Welcome to the University of Wolverhampton Institute of

Welcome to the University of Wolverhampton Institute of

Welcome to the University of Wolverhampton Institute of Education Undergraduate courses Open day 6th February 2016 Wolverhampton University Widening participation university We provide a broad range of educational opportunities and pathways We focus on; Enhancing your experience, attainment and progression The highest quality in learning and teaching

The University of Opportunity Employability - 97% of our graduates are in employment and training 6 months after graduation Links with industry employability skills embedded throughout our courses and placement opportunities World-leading research All your lecturers are actively involved in research and writing for publications.

Outstanding facilities - we have invested 125 million over the past 15 years with a further 45 million over the next two years to ensure our students have access to the very best learning facilities Our core values

At the University of Wolverhampton we will be: ethical respectful transparent inclusive and fair challenging confident collaborative professional. Wolverhampton University

Split campus university At Walsall campus we offer you; New LIS building in the performance hub Study skill support, advisors and online skills for learning resources IT software and support to help you succeed in your studies Sports facilities What is it like to be a student in HE

Getting to know academic expectations; Lectures, seminars and tutorials Independent learning and study Reading Thinking critically Gaining a voice and expressing personal values and beliefs Transitions

Changes in physical environments Emotional responses to studying Developing friendships Understanding why and how to engage in successful study Transformation of your learning The courses can take you to careers in

Family support work Teaching Parenting assessment Managing childrens Work in charities and the centres and children voluntary sector centre roles. Local authorities Further study such as

Masters in Play work or Criminal justice system Social work Work with young people Further study such as Research Masters in Social work, Early Years Teacher Education or teaching in Adult Education What we offer in our undergraduate courses A personal tutor for three years and allocated during welcome week

Placement journey NSS results 88% overall satisfaction 96% in employment within 6 months Academic and employability skills embedded into modules Staff expertise All active researchers Any Questions??

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