Midterm Assignment: Literature Extension Project Jane Sheeley EDLA-615

Midterm Assignment: Literature Extension Project Jane Sheeley EDLA-615

Midterm Assignment: Literature Extension Project Jane Sheeley EDLA-615 Prof. Susan Silverman October 31, 2006 CD Creation Project You will create a CD. Research popular music and choose at least 10 songs that relate to the central themes of the book. An explanation must accompany each song title that you choose. Include the front and back cover art for your creation, along with any inside liner

notes or pictures. Please do not forget to credit the artists! Good Night Mr. Tom CD compiled by Jane Sheeley ( Front cover) (Inside Liner Cover) (Image under CD) 1. 2. 3. 4.

5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. Luka Suzanne Vega

1. Please Read Me Bee Gees 2. Heres Where the Story Ends 3. The Sundays 4. Paint the Sky with Stars Enya My War Black Flag 5. Waiting for the Worms Pink Floyd Warchild The Cranberries 6. Mother Pink Floyd 7. Another Brick in the Wall (part

8. I) Pink Floyd 9. Endless Vacation The Ramones Peace Train Cat Stevens 10. London Calling The Clash 11. Are you Ready for the Country 12. Neil Young 13. Take Me Home, Country Roads John Denver Thank God, Im a Country Boy 14. John Denver

15. Dover Beach The Bangles Traces of Sadness Vanilla 16. Ninja Sadeness Enigma 17. Sadness is to End Guided by (Back cover) Happy Outside Omnisoul Happy Jack The Who Shiny, Happy People REM The Chronicles of Life and Death Good Charlotte I Will Follow You into the Dark Death Cab for Cutie Dance of Death Iron Maiden

Don't Go Doro Please Dont Die Robbie Williams Alone Again Dokken Get Together Indigo Girls Mother Babes in Toyland Cycle of Abuse Biohazard Whats Become of the Baby Grateful Dead Zombie The Cranberries Let it Grow Eric Clapton Dont Give Up Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush Wind Beneath my Wings Bette Midler Abuse

Luka the story of an abused child, as told from his voice. The child in question has become complacent and accepting of his situation and forgiving of his abuser, much like Willie used to feel towards his mother when he was still living with her. The night before, he had been lying in his first and only bed, in his first and only room. For an instant he wished he had never gone to Little Weirwold. Then he would have thought his mum was kind and loving. He wouldnt have known any different. A wave of despair swept through him and he cursed his new awareness. He hadnt been used to this pain for a long time. He had softened. (p. 197/8) Books and Reading

Willie loved books and was so enthralled to receive his first one. Is it fer me to keep?, he states as he hugs the one given to him on his birthday (p. 108). Please Read Me Willie feels all books call this out to him, and he himself has never had anyone try to read him. Heres Where the Story Ends Like the author, Willie, too, has been repeatedly looked down upon by everyone he has known before meeting Tom. Painting Paint the Sky With Stars Willie finds

he has incredible talent as an artist. The paints he receives helps him to channel his emotions into his drawing. He is also seeing a peaceful, open, and star-filled country sky for the first time when he comes to Little Weirwold. Also, before she died, Toms wife had made the comment, If I painted the sky, I could go through life paintin nothin else, for its always changin. It never stays still. (p. 52) War My War The war is more Willies than the occupants of Little Weirwold, as they have barely been affected by it. When Willie wonders about the blackouts

on the windows, Mr. Tom replies Its so planes dont see where to bomb. Waste of time if you asks me. Reckon itll all be over by Christmas, and anyways whod want to bomb Little Weirwold? (p. 21) Waiting for the Worms A soldiers song about World War II from the wonderfully twisted mind of Roger Waters. Warchild warchild. As one of the evacuees, Willie truly is a

Mother Mother Although the voice of this song is only mentally abused by his mother, it is still an abuse that he will take with him into his future relationships. Another Brick in the Wall (part I) Willie, too, has no father to speak of and was left with an abusive, controlling Mother.

