Grade 8 Magnet Programs Information Night To value

Grade 8 Magnet Programs Information Night To value

Grade 8 Magnet Programs Information Night To value diversity, work towards excellence and inspire a passion for living. VIP Viking Integration Program Advanced Placement Program

Strong Magnet Programs Academics, Athletics, Activities; Community Relationships ESL Support Social Justice Commitment THE BASICS PERIOD Most Common; 2 day

rotation, 75 min. periods, 60 min common lunch Same course selection Computer will schedule 4 classes in Semester 1 and 4 classes Semester 2 BELL TIME

DAY 1 DAY 2 1 8:15 9:30 A

A 2 9:35 10:50 B B

COMMON LUNCH (Block C) 10:50 11:50 3 11:50 1:05 C

D 4 1:10 2:25 D C

A few words from. Thomas Rowlands and Paul Turner 2015-2016 Co-Mayors A Magnet is a Board designated specialized program offered at sites around the region that students who are out of boundary for that school may apply to.

WCI MAGNET PROGRAMS: ESL Extended French Strings Geo-Tech (grade 11/12) Boundaries Apply Know Your Home Secondary School Be aware that Transportation is NOT provided

No additional fees are charged Students must remain in magnet for 2 full years Experienced Strings Students WITHOUT WRDSB Gr. 7/8 Strings course must APPLY and book Audition by JAN. 15, 2016, and ACCEPT the Program by Feb. 5, 2016 Students in the WCI boundary OR attending

on another magnet may sign up for strings Students outside the WCI boundary are governed by a magnet boundary and MUST have previous strings experience (Gr. 8 school or private lessons) Students not enrolled in a WRDSB elementary strings program must apply and book audition by Jan. 15, and Accept the Program by Feb. 5

STRINGS Boundary for WCI: IF your home secondary school is: WCI, EDSS, SJAMSS, FHCI, KCI, WODSS, you may come to the WCI Strings Magnet * *Note: Experienced strings course selection (AMS1OI) is required

WRDSB Website QUICK LINKS SCHOOL FINDER Which School? Screen Enter address, WRDSB, Gr. 9 and Submit. Your home secondary school will come up on the screen. If you are entering with an application

and audition; Notification of your acceptance will occur AT THE AUDITION Run in FULL YEAR format in GRADE 9 ONLY In Grade 10, Strings in Semester 1, Repertoire HIGHLY recommended In Grade 11/12 Strings, Repertoire is OPTIONAL Students outside the WCI boundary

are governed by a boundary EF Boundary for WCI: IF your home secondary school is: WCI, BCI, EDSS and you are in a Gr. 8 immersion or partial immersion program then you may come to Extended French at WCI. Extended French -no special interview or application process

Partial or Full French Immersion program in Grade 8 is required There is a selection for WCI Extended French on the Gr. 8 online course selection (MY WAY) A certificate is granted once 7 courses are completed The Extended French certificate is currently based on:

Grade 9 12 French (4 credits) Gr. 9 Geography Gr. 10 History Gr. 10 Careers/Civics ESL/ELD is at the recommendation of the Grade 8 school Grade 11 entry Complete a school transfer form at

your home school at end of Grade 10 Specialized courses take advantage of a state of the art GIS lab. NO Gr. 8 Strings Program Select the WCI ACCEPT the Program

magnet in your Gr. 8 with the WCI online MY WAY Guidance Office and course selection Gr. 8 School by Feb. (end of February) 5, 2016 Complete and Select the WCI magnet

submit to your Gr. 8 in your Gr. 8 online school a WCI MY WAY course Magnet Student selection (end of Pleaseform. call our Guidance department Profile February)

at 519-884-9590 ext. 2636 for help if you need it! Craig Nickel Guidance Counselor and AP Coordinator Advanced Placement (AP) is an

internationally recognized standard of academic excellence administered by the College Board of America Students in Grade 12 write a standardized exam on a common date in the first two weeks of May Exams are graded on a scale of 1-to-5 Significant enrichment opportunity

(depth and breadth of curriculum) Flexibility students select the AP courses they are suited to Preparation for university material, pace and independent learning Higher Ontario report card marks (usually!) Opportunity to earn university transfer credits All AP courses offered at WCI have

been audited by the College Board and have been certified as meeting the rigorous standards of AP AP courses completed at WCI are eligible to receive an official AP designation on the Ontario transcript 78% of all WCI exams received a grade

of 4 or 5 Average grade of all WCI exams was 4.13 17 students recognized as AP Scholars 12 students recognized as AP Scholars with Distinction 9 students recognized as AP National Scholars ENG 4UW (English) FEF & FSF 4UW (French)

MHF 4UW & MCV 4UW (Calculus AB & BC) SBI 4UW (Biology) SCH 4UW (Chemistry) SPH 4UW (Physics) In order to prepare Grade 12 students as fully as possible for their AP courses, WCI offers pre-AP enrichment

courses in Grades 9, 10, 11 These courses cover the Ontario curriculum (OSS) but involve enrichment work well beyond the scope of OSS GRADE 9 PRE-AP ENG 1DW (English) MPM 1DW (Math)

SNC 1DW (Science) GRADE 10 PRE-AP ENG 2DW (English) FSF 2DW (French) MPM 2DW (Math) SNC 2DW (Science) GRADE 11 PRE-AP ENG 3UW (English) FSF 3UW (French) MCR 3UW (Math)

GRADE 11 AP SBI 3UW (Biology) SCH 3UW (Chemistry) SPH 3UW (Physics) Academic excellence in the chosen subject area (> 85% or Level 4) Excellent command of spoken and written language

Strong work ethic Enthusiastic and self-motivated Enjoys challenging work Possesses curiosity and passion for the subject Involved in the extracurricular life of the school Willing to assume leadership

Meet the requirements of the Profile of a Pre-AP/AP student Obtain a Pre-AP or AP Application form tonight or on the WCI website or from your Guidance Counselor for EACH course you will apply to Submit the completed application directly

to WCI in person or by e-mail ([email protected]) Due dates for applications: - Gr. 8 Fri. Jan. 15, 2016 - Gr. 9-12 Fri. March 4, 2016 Student applications will be reviewed by Mr. Nickel in consultation with the WCI faculty responsible for the AP

courses Invitations will be extended to successful candidates: -Gr. 8 Fri. Jan. 29, 2016 -Gr. 9-12 late April 2016 General Questions: Front Foyer Specific Interest Areas: Room and times are on the Agenda in 20 minute intervals.

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