SLIME MOLD… a fungus-like protist

SLIME MOLD… a fungus-like protist

6 kingdoms of Life

1. 2. 3. 4.

5. 6. Plants

Animals Fungi Archaebacteria Eubacteria

PROTISTA Kingdom Protista FUNGUS-LIKE PROTISTS The slime molds

and water molds PLANT-LIKE PROTISTS. The Algae ANIMAL LIKE PROTISTS. The protozoa

SLIME MOLD a fungus-like protist Yellow slim mold a colony of thousands of single celled amoeba like

Are you smarter than a slime mold? More slime mold

Pretzel Slime Mold Slime mold recreates rail-lines and

interstate highways when grown on a map Water Mold a fungus-like protist

Water Mold not a fungus a protist ANIMAL-LIKE PROTISTS ( Protozoans )

This amoeba is about to eat the algae cells. Amoebas are single celled animal-like protists

An amoeba has a EUKARYOTIC cell (cell with a nucleus and many organelles ) WHY is an Amoeba NOT a bacteria?


No nucleus No mitochondria No E.R. No Golgi apparatus

No vacuoles Has a nucleus Has mitochondria

Has E.R. Has Golgi apparatus Has vacuoles

Death by Amoeba: Some twin cities youth lost their lives to an amoeba which infected their brain after swimming in a certain lake

Amoeba reproducing asexually A single Amoeba

Paramecia.. Animal like protists Paramecia conjugating = trading DNA (similar to sexual reproduction )

Paramecia. 1 cell big, but notice the small hairs called cilia covering each cell

Paramecium dividing PLANT-LIKE PROTISTS ( Algae )

Euglena. A single celled protist half plant half animal Euglena with a single flagellum visible coming

from the tip of each cell Euglena with a red eyespot clearly visible. Chloroplasts are also clearly visible

Euglena common in our lakes and ponds in Douglas County

KELP a plant-like protist. Kelp forests make rich habitat in oceans for many other creatures Gas filled bladders on kelp help to float the

leaves of this protist Kelp forest. Kelp can grow 2 meters per day = 6 feet! Very important producer

Kelp attach to the ocean bottom with holdfasts

Sea urchins are animals which nibble through then holdfasts of kelpsometimes setting the kelp adrift

Sea urchins on Kelp Spirogyra a plant like protist. We call plant like protists ALGAE

Spirogyra common here in Alex. Not a plant! A plant-like protist. ( algae )

Spirogyra algae Volvox a colony of green algae cells common in Douglas County

Volvox. A plant like protists Anabaena a green alga

Anabaena a plant like protist ( algae )

Water Net. A Green alga ?

Algae farms in the desert. Could these protists produce enough oil to power our vehicles?

Over 70% of earths oxygen is produced by algae. Thank you little green photosynthetic algae dudes !! .

Bubbles of oxygen in the sunlight as photosynthesis happens Single celled algae living inside of coral.= mutualism. The algae

make food for the coral animal during photosynthesis. What if you had algae living in your skin? Green alga inside coral animals

Sponges. These are animals which are green because of an alga living inside.

Sloth fur is excellent algae habitit Sloth with algae in fur

Red Tide. Caused by a plant-like protist with red pigment ( red alga ) The organism which causes red-tide a redalga which releases a nerve toxin

Red tide Toxins released by the alga during a red tide

can kill millions of fish Red tides can also kill manatees

Diatoms. Plant like protists with a silica shell. Shell has many holes A single diatom magnified hundreds of times

Diatoms shells are added to toothpaste, pool filters and road paint.

Close-up of a diatom shell showing the holes in the shell. White cliffs of Dover Dover England. The

entire cliff is made of Diatom fossils The anopheles mosquito.. Carries the protist which causes malaria.

Anopheles mosquito injecting plasmodium protozoans into human.

Bed nets help to prevent malaria

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