Social Issues 30 October Class Schedule Current schedule

Social Issues 30 October Class Schedule Current schedule

Social Issues 30 October Class Schedule Current schedule Proposed change: no speaker replays Available on net Instead

November 6: Work session for teams November 15: lecture OR spread out the presentations so only 3 per day Final write-up due December 4 Project reminders: Paper Length is 8-10 pages. 10 pages is hard maximum Review paper guidelines

I will give content feedback before presentations Project reminders: Presentations Schedule Review guidelines Rehearsals Schedule individually In SN 011: evenings or weekends

In my office: more flexible Room will be available morning before class evoting Social Issues Culture of simulation Internet addiction Culture of Simulation Sherry Turkle, cybershrink

MIT initiative on technology and self Seminal work on people and technology 1996 interview reading Questions What about the Internet has changed since 1996? What is a simulation? Simulations

Physical world examples? Shopping mall: simulation of main street Training devices Television locations

Streets of Southpoint! Cheers and bars that are simulations of the simulation Zoos and theme parks Busch Gardens Disneys Main Street USA World fairs Simulations in Cyberspace

Games Simulators (flight simulator) Social networks Chat rooms Multi-player online environments Instant messaging Why are these simulations?

Define Simulation The imitative representation of functioning of one system by means of the functioning of another What variables are important? What is good about simulations? Safe place to

Learn Experiment Opportunity to try things that you couldnt otherwise try Different places and times Expensive facilities Danger What is bad about simulations?

False sense of capability CPR without real practice Flying an airplane in bad weather Can spoil the real thing Disneyland effect

Nature videos or zoos Travelogs The Veldt (Ray Bradbury) Simulations in Cyberspace With your own persona: Create communities and societies

Communication with friends Are these really you? Do you have different persona? Example: local politics blog In real life? In cyberspace? Is cyberspace real?

Meeting people online Facebook, Myspace, blogs, chats Familiar Stranger: Jabberwocky Japanese matchmaking: Lovegety

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    Outlook Calendar: Make it work for you!

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