Vocational Pathways Award Vocational Pathways is an award

Vocational Pathways Award  Vocational Pathways is an award

Vocational Pathways Award Vocational Pathways is an award on the Record of Achievement at NCEA Level 2 providing a framework for vocational options supporting programme design and careers advice improving links between education and employment Five sectors: Manufacturing and Technology Construction and Infrastructure Primary Industries Social and Community Services

Services Industries (Creative Industries - under development) See also http://youthguarantee.net.nz/vocational-pathways/ Vocational Pathways: Credit Requirement 10 LITERACY CREDITS 10 NUMERACY CREDITS MINIMUM OF 20 SECTOR RELATED CREDITS 60 LEVEL 2 CREDITS RECOMMENDED STANDARDS LEVEL 1 LEVEL 2

LEVEL 3 http://youthguarantee.net.nz/vocational-pathways/ Vocational Pathways: Level 2 credits Pathway Recommended Sector Related Achievement Standards Unit Standards Achievement

Standards Unit Standards Construction & Infrastructure Numerous Sufficient Sufficient Numerous Manufacturing & Technology Numerous

Sufficient Sufficient Numerous Primary Industries Numerous Numerous Sufficient Numerous Services Industries Numerous

Sufficient Insufficient* Numerous Social & Community Services Numerous Numerous Sufficient Numerous * Insufficient could be managed through; a partnership with an external provider;

an extension to base scope consent. Vocational Pathways: Directory of Assessment Standards LIT NUM Ba RECOMMENDED (UP TO 40) co se S pe f SECTOR RELATED ry o dards

o t c n (20) Dire nt Sta e ssm e s As Achievement Standards 1 2 3

Vocational Pathways Additional 'VP' resources have been developed for some L1 and L2 standards. These are available on the TKI subject resource pages e.g. http://ncea.tki.org.nz/Resources-for-Internally-Assessed-A chievement-Standards/Science/Biology/Level-2-Biology Vocational Pathways The Job Profile Tool available on the Youth Guarantee website provides a handy reference relating the pathways to jobs: http://youthguarantee.net.nz/vocational-pathways/ students-and-whanau/job-profile-tool/

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