EaPeReg Broadband Development in EaP Region Internetization of

EaPeReg Broadband Development in EaP Region Internetization of

EaPeReg Broadband Development in EaP Region Internetization of High Mountainous regions in Georgia Inga Popovici Chair of IRB EWG (EaPeReg) Mzia Gogilashvili EaPeReg Chair Representative for 2019

Georgian National Communications Commission (GNCC) Eastern Partnership Electronic Communications Regulators Network (EaPeReg) Content IRB EWG Activities and Broadband Development in EaP Countries

Internetization of high mountainous regions in Georgia case study Overall, EaP countries compare well with global income peers in expected fixed and mobile broadband penetration Broadband development in the EaP Countries current situation (IRB EWG)

1 2 3 4 5 Use of BB

financing instruments? Digital Agenda targets reflected? NGN plan?

Provisions in national legislation for NGA rollout? BB strate gy? AM

No No No No No

AZ Yes No, but envisaged Yes, partially No No

BY Yes Yes No Yes

Yes GE No Yes No No

Yes MD Yes No Yes

No Yes UA No No, but budget funds allocated

No No No Count ry Main targets of the IRB EWG on broadband development in the EaP region

To identify the most appropriate financing mechanism for BB development in the EaP region Target for 2020: To achieve approach

for a common Broadband development in the EaP area through adoption/revision of the

national broadband strategy To Encourage

legislation NGA by To focus on connectivity

To the achieve the broadband in transformation To

meaningful best the use of digital identify and develop a broader regional projects, in cooperation with other similar

regional groups (BEREC, EMERG, REGULATEL) and with ITU Broadband Development in Mountainous Regions of Georgia Mountain Peaks and gorges Wild nature and steep slopes of

Local Shrines of Clean and Medieval full of and fortified

are now more attractive since Internet is already available in 30 villages and 4 gorges in Tusheti And it was not easy job taking into account amazing roads of Tusheti So, all types of transport and delivery were

Great job was done thanks to external and The sponsors and supporters of the project: External support: Internet Society (ISOC) - $40,000 for project implementation Embassy of Czech Republic in Georgia 15,000 Euro for Network development Internal support: Tusheti Development Fund Government of Georgia GITA (The techno Park Georgia) with financial support of the WB

trainings Georgian National Communications Commission (GNCC) Network planning and monitoring Skytel free of charge internet transit In March 2019 the similar project began planning to proivde Pshav-Khevsureti and Gudamakari with high speed Wifi Internet 76 villages and 4 schools will be covered by the Internet. A fixed IP telephone line will also be installed for 50

Project will be conducted in two stages, step-bystep providing 6 provinces of the region with the internet and IP telephone line The Sponsors and Supporters of the project: Government of Georgia 246,805 GEL (app. 79,236.83 Euro) Regulatory Authority (GNCC) Network planning and monitoring ISOC-Georgia 22,312.46 Euro

Embassy of Czech Republic in Georgia - 15,000 Euro Veon Georgia - 4 towers for 10-years free of charge colocation Vendors (Intelcom Group and Digital Network) 10,000 USD Skytel (small company) free of charge internet transit The highest level of Antenna sight 3000 m The Internet speed in Tusheti 5 Mgbt/Sc

The Internet speed in PshavKhevsureti and Gudamakari 10 Mgbt/Sc Access to the Internet will undoubtedly bring the world closer to this amazing place, but it will also stir e-commerce and local business development, and give a lift to health care and THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION!

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