Penguin robot helps researchers get close and personal

Penguin robot helps researchers get close and personal

Penguin robot helps researchers get close and personal My robot project is this far A. All done robot leaves arena with green beacon B. Can find green beacon but cant leave arena

C. Can find red beacon and turn it off but cant find green beacon D. Can find red beacon but cant turn it off E. Cannot find red beacon Human Factors in Design What are Human Factors (HF)? And why do engineers need to be

concerned about them? Human Factors is the application of knowledge about human characteristics to design Physical Strength, size, reaction time, endurance, frailty, eyesight, fine motor skills

Social/Emotional/Cultural User preferences (simplicity, reliability, aesthetics, safety, cost, etc.), culturally-based behaviors (reading, speaking), acceptance Cognitive Understanding cause and effect, user interface, interpreting emotions and intentions

Man Machine Interface Human Cognitive Action Interface/Interaction

Sensory Machine Display/ Configuration Machine Processing Control

Human-System Interface Senses - Vision - Hearing Psychomotor - Hands


Output - Display - Sound Input Devices - Buttons US Department of Veteran Affairs

Human Factors also acknowledge that humans are fallible.., people make mistakes! So why consider Human Factors? Improve efficiency Ensure safety* Increase human performance (i.e., productivity) Minimize costs (economic, legal, social)

*Especially critical to space/air, nuclear and healthcare industries Human Factors design considerations affect product effectiveness, safety, and ultimately, desirability. Source: FDA Medical Device Use-Safety

Enter Numbers Different Interfaces? Cell phone keypad Calculator keypad Early Calculator Industry standard in

the 1950s Basically, a mechanical adding machine Earlier models looked like cash registers

Rotary Phone Rotary Dial Bell Labs Study Research showed*: Easiest to master

Natural way to match letters with numbers * Human Factor Engineering

Studies of the Design and Use of Pushbutton Telephone Sets. Published July 1960, Bell System Technical Journal Example: Healthcare-related technology is rapidly growing

You hope Human Factors were considered in the design of this equipment Human Factors (ergonomics) integrates knowledge from multiple fields Engineering Psychology Physiology/Kinesiology

Biology Anthropology SJSU has a Human Factors program in the Industrial and Systems Engineering Department Source: Integrated Safety Management, Berkeley Lab wikipedia

Astronaut interacting with a space system that was designed with human factors. (This image is in the public domain. Source: NASA) Human neural prosthetics include human factors engineering, creating new interface methods.

The Kitchen Kitchen layout 1920Lillian 1954 Gilbreth Department of Agriculture/National Archives.

Gilbreths Kitchen Practical Design Harris & Ewing/ Smithsonian Institution Archives/Wikimedia Commons

Photograph by Theodor Horydczak/Library of Congress Consider how human factors were included in the IDEO shopping cart design. IDEO cart didnt

take off but there were others. In Europe easy to navigate in small markets carrefour/

Physical Domain Consider human scale Physical Domain Consider Anthropometric Data For example reach Source:

Source: Physical Domain Consider Developmental Capabilities Physical Domain Assistive Technology Physical Domain: Consider Effects of

Stress Performance level The relationship between stress and performance Area of optimum

stress Low stress Boredom Stress level High stress Anxiety,

panic Yerkes, R. M., & Dodson, J. D. (1908) The relation of strength of stimulus to rapidity of habit-formation. Journal of Comparative Neurology and Psychology, 18, 459-482 Social Domain Cultural Norms Social/Emotional

Follows Social Conventions Getting on elevator wait your turn Can respond to human signals Change of voice (e.g. express sympathy when you are tired)

Response to violent behavior Bandit-II used in hospitals Social/Emotional Match robot personality to that of user

Source: Tapus (2008) Social/Emotional Human but not too human uncanny valley Source:

Cognitive Domain What do users perceive? See Woods paper Friendly? Unfriendly? Cognitive Domain What do users perceive?

See Woods paper Can talk? Cant talk? Cognitive Domain Compatibility Cognitive Domain

Sometimes we dont say what we see . Say the color of the words that appear Ooops! There goes my coffee!!!

Remedy(?): An instruction card was placed next to machine Can Opener

Conventional can opener Cuts below the rim of the can Whats wrong with the design on the right? Designing Across the Lifespan 1 page (400-500 words) for each member of the

team (not a team paper) Discuss how to modify the design of a companion robot to serve a child or a 65+ adult Base your design decisions on information from reliable literature (see example in Canvas: Robot Module: Background Reading.) You will be submitting this in your Lab Discuss some ways you might modify

an assistive robot for the two audiences Source:

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