Your Sabbat h School Heritag e A: Baptist

Your Sabbat h School Heritag e A: Baptist

Your Sabbat h School Heritag e A: Baptist The term Sabbath School was first used by what denomination?

B: Lutheran C: Methodist D: Unitarian Who wrote the first Seventhday Adventist Sabbath School lessons? A: John Byington B: James White C: Uriah

Smith D: Ellen White In what periodical were the first SDA Sabbath School lessons published? A: Youths Instructor B: Review & Herald

C: The Midnight Cry D: Signs of the Times A: Gorham, ME Where was the first SDA Sabbath School organized? B: Battle Creek, MI C: Washington,

NH D: Rochester, NY What SDA pioneer provided the earliest organizational structure for local Sabbath Schools? A: G. H. Bell Bell B: Hiram Edson C: Annie

Smith D: S. N. Haskell Begun in 1878, what was the name of the first childrens Sabbath School division? A: The Birds Nest B: Seedlings Corner

C: Little Believers D: Young Scholars A: Songfest Published in 1878, what was the title of the first Sabbath School songbook? B: Song Anchor

Anchor C: Christ in Song D: Songs for Sabbath One of the earliest translations of the adult Sabbath School lessons was into what language? A: Spanish B:

Portuguese C: Danish D: Dutch A: Celebration What publication for Sabbath School teachers was first published in 1885? B: Sabbath School Worker

C: Sabbath School Leadership D: Religious Education A: 1856 The earliest plan for Sabbath School offerings was introduced in what year? B: 1865 C: 1870

D: 1878 Sabbath Schools funded construction of the Pitcairn in what two-year period? A: 18671868 B: B: 1889-1890 18891890 C: 19011902 D: 19171918

A: Picture rolls What Sabbath School supplies were introduced in 1906? B: Flannel-board cutouts C: Sand-table cutouts D: Memory Memory verse verse

D: cards cards A: Birthday A penny a year was once a popular slogan for what Sabbath School offering? B: Investment C: Mission D: Thirteenth

Sabbath A: 1899 The adult Sabbath School lesson was first available in Braille in what year? B: 1912 C: 1919 D: 1926 1926 D:

The longest term as GC sec/ dir of the Sabbath School department was held by whom? A: Fernon Retzer B: L. L. Moffitt C: Flora Plummer D: G. R. Nash

What film was produced to celebrate Sabbath Schools 75th year? A: One in Twenty Thousand B: And There Was Bread C: What Hath God Wrought? D: That We May Know

Him Collegiate Quarterly was first published in 1979 on what campus? A: Newbold College B: Union College College C: Andrews University D: Avondale

College What curriculum for teens age 1518 was introduced in 1983? A: The Bible and You B: Life Guide for Teens C: Youth Sabbath School D: Cornerstone

Connections A: GraceLink What is the name of the childrens curriculum introduced by Sabbath School in 2000? B: Friends of God C: Hearts for Him D: Looking Forward

What weekly Sabbath School satellite TV program first appeared in 2002? A: A: Sabbath Sabbath School School University University B: Sabbath School Today

C: Making It Real D: Todays Lesson for You A: Psalms What Bible book has been the most frequent topic for the Adult Bible Study Guide? B: Daniel C: Acts of the Apostles

Apostles D: Revelation A: Cross Walk What is the new curriculum for earliteens introduced in 2004? B: Real-Time Faith Faith C: Earliteen Talk D: A Closer Look

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