ADVISEMENT: CLASS OF 2018 November 2, 2017 Todays

ADVISEMENT: CLASS OF 2018 November 2, 2017 Todays

ADVISEMENT: CLASS OF 2018 November 2, 2017 Todays Agenda Discuss ways to send transcripts and applications to colleges How to check your HOPE GPA reminder How to request letters of recommendation from your counselor and/or teachers. Capstone Presentations, Pennies For Paulding, Yearbook

Info and The Pulsera Project, brought to you by the Spanish Honors Society. How to Send a Transcript Transcript requests can be made using one of two ways: Making an online request through your MyGAfutures account for in- state school (more on this in a moment) Transcripts sent to out-of-state schools must be requested by completing a form in the Counseling Office. You must have the colleges mailing address and a parent signature for the Counseling Office to send your transcript. Stop by to pick up as many forms as you need. You can monitor the progress of your transcript requests using your

GAfutures (if you submitted a request via GAfutures). If sent through the Counseling Office, you can stop by within 2-3 days to check NOTE: HOPE transcripts are available for all district students within 30 days of the close of each semester after transcript history is posted to district transcripts. The HOPE transcript is accessed through the student's MyGAfutures account. Initial vs. Final Transcript When you apply to a college, you will send your initial transcript.

This will usually include grades through the end of your junior year. Some colleges may require that you submit a mid-year transcript in January of your senior year in order to see your grades from the first semester of your senior year. After graduation, your college will expect you to submit a final transcript. This final transcript will include your grades from spring semester of your senior year.

Final transcripts for seniors (early to mid-June) will be sent to instate schools through GAfutures. A senior must request the final transcript for in-state schools using his/her MyGAfutures account to request that the final transcript is "fulfilled" by his/her high school. Final transcripts to be sent to out-of-state schools must be requested by submitting a form in the Counseling Office. Using GAfutures If you dont know your GAfutures account name or password, please email or stop by to see your counselor. They can provide you with your username, and reset passwords. Do NOT start a new account if you cannot remember

your school-created GAfutures account info. This will cause you to have duplicate accounts, which can lead to problems in processing your documents. Sign in to your MyGAfutures account If you do not know your username or password, please come by the Counseling Office! College

Planning Click on the College Planning tab. From this tab, you can research schools, complete applications, and make a transcript request. Requesting Transcripts Go back to the College Planning tab at the top of GAfutures.

Next, click Request Your Transcript tab. 1st 2nd Request Your Transcript Step #1: When you click on the previous tab, it will open

the My Transcript page. Step #2: Use the scrolling menu (first gray box) to select up to six (6) schools. Step #3: Check the Acknowledge button, and then click on the SEND button at the bottom.

Paper vs. Online Applications You can submit most college applications using either a traditional paper application or online. If you choose to use a paper application, please allow enough time for your completed application to arrive prior to the colleges deadline. All public schools in Georgia (and most private schools in GA) can be applied to online using your GAfutures account. Check to see if the colleges on your list accept The Common Application ( 400 schools in the U.S. do. Using the Common

App to apply to multiple schools with the same application is a time saver, but pay close attention to the supplemental information that each school requires. Applying online saves time, postage, and gets your application directly to your college. You are typically able to track the progress of your application online. Checking Your HOPE G.P.A. #1 Click on the My GAfutures tab #2 On your My GAfutures page, find this menu on the

left side of the screen. Click on the My HOPE GPA tab. #3 Next You may receive a notice that some information is missing from your profile. Typically, you will informed that your Social Security Number is missing from your profile. Your SSN must be listed in your GAfutures profile if you wish to access your HOPE GPA. As a matter of fact, if you have not provided the school with your SSN, we cannot provide it to the

GA Student Finance Commission, which will result in you not be eligible to receive HOPE funds. If all things are present in your profile, you will be asked to identify your school (NPHS). On the following screen, you will see your HOPE GPA and a link to view your HOPE transcript. Letters of Recommendation If you need a counselor recommendation for a college application or scholarship, you need to complete a Senior Profile form. This form must be completed and returned 10 days before the application deadline (or sooner). It can

also be found on the Class of 2018 page at This is also great to give to teachers whom you are asking to write a letter of recommendation on your behalf. Other Stuff. Capstone Presentations Attention Seniors in English classes THIS semester: Capstone Presentations will be held the week of November 13-17. Individual appointment cards will be given to you through

your English teacher soon. Please be sure to review all requirements for the Capstone Project and be sure to be on time for your presentation. Pennies for Paulding Oct. 31 Nov. 9 This annual competition raises funds for Paulding Christmas. Winning class receives biscuits from Big-Uns and tickets to an NPHS basketball game!

Bring in your loose change and currency to donate to this worthy cause! Your extra can help a lot of children have a wonderful Christmas. Show that WolfPack spirit and help those in need! Yearbook Info If you took a Senior Portrait and did not receive a badge, please see Mrs. Paccione in room 1216. Submit your baby photos for the yearbook by emailing

them to [email protected] The Pulsera Project $5.00 per bracelet Mrs. Larsons Room #919 Before or After School

Funds benefit countless Central Americans with education programs, youth shelters, human rights issues and helps sustain communities.

http://www.pulserapr ld (Advisors click link to play video) THANK YOU! NPHS Counseling Department Challenge the Pack!

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