will result in incremental program improvement. This is NOT the search for the ultimate truth found in scientific research; we are NOT looking for statistical significance.

Assess Visible Indicators Translate objectives into associated, tangible learning outcomes. Examples: Math SLOs Manipulate mathematical symbols and notations independently to solve problems logically. (ILO2) Determine and present how concepts of trig are applied to solve real world problems in a mathematical setting. (ILO1 + ILO2 + ILO5) Automotive Tech / AC, Refrig Analyze abnormal

charging system symptoms for possible causes; inspect the system for damage and defects; and repair or replace as required. Develop and implement strategies for problem diagnosis

and repair of common comfort A/C equipment. IVC SLO Examples Admin. Of Justice Analyze and apply the issues of ethics and professionalism in law enforcement (ILO1, ILO2) Assessment tool: Role Playing Activity & Rubric

English Compose a short story with adequate development of plot, theme, and character development, with properly formatted dialog, descriptions, and literary devices (ILO1, ILO2) Assessment tool: Rubric for plot, theme, character dev, dialog, descrip, lit devices

Hypothetical Scenario Admissions and Records demonstrates that students are having difficulty with applications (not answering the question that the form was asking) Admissions and Records may have anecdotal evidence that students are having trouble reading the catalogue Bio Dept. learns that students with Reading Levels 1-3 are not passing GE Bio classes History Dept. finds that student who take History classes concurrently with or following English 100 perform better Correlation between different departmental findings? Do you see how various studies in different departments

may provide information that may lead to dialogue and investigation into a potential opportunity for learning improvement institutionally? Placement tests? Advisory committee on reading? Prerequisites? Activity Consider your favorite course. What is the very best thing you do in your course or program? What is the activity that leads students to produce their best work?

How do you know it is the BEST work? How do you know it is EFFECTIVE? Writing SLOs 1. Consider your big ticket course activities as your assessment tool 2. Write an outcome from this activity by describing what the student will be able to do after participating in your course 3. Start with an action verb 4. Make sure outcome is assessable 5. Review w/ others (inc Dean/Chairs) & include in CurricUNET

6. Include on syllabus & collect data once per year per course. Authentic Assessment simulate real world experience by evaluating the students ability to apply critical thinking and knowledge or to perform tasks that may approximate those found in the workplace or other venue outside of the classroom Use assessments that provide you with meaningful data on student learning: simulations, performances, complex activities, exit surveys, capstones, team projects, rubrics

The SLO Plan One lead person per course (plan, coordinate, submit pprwk) Minimum # of outcomes per course = unit number (3 unit course = 3 outcomes) Outcomes are included in CurricUNET along with ILOs All outcomes must be assessed within 3 year period so they can be used for Comprehensive Program Review Generally, assess one outcome per year Plan ahead! Include all outcomes on Syllabi Collect data, complete Cycle Assessment form (email & send hard copy to Toni Cycle Assessments are due the 14th week of the semester

after they are collected. Dialogue: discuss outcomes & assessments with others!! IVC continues moving toward SLO Proficiency Quote to remember: Though accountability matters, learning still matters most.

Tom Angelo (1999) former Dir, Am Assoc for Higher Ed Assessment Forum Contact information Toni Pfister Office 716 Northwest Corner of Gym (760) 355-6546 Email: [email protected] Committee website: SLO Committee

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