Endless Vacation Willies mother eventually commits suicide. Peace Peace Train Willie finally finds the peace that he has so desperately wanted when he comes to Little Weirwold. After leaving and then returning again, he knows that he can truly be at peace there. London London Calling Willie was a resident of

London before being evacuated to Little Weirwold due to the impending war. The song begins, London calling to the faraway towns Now that war is declaredand battle come down. This is a fitting song for Willies situation. Country Are You Ready for the Country Willie is uprooted from the life he knew and evacuated from the city to the country

Take me Home Country Roads The road into Little Weirwold is the country road that leads him to what will become his home Thank God, Im a Country Boy Willie grows to love the country and be grateful that it is now his home. Beach Vacation Dover Beach The Dover Beach is said to be the perfect place that the singer would

like to run away to. When Tom takes Willie and Zach to Salmouth (Salt on the Mouth), Willie learns to swim, and enjoys falling into a blissful, peaceful sleep while listening to the wonderful fine sound (p. 263) of the waves. Sadness Traces of Sadness The chorus reminded me very much of some of the sadness that poor Willie has had to endure in his short life before Tom. Just traces of sadness (All the tears remained uncried) Just echoes of madness (All his fantasies had died)

He buried his daydreams (But the nightmares stayed alive) Sadeness This song discusses finding peace in the company of children something that Willie had never been familiar with. Transitions to Happiness Sadness is to End This song speaks of sadness ending soon and happiness reigning supreme, much like Willies transition to a happy child.

Happy Outside The voice of this song is surprised to find that he wakes up happy one morning. He goes on to say that all of the clouds and lightening he endures are just obstacles on his path to happiness. Happy Jack Hurtful times cannot prevent Jack from being happy, much like Willie. Shiny Happy People Willie, finding friends for the first time ever, has become a part of the shiny,

happy people. Life The Chronicles of Life and Death Willies life before Tom had been a fine line between life and death. This song speaks about the way we come into this world covered in blood, and sometimes exit it the same way, as Willie almost did at the hands of his mother. Death

I will Follow You into the Dark - Unfortunately, Willie faces so much loss. This song speaks of holding someone as they die so that they are not alone, much like Willie did with Trudy. Dance of Death This song tells a story of someone meeting Evil Death and barely escaping, prompting me to think of how Willie and his sister were left to die by their mother. Dont Go This song made me think of Willies being

angry with Zach for leaving, visible when he states I ent got anythin left inside me. (p. 293) Please Dont Die This song made me think of the fear Willie probably feels sometimes over ever losing Tom. Alone Alone Again Before being evacuated, Willie is often alone, since his mother is his only interaction. When Willie is forced to leave Tom and return to his mother in London, again, he ends up alone. In the hospital, he is

alone, and when he loses Zach he feels that he is alone again. Together Get Together With Tom and his friends, Willie finally has a peaceful existence, and finally realizes what it feels like to be loved. This version by the Indigo Girls is just a very nice one, and their harmonies mirror the harmony that Willie feels with these people. Trudy Mother The last three lines of this song are:

Sister You are me You are me I felt that this was so significant since Trudy was condemned to such an awful, short life that Willie was fortunate enough to escape when he was evacuated. Cycle of Abuse Sadly, Trudy was another of the victims left behind in the wake of Willies mother and her horrible abuse. Baby

Whats Become of the Baby? This haunting melody reveals the line Whats become of the baby, this cold December morning? This was truly meaningful, as Trudy died and froze in the basement. There was an extreme freeze during that March, and this line seemed chillingly similar. Hospital Zombie This song signifies the catatonia that Willie was kept in after he was recovered

from his cell under the stairs at his mothers house. He was kept so terribly sedated, that he was truly in a Zombie like state. Growing Let it Grow This song speaks of letting ones love grow as a living thing. In the last line of the book, Willie says, Dad, Im growing! Like the song, through Toms love, patience and acceptance, Willie has been able to grow. Support

Dont Give Up Throughout the story, through trial and tribulation, neither Willie nor Tom ever gave up on one another and on having a happy life together as Father and Son. Wind Beneath My Wings Tom and Willie are each others wind. They reciprocally support each other and help each other to grow into loving, productive members of their community. Reflection/Rubric

View my reflection here. View my rubric here. My score: 30/30. Credits All images taken from Google Images. All lyrics found by using the Lyrics Search Engine.

Read all of the referenced songs lyrics here.

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