Public COA Certificate of Waiver or Authority Register

Public COA Certificate of Waiver or Authority Register

Public COA Certificate of Waiver or Authority Register your Aircraft! All UAS must be registered with FAA Seriously, it only costs $5.00 Certificate of Waiver or Authority

Issued by the Air Traffic Organization to a public sector for a specific unmanned aircraft activity. Applications are evaluated by FAA with a response usually within 60 days.

Public COA rules Must be a government entity Self- certification of pilot - Do not need to comply with Part 107 COA is for a specific location

Can obtain an Emergency COA if needed Public COA rules" Each aircraft must have its own COA! If no policy or procedure exists then follow applicable 14 CFR civil operations provisions.

COA Documents Letter of Declaration Proof of being public entity

Aircraft system Control Station Emergency procedures Flight Operations Map(s) Launch and Recovery Procedures Lost Communication Procedures COA Documents

Lost Link procedures No Airworthiness Certificate AHJ self certify airworthiness Other Certified Training From manufacturer of aircraft

Technical Standard Order (TSO) applicability Certified Aircraft parts Visual Observers COA Examples

Good Ohio Dept. of Transportation FAA Sample COA Application Good to look at. Georgia Tech Police

Strange Federal Bureau of Investigation Safety! All documents should reflect how you are going to ensure public safety.

Emergency COAs Emergency COAs Must have existing COA All operations must be outside any prohibited areas.

If operations are within a Temporary Flight Restriction zone then: May fly Beyond Visual Line of Sight, if equipped Nighttime flight operations if equipped with appropriate lighting. Emergency COAs

May fly over densely populated areas if level of airworthiness allows. Must adhere to 14 CFRs for the operations being conducted. Emergency COAs

Fill out Emergency COA Checklist Email to: FAA Air Traffic System Operations Security ([email protected] , [email protected], Tel 202-267-8276) 60 min to 24 hours turn around time. Information Sources Flight Standards District

Offices (FSDO) FAA Website (being updated) Lt. Jeff Childers [email protected] [email protected]

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