Towards a Restorative City Mark Finnis Lancashire March

Towards a Restorative City Mark Finnis Lancashire March

Towards a Restorative City Mark Finnis Lancashire March 2010 Hull 2007 57,000

children and young people 1/3 of these children live in poverty 836 Not in Education, Employment Training 3,000 Children absent per day from education 350 teenage pregnancy per annum

520 looked after children 53 young people in custody The past does not equal the future" Anthony Robbins The size of the challenge? The restorative practitioner is in the red

shorts.. We Needed To: Think BIG ACT small DO it NOW!

Only Connect Live in Fragments no Longer E. M. Forster Relationships,Relationships, Relationships!! Building,Maintaining and Repairing

Being explicit Common language and common aims Good Decisions Require Listening Emphasis on the phrase common language implies that the skill is in the agencies talking, but inquiry reports and research demonstrate that to the contrary: the skill is in the listening

(Raynes 2004) Im afraid you misunderstood: I said Id like a mango What would happen if..? Adults working with children, young people and families Committed to adopting behaviours that promoted consistency in building and management of all relationships

Articulated explicitly the basis of their personal practice and that of their organisation Challenged and supported each using their explicit practice as a point of reference Employed agreed protocols that strengthened relationships and sought to repair harm when relationships broke down Riverside Community


14 Primary and 2 Secondary Schools Social Care Goodwin Development Trust Fostering and Adoption Residential staff

Families project FGC Childrens centres Youth Offending Team and ASB Team Police and Community Officers Community Wardens Health Youth Service Multi-Agency work is easy!

Governors Safeguarding Family Resources Centre Police

Primary Families Making the Difference Acting small Meetings with all organisations in Riverside Discussions around issues key priorities R P training to meet the needs of the organisations to develop explicit practice framework

Follow up consultancy to challenge and support leaders Monitoring of agreed key targets Training

Introduction to Restorative Practices Effective Use of Circles Facilitator Skills Training Trainer of Trainers Training for young people,by young people

Important to the Adults? Training Evaluations Phase 2 98% rated the training Excellent or very good and of significant benefit Year 1 Primary School pupil voice questionnaire: Q. Do you have an Adult you feel able to

talk to: 2007/08 = 42% agreed 2008/09 = 95% agreed Headteacher comments: Children tell the truth more readily Re transfer to secondary The year 6 Pupil questionnaire states that pupils are now more concerned with getting lost rather than in previous years when their prime concern was bullying

Pupil behaviour has changed because we (Adults) are behaving differently Residential Care Young People We like the idea of circles as it stops the adults talking all the time It just feels fair Staff Easier to work with our young people who

already attend Restorative schools Securing Success Networks - Rituals for relationship and community building to happen.

Headteachers Service Leaders - Multi Service Group Trainers Lead Professionals Looked after, practice forums Police management group

Community practice forums Police,ASB,Wardens,community workers. Membership: Key movers and shakers High quality training programme matched to need and consultancy to support implementation Agree relevant outcomes to provide feedback on progress

Lessons learned

Surround yourself with like minded people - Invest in the best Be relentless and dont give up in order to embed culture change Accept some people will not get it and dont try and take them with you initially as will drain resources Be inclusive - engage individuals at all levels within organisations

Where next?

Involve children & families in service design Use models of decision making that include children/families more Engage the wider community further Identify leaders Reallocate resources

Continue to evaluate the changes Complete roll out across the city ! ake action, not note Vision without action is Andy Law, St.Lukes

MANAGING CHANGE He that complies against his will Is of the same opinion still Samuel Butler (1612-1680) MANAGING CHANGE Change is disturbing when it

is done to us, Exhilarating when it is done by us Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Harvard Business School dont just stand there.. do something!

dick dastardly Contact me at: The Hull Centre for Restorative Practices Sutton Place 347 Salthouse Road Hull Mark Finnis - [email protected] 07525 173 258

